Nique and King net Worth

Nique & King, a famous American YouTube channel, is through American couple Nique and also King. Follow to the 2021 estimates, Nique and King network Worth is $450,000. The two fell in love in high school and also have been dating. Content created of vlog videos highlighting the day-to-day stays make them famous. Pranks and challenges together make them famous.

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Nique and King net Worth$450,000
MembersDominique Lamar Greene aka Nique, King Johnson aka King
OccupationYouTuber, social Media Star

About Nique:

Nique genuine nameDominique Lamar Greene
Nique network Worth$2 million
Birth dateJanuary 12, 1999
BirthplaceUnited States
Nique age22
Nique height5ft 4 inch
OccupationYouTuber, social Media Star
King network worth

Nique and King salary, earnings, income

The YouTube channel has actually over 2.8 million subscribers and also over 440 million views. An average of 400,000 views per day earns them earnings from various sources.Nique and King monthly earningsare roughly $700. That said, theNique and also King yearly earningsare approximately $8400. However, the totalNique and also King salaryare around $2,000 per day ($730,000 year) from various sources.

Nique and King relationship

The two, Nique and also King, dropped in love in high school and have been dating. Nique and also King portray themselves together a perfect couple. Fans space admirers the theNique and also King relationship. Both have actually their very own individual YouTube channels. Besides, they additionally have your joint channel. ‘The Johnson Family’ channel started in February 2018 to document life together a household when they were expecting the birth of their very first child.

Nique and King datingrevelations mention that Nique foundNique boyfