Do you desire your deck come look as great as possible, in addition to improving its longevity? then look no further, because Thompson water seal is whatever you will ever before need come make your deck watch awesome.

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Perhaps you want to stop your deck from cracking or splitting. Whatever the reason can be, the Thompson water sealer is a great solution come prevent damage from your deck.

Here, you will learn how to use Thompson water sealer to protect your deck native damage and make it as durable as possible.

Benefits of making use of Thompson’s Water Seal

Thompson’s water seal has been in the sector for a really long time, and it’s proven to it is in a great and trustworthy product to seal her wood.

Here are a couple of things the you should know around this product prior to you start using it on her deck.

1. Renders Redecorating Easier


Sometimes your old and also favorite room requirements an upgrade to do it watch brand new again. Thompson’s water seal has a wide variety of colour to choose from. From organic colors to 5 tinted shades.

2. Seals out the Water best from the Start

Thompson’s water seal is known for that high levels of waterproofing, and also the capability to clean and also treat in one single day since you can use it to damp wood.

3. Low Odor

If you"ve ever before used any type of sealer, you understand just just how annoying that is to job-related with. The odor deserve to make you feeling sick and not desire to use it.

This is where Thompson’s water seal comes in handy. Its short odor provides it a good product to job-related with since you don’t need to worry about the odor transferring into your curtains. Nonetheless, you need to still stay a dust mask when using it.

4. Works great Against Mildew

Dampness usually results in the growth of mildew on deck surfaces. It can easily destroy your deck appearance as it provides it look old and also scuffed up.

The coating pretty lot protects her deck native both mildew and also UV damage. So, currently you don’t need to worry about mildew destroying your deck.

5. Drying

Immediately after ~ installation, Thompson water seal does not dry if you pour water right into it because the sealer is quiet vulnerable. So, when you’re done using it, you must avoid spilling water ~ above it as well as prevent hefty downpours of water from obtaining into the wood.

6. Long-lasting

It is resistant sufficient to critical for about 10 years and still maintains its herbal color, unlike countless other sealers.

7. Works on treated Wood

Thompson’s water seal also permits you to apply it to brand-new pressure treated wood after you’ve cleaned it.

How to usage Thompson Water Sealer: 6 Steps

Renewing her deck every now and also then gets expensive over time. So, it’s important to create a regimen of upkeep to protect your deck and extend the longevity because that years to come.

Thompson water sealer is a great solution to protect your deck, driveways, or fences native damage, too as including color to it if needed.

It is additionally quite valuable during the merganser season together it will safeguard your deck from water damage. Plus, that really basic to apply even if you’ve never ever applied any sort of sealer on her wood.

Step 1: Prepare your Workspace


Before acquiring started, you must clean your workspace. This will increase your productivity when applying the sealer because that the very first time. After ~ all, nobody desires to job-related in a confusing environment. Remember that your efficiency is shame by your surroundings.

Step 2: Clean the Surface

You need to clean her wood’s surface before applying Thompson’s water seal. This will protect against the paint pad from obtaining clogged once using it. So, you have to take the time and also clean the surface prior to doing so.

Things You will certainly Need

A microfiber cloth or a rag come clean the surfaceWater to dampen the microfiber or the rag

Steps to Take

Dampen the rag or the microfiber.Rub the microfiber against the surface back and forth.Let the surface dry.

Step 3: cleaning an loose Wood

Use a dry microfiber cloth or rag come clean the surface. Store in mental that utilizing a wet microfiber fabric to clean the surface ar of an loose wood could warp.

Add a fall of water top top the surface ar to recognize whether your lumber is perfect or unfinished. If the absorbs and also leaves a mark, then it"s unfinished.

Steps to Take

Rub the microfiber cloth versus the surface earlier and forth.Keep doing this till there is no dust residue left.

Step 4: using Thompson’s Water Seal

It’s as much as you whether you desire to usage a sprayer or a repaint pad. Although, if you read the back of the can, it says that lock recommend using a garden sprayer for using the sealer.

Things You will Need

Thompson’s water sealA garden sprayer to apply the sealerLong sleeves, pants, glasses, and also safety glasses to protect against chemicals from getting into your skin

Steps come Take

Take off the plunger tube.Mix the product well and also then to fill the spray have the right to with Thompson’s water seal.Replace the plunger tube.Slightly tighten that down until you feeling resistance. Perform not overtighten it.Now you have to depress and release the plunger.Pump the up till you feel resistance.Do not over pump once you’ve felt resistance.Spray Thompson water seal all over your deck.Now let that dry. This might take up to 24 hours prior to the deck thoroughly dries.

