I understand this might be a dumb question, but i have actually been looking and also i have actually no idea how to include text mine painttool sai program.

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if someone can explain come me just how to take it a font/ text sentence and also put it into sai, please let me know.

SAI does not have text options. It"s primarily a basic painting regimen so that doesn"t sell text options, filters, etc. (most points that Photoshop would certainly offer).

If you require text added to your comic, you"ll need to use a routine that has actually it choose Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or GIMP. You can still draw your comic in SAI, but you"ll either have to hand compose your text (which is a viable option, too many of world do it, it"s just a bit an ext time consuming), or conserve your document as a transferable format (I do .PSD because that example, because you deserve to open PSD in most functioning illustration programs) and also move it come GIMP/Photoshop/Clip Studio Paint/whatever drawing software you deserve to use that supplies text tools and also do for this reason there.

I offered to be in the very same boat, I used Photoshop CS6 because that my paneling, text, basically whatever SAI couldn"t do also (if no at all). I"ve because moved come Clip Studio Paint and also do most of my work there, conserve for some texturing that ns still usage SAI because that

however that"s just personal preference ^ ^"

UzukiCheverie is right, but girlfriend can add text the roundabout way by opened a native processor that offers your font (like, word is best) and also formatting the text there, then screenshotting it (best to usage the snippet tool or sth similar, less cropping required). make certain you style it with black message on white

if you dough this into your image, then go to layer > luminescence to transparency, the white background will certainly disappear. From over there you can change the colour making use of a clipping team layer.

The rumored beta that Sai 2 was claimed to have actually a message option, and also other quite features. However the initial Sai doesn"t have that.

In i m sorry you will be compelled to just draw a comic page with empty speech bubbles. Then save the document and open it in a different program to add text. Really simply go with that option instead of doing every little thing in Sai. It"s not worth the extra work/frustration.

Paint is the simplest option, however it"s a little bit tedious.My recommendaion would certainly be PhotoScape. It"s an easy, free to use photo editing and enhancing program, that has actually a very nice text-adding alternative that I simply can"t imagine my comic pages there is no it X3And it has actually many an ext cool functions too.

do you have stroke choice in sai?bcs if you perform .you deserve to make a circle or a square(if you have any kind of of those options"and afterwards include stroke come themofc girlfriend will need a lasso device so you have the right to make the pointers. And then you use stroke option. I beg your pardon is what in edit i think

I usage sai, sketch out the page, copy/paste the sketch into photoshop and include the message on there. Then ns merge the text layers into one and copy/paste that layer back into sai over my map out on there, then usage luminence come transparency to make it clear (it"ll paste in with a white background).

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I usage a program dubbed Comic Life3 because that now. Ns am still learning Clip Studio Pro. It conserves me a lot and seems to have actually what ns am missing. Cheaper that Photoshop too.

I use sai, therefore I open up word, copy the dialogue, walk to dough special, click on Microsoft word document object, climate copy the thing to clipboard, and also then it allows you to paste on SAI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvTEqWpfoPg i usage this one bcs it feels better to me so i guess its approximately you