There is no doubt the PayPal has its reputation together a secure and highly valuable platform for payment solutions. However, the doesn’t rectify the existence of the negative people utilizing the platform because that spamming and misusing it. So, discovering how come block someone on PayPal will assist you remain out of these people and also stay for sure from scam and also spam.

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As there room 2 species of PayPal account: personal and Business, the process would be different as well. On a an individual account, you deserve to either disregard the payment notes from the user, report to PayPal, or block castle manually. Because that a business account, you can block them for both sending and also receiving money native or to you. Let’s know them both in detail:

How come Block who on personal Account

Keeping your PayPal account for sure from an additional PayPal account have the right to be excellent in a bunch that ways. Since it’s a personal account, meant to be provided by an individual, impede a call directly might not it is in an option.


The easiest way is to ignore when somebody sends you payment notes for when or twice. If the call keeps sending out notes repeatedly, call PayPal support and also let them know what’s happening. The the best method to get rid of the stubborn scammers.

Now, before you go call PayPal support, be certain that you’re using a proved PayPal Account to have a strong base for yourself.

Contact PayPal support on: 1800-419-9833

How come Block who on PayPal With company Account

If you’re using PayPal with a business account, the best means to get rid of the unwanted PayPal contact is by impede them. And also the business account offers you the capacity to block anybody together a independent process. You deserve to do this indigenous both the PayPal website and the PayPal mobile app for both iOS and also Android. Below are the procedures to carry out so:


How come Block who On Paypal Website

If you’re making use of PayPal from a computer or Mac and also have a business account, here is the process to block any kind of PayPal contact:

Now, choose the name of the human you want to block, you’ll watch an option saying “Block this contact”. Click on it come block the contact.PayPal will ask for her confirmation after click block contact. Confirm the blocking process. And also the contact won’t have the ability to contact you anymore.

How to Block someone On Paypal cell phone App

If you’re using PayPal native the PayPal app, here is the procedure you’ll monitor to block someone on PayPal:

(It works for both iOS and also Android PayPal app)

First, tap top top the “Send” button. You’ll see “Your contacts” here.Find the particular person you desire to block from her PayPal contact list.Tap on the “More Options” icon right alongside the contact name.Now, tap on the block option, choose the contact’s surname here.The application needs you to confirm the impede process. Tap top top “Block” again come confirm.

Once you block a PayPal contact, they can not receive any kind of payment from you, send girlfriend money, or post you anymore. They i will not ~ be also able to uncover you in your PayPal directories.

Alternatively, if friend only have to keep someone from sending out money come you, friend can:

Block someone From Receiving Payment:

You deserve to limit the payment amount for a particular sender as a company account holder. You deserve to also carry out payment instructions because that the sender, and have conditional blocking alternatives if necessary.

To block the contact from sending out payments come your business account, follow the process:

Log right into your PayPal account indigenous the web or the app.Go come the “setting tools” under the “Setting menu”.You’ll view a “Getting paid and also managing mine risks” choice here; click on the “Update” button.Here, friend can choose the “Block payments” option.There room a pair of other choices here together well, such so:

And for “Request money”, you have complete control end whom you send money requests on PayPal. So, yes no concern with obtaining in trouble while you’re sending out money come others. To send money to a contact, choose the “Request” button on the profile.

What wake up If you Block someone On Paypal?

PayPal offers a user directory to the individuals where castle can discover the contact to do transactions. As soon as you block somebody on PayPal, the person won’t be able to see friend in their directory. Lock cannot post you no an ext and won’t have the ability to send money to her account, nor they will receive any kind of money from you. This way, you deserve to keep somebody to remain away from her premises and also stay for sure if you’re blocking a spammer or fraud.


Using PayPal certainly makes virtual transactions a lot of easier too as more fluent for payments or sending money. However, the popular of this platform provides it a small too accessible for the poor people who room trying to scam continuous users. The best method to protect against any an adverse phenomenon is to block castle from your PayPal account.

Now the you recognize the complete process on how to block who on paypal, use the to remain safe from contact with bad intentions. On a various note, friend can help other PayPal individuals by reporting the issue to PayPal support and also having them banned from the platform.

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