Step 5: using a repaint Pad

So far, we’ve only presented you means to use Thompson’s water seal through a sprayer. However, depending upon the project, you may want to use a paint pad, sprayer or roller to use your product.

Using a sprayer is the fastest means to get the task done, however if friend don’t desire to spend money ~ above a sprayer, girlfriend can constantly use a roller or a paint pad, and you still will certainly be fine.

Things You will Need

A repaint pad to soak it into the sealerThompson’s water seal

Steps to Take

Pour the sealer right into a deck.Dip the paint pad into the seal.Bring the seal top top the tray area.Start in ~ one corner and also work native one end to another.Apply the sealer parallel come the deck boards.Now enable the deck to completely dry. Thompson water seal dry time takes about 24 hours to dry thoroughly. Also, make certain you don’t spill any kind of water on it due to the fact that the sealer is still vulnerable.

Step 6: dry Times

Give that at least 24 hours to dried thoroughly. Depending on the weather, dry time might vary. If you want to use latex repaint over it—you should give it at the very least 45 days prior to doing so.

Process To apply Thompson Water Seal through a repaint Roller?

Sun and also rain deserve to potentially ruin your deck, so applying it to your deck theatre a major role in prolonging its longevity because that as lengthy as possible.

So far, we’ve only presented you just how to apply Thompson’s water sealer using a sprayer. Not all of us have a sprayer in ~ home, so making use of a sprayer might not it is in the easiest technique for you.

You can use a roller if friend don’t want to usage a sprayer, and also you still acquire the exact same result. So, it’s a win-win at the finish of the day.


Before you acquire your hand dirty, you should clean the deck come ensure there isn’t any type of dirt once you start using Thompson’s water seal.

Things You will certainly Need

Get a focused dish soapA difficult brush

Steps to Take

Remove whatever from the deck.Spray off every the leaves and also gunk that’s on the top.Spray the dish soap anywhere the deck.Rinse it off and also let it dry.

Apply the Sealer

Now that you have actually cleaned your deck, that time to use the sealer. Friend must carefully follow the instructions step-by-step to acquire to the last result.

Things you will need

A paint rollerA roller tray

Steps to Take

Pour the seal into the roller tray.Dip the roller right into the paint.Roll that backward and also forwards on the roller tray to distribute the seal evenly.Start in ~ the facility of the area.Now occupational from one end to another end.Do not apply too much pressure together this could lead come an uneven coat.Keep law this until you sheathe the whole area.Let the deck dry, this could take as much as 24 hours.

Tips to store Your Deck spring As good As Possible

Since you’ve spent some time sealing her wood, it is likewise a an excellent idea to take some time and learn how to store your lumber looking as good as possible.

Just since you applied a sealer to her deck doesn’t typical that you can set it ~ above fire. So, below are some tips to help you preserve your deck for years to come.

Be cautious How You location Furniture Covers

One of the main things that you want to store in mind when thinking about maintaining your wood is that you must be cautious when placing furniture covers, so they can’t catch moisture.

Move your Plants Back

If you desire to protect against both mold and mildew from your deck, climate you should relocate your plants earlier from your deck edges.

Sweep routinely to avoid Mold

You need to sweep consistently to eliminate mold spores from her deck. Doing this quite generally will avoid the spores native growing and prevent other dormant spores.

Don’t use Bleach on her Deck


Bleach is through no means a good wood cleaner. That doesn’t also remove some of the dust in the wood. Bleach could severely damage the timber fibers, so stop using that on your deck. If you want to clean your wood, climate you need to stick with cleaners that are specifically designed for wood.

Final Words

As you can see, learning just how to apply Thompson water sealer is fairly easy as long as you monitor our guide step-by-step and also have the right gear.

Even if friend don"t desire to buy a garden sprayer, you can still usage plenty of other tools. Paint rollers, repaint pads, and also brushes must still work simply fine once you use Thompson"s water seal.

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Thompson’s water seal dries reasonably quickly compared to various other sealers, however that doesn’t typical that you can walk on her deck ideal away ~ sealing it, so store that in mind.