Without a doubt, me and also my fellow Witcheressessesssquad have conducted our research in order to conclude what height the personalities could be, and hence you’re able to calculate the rest of their anatomy too.

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I understand many kind of might disagree with me on this, but I am not stating these are facts in any type of means, simply what I thinkseems to be specific.

We think that, for an instance, Geralt seems to be approximately 190 cm tall, and also Regis as well, appears to be approximately the same elevation as Geralt, only I’d guess he’s max 185 cm tall, though his physics is of course a lot slimmer than Geralt. And all the females are about the same height also, which I’d guess are about 170 cm, whereas Ciri on occasion looks a few cm taller, so I’d guess she’s around 175-ish cm.

Now, Ge’els, alongside Geralt, is about 1-1,5 heads taller than Geralt. A head, we concluded, could be about 20-ish cm tall vertically (eagerly looks for a ruler).


Bear in mind that Geralt does stands a little distance away from Ge’els.

If Geralt is 190 cm tall, Ge’els have to be approximately 2′20 cm tall. And yes, this is not shocking at all, for an Aen Elle, I believed he’d be taller actually.

Imlerith on the various other hand, looks even taller and also larger compared to Geralt, and thus appears to be even taller than Ge’els, I’d guess that both Imlerith and Eredin are equally taller than Ge’els, approximately 2′30-2′40 cm tall.

Caranthir could be roughly 2′20-2′30 as well, though it’s a little bit harder to guess. Avallac’h, though an Aen Elle, have significantly shrinked after Yennefer broke his curse. I’d gather he’s also shorter than Geralt now, from the looks of it, around 180-185 cm, which you might think is still tall, but is dramatically shorter for any type of Aen Elle elf to change into, from when being 30-40 cm taller.

However before, Ge’els is/was a warrior, a general, whilst Avallac’h is a mage. His physics is built a lot slimmer achoose Caranthir, whilst for an example, Eredin and Imlerith carries excellent, heavy armor and also heavy swords. It’s more likely they are both built a lot more muscular and taller than Avallac’h.

So conclusion, if you’re interested, from shortest to tallest:

Many of the females (Yen, Triss…) (alongside Geralt): approximately 170 cm.Ciri: approximately 173-175 cm. (she was taller than Yennefer in the game, that was shelp to be short in the books) (tho this can be a bullshit theory)Avallac’h: about 180-185 cm.Regis: around 185 cm.Geralt: roughly 190 cm.Ge’els: approximately 220 cm.Caranthir: about 220-230 cm.Imlerith and Eredin: roughly 230 cm, if not probably taller.

However, you did ask around size charts. Maybe I’ll perform a full dick size post under right here, to keep it NSFW-safe over for the sensitive readers.

Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist! This is only concluded for fun, but I perform attempt to keep it as accurate as I can. These numbers are from Wikipedia.

The average dick dimension worldwide is 13 cm in erected develop, and also the average height is about 178-180 cm in Western Europe. So if we’d use it to The Witcher personalities I’d guess it’d be 180=13 cm.

Though, of course, it’s largely just around genes. But we can’t really conclude DNA test results on these fictional males so… Calculations will certainly just have to do.

Females: 170 = no just kidding. No wait, Philippa more than likely has a dick.

Vampire Males:

Regis: approximated 185 cm in elevation, about 14,5-15 cm in size, though listen, Regis is a freaking vampire, I don’t expect his genitalia will be a lot human, and we already know he has an extreme endurance. This height-point might not use to Regis since he’s not… a human.

Dettlaff: approximated roughly 185 cm in height, around 14,5-15 cm also.

Though I feel choose both of these men need to have… much longer. But, why would they, though? I mean, sure they’re vampires, however the anatomy uses to them as well? They can’t be a little over average height yet then still have actually huge dongs, simply because we sexualise them and wantthem to have actually giants in their pants.

Human Males:

Geralt: estimated 190 cm in elevation, roughly 15-17 cm in size.

Dandelion: Looks shorter than Geralt, around 175-180 cm. 12,5-13 cm in dimension. Ssuggest because he’s good at poetry doesn’t mean he has a gigantic dick.


Ge’els: approximated 2′20 cm in elevation, about 21-22 cm in dimension. Admit it, you meant much longer didn’t you. (me secretely imagines 40-60 cm lengthy dongs) (measure it through a ruler, 20 cm is still really freaking long)

Caranthir: This indevelopment is qualified since
cirillach don’t want me to expose her son’s dick dimension.

Imlerith: approximated 2′30-2′40 in height, approximately 23-25 cm in dimension.

Eredin: approximated 2′30-2′40 cm in elevation, around 23-25 cm in size.

Special case of Avallac’h:

I’m certain he was as soon as tall and also proud… But considering the fact that his height must’ve shrinked favor 20-30 cm, so have to the lil prick in his pants have actually done as well. Or I’d have difficulties imagine the discomfort he have to be in, being about 180-185 cm tall, and also having a 20 cm long dick. Jesus. That’s prefer a quarter of his elevation. (Vic can’t carry out math) Jesus x2.

Avallac’h: estimated 180-185 cm, roughly 13-15 cm in dimension.

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robotslenderman Imagine your dick size shrinking by 5-10 cm. This is, for certain, why he’s so prickly in the games.