Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann, Damon Wayans, Jr., Anders Holm, Nicholas Braun, Jake Lacy, Jason Mantzoukas



Romantic comedy command by Christian Ditter which explores love and also relationships in brand-new York City. Brand-new York City is complete of lonely hearts seeking the ideal match, be it a love connection, a hook-up, or other in the middle. And also somewhere in between the teasing texts and also one-night stands, what these unmarrieds all have in usual is the must learn how to be single in a human being filled with ever-evolving interpretations of love. Sleeping about in the city that never sleeps was never so lot fun. Once Alice (Dakota Johnson) ill a bad break-up she hard-partying friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) takes she under she wing and shows her exactly how take advantage of her brand-new circumstances.

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Robin: I know breaking-up sucks, but you understand what’s even worse? Wasting a night in brand-new York City.


Robin: permit me teach you just how to be single. Okay, class one. Go get us part drinks.Alice: Okay.Robin: No! that was a trick. Friend don’t to buy the drinks. Boys buy the drinks. It’s kind of prefer a sexual money that castle use, for this reason they’re not actually paying you come hook up. So, go gain us a drink.Alice: Okay.Robin: Not with this wallet.Alice: Okay.Robin: with the sausage wallet.


Alice: Hey, those up, y’all? Alice: i don’t recognize why I just said “y’all”. “You all” would have actually taken simply as lot time. And I’m not even from the South, I’m native Portland. I beg your pardon is southern from Canada. Space y’all Canadian? I just did it again, I claimed it again. Alice: Oh, mine God. Okay, bye.


Robin: You need to gain out!Big Boy: she in my apartment!Robin: This is no my apartment. Sorry. You were good last night.Big Boy: was I?Robin: ns can’t remember.


Alice: do you want among my service cards? Or maybe four hundred the them for this reason you could tile your bathroom?David: those on them?Alice: mine social security number, mine mom’s maiden name, mine ATM pin. That’s what goes on these, right?David: Absolutely, the essentials. What carry out you do?Alice: ns a paralegal in ~ Brown, Light and also Fincklestein.David: Is the 144, wall Street?Alice: Yeah.David: Yeah, I have actually the building right next door.Alice: You have actually the building, favor in a fantasy building league?David: No, i don’t have actually the building. I sort of very own it.Alice: Oh.David: there’s no… Wait a minute. It doesn’t sound right. Ns a developer, therefore it’s not simply me. It’s favor a group of people.Alice: That’s choose a real-a** job, man.David: ns know, it’s the worst.David: Oh, ns sorry. It’s my daughter.Alice: Oh, yeah. No, totally. Me too. Ns mean, i’m a daughter.


Tom: she a nice girl. This is brand-new York City, there’s favor a billion people outside the door.


Tom: I’m Tom. And…Lucy: Hi.Tom: If you’re going come be making use of my cost-free Wi-Fi, at least you have the right to do me a favor and also not compose s**t like, “I want to wake up through my ideal friend.” uneven you desire my d**k to loss off. And also then probably we could come to be best friends, and that’d be awesome.Lucy: Look, ns spent fifty percent of last year developing an algorithm that trolls dating apps for the finest candidates and also downloads them right into an Excel spreadsheet. So, I recognize what I’m spring for.Tom: Yeah, that’s no weird at all. What are you really doing online? ns mean, you’re a pretty girl. This is new York City, there’s choose a billion world outside that door.Lucy: Yeah, however how many eligible people?


Lucy: Okay, there space eight million people in this city. Sounds choose a lot, right?Tom: the does.Lucy: But, fifty percent of them are women, and also as tough as i tried in college, ns don’t swing that way.Tom: How hard did friend try?Lucy: Let the go.Tom: Okay.Lucy: So, 4 million men. And then you acquired to have actually some age limits. Let’s say over twenty.Tom: acquired to save it legal.Lucy: Under forty.Tom: save it sexy.Lucy: now it’s a million.Tom: Right, we’re talking around a million guys.Lucy: But fifty percent of them are married, ten percent space gay. I want someone college educated. Not as well ugly, so.Tom: There’s her boyfriend.Lucy: ns wish.


Lucy: He’s obtained to be taller than me. And also he’s got to desire kids. So, yeah. I’m top top ten various dating website to increase my odds. So, what carry out you say?Tom: girlfriend let me act this bar choose it’s my living room, and also I won’t speak to the cops every night through a noise complaint.Lucy: Okay. An extremely cute.Tom: These room the women?Lucy: Hmm.Tom: Thanks.


Robin: In every male-female friendship there’s a total number of drinks and also if girlfriend hit the it means you would certainly have sex. For this reason how many drinks would it take it to obtain you wasted?Alice: Two and also a half, however maybe 3 if I’ve eaten.Robin: Okay, and Tom’s is eight. So friend can’t hit eleven drinks in between the two of you. No one for you, ten for him. Not 6 for him, five for you.Alice: If i had much more than 5 drinks I’d hook up through you.Robin: my drink number is twenty-seven. Alice: What?Robin: i wouldn’t even touch myself on much less than twenty-four.


Meg: due to the fact that now you can emphasis on your career.Alice: What? No! I placed myself the end in the world and it completely rejected me.Robin: Woh! Okay, friend haven’t been single for that long.Meg: Yeah.Robin: You acquired to get around the board, happen go, collect 2 hundred s**ts.Meg: Why don’t friend to one of those Alumni events.Alice: an alumni event?Meg: you go and also you network through people, and if you really love what you do, climate it, the totality guy thing, it’s easier.Alice: No! i don’t want to be like you, Meg. I don’t desire my project to it is in my whole life.


Robin: Ooh, okay. Sisters time-out. There room pros and also cons to both of you, okay?Robin: Pros. Young. Beautiful.Robin: Pros. Also beautiful for her age. Rich, doctor, access to pills.Robin: Cons. No accessibility to pills.Robin: Cons. You’re yes, really stingy with the pills.Meg: Right.Robin: Pros. Loves me unconditionally, offers me the spare vital to the apartment, has actually a very nice underwear drawer, really neat and organized.Meg: You have a an essential to my apartment?Robin: Cons. Asks as well many personal questions.


Alice: The brand-new guy has actually sort of been checking girlfriend out.Meg: i m sorry one?Alice: He’s…Alice: go you get it?Meg: No.Alice: Alright. He’s like right end there.Meg: No. No.Alice: Why?Meg: due to the fact that he’s also young. All young men want to perform is have sex every day. All I require is just a fast ten minutes and then a really long nap. Just how old is the one look anyway? Alice: like twenty-f…seven.Meg: The just reason a man like that would ever before talk come me is to acquire prescription for medical marijuana. So, no.


Alice: Wait, i think he’s coming over here. Yeah, no, he’s entirely going… No, wait, he could be going for food. Don’t look over there. No, he’s coming.Alice: he’s here.


Ken: ns Ken.Meg: Is this among those fetish things where you’re… Meg: like a foot fetish? Am i the foot?Ken: do you desire to be the foot?


Robin: come no drama.Alice: to no drama.


Alice: We need to be at work-related in prefer thirty minutes.Robin: I have the right to do this in twenty.


Robin: If Tom messages you wait four hours come respond. And also if you usage an emoji I will tit beat you.


Tom: Marriage! The finish of voluntary sex, travel by yourself, and also buying whatever you desire without having to ask permission. Right?


Alice: What room you doing? Stop.Robin: What is that?Alice: Stop.Alice: Oh, my God. I assumed that to be going to be boiling hot. It’s in reality really cold.


Robin: You have actually LTRP.Alice: Oh, my God. I do?Robin: Yeah.Alice: Tom offered it come me. For sure. Wait. What’s LTRP?Robin: long-term Relationship P**sy. Friend really need to gain that taken care of. What execute you mean? ns barely have any kind of hair. It’s favor you dropped her hairbrush and also your v***na caught it. I might make dreadlocks through that shrub and form a reggae band. That looks favor a entirety bowl that petrified curly fries. It’s like Gandalf is staring right at me. Robin: “No p**is chandelier pass!”


Alice: i don’t recognize why I always talk myself out of doing the points I really desire to do.


Alice: I’ve been thinking that the moment we need to be single, is really the time we need to get good at gift alone. However how great at gift alone execute we really desire to be? Isn’t there a danger that you’ll gain so an excellent at being single, so set in your methods that you’ll miss out top top the opportunity to be v somebody great?


Alice: Some human being take baby steps to clear up down. Some civilization refuse to settle at all. Sometimes, it’s not statistics. It’s simply chemistry. And also sometimes, just due to the fact that it is over, doesn’t typical the love ends.

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Alice: The thing about being solitary is, you need to cherish it. Because, in a week, or a lifetime, of being alone, you might only acquire one moment. One moment, once you’re not tied increase in a connection with anyone. A parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend. One moment, once you was standing on your own. Really, truly single. And also then, it’s gone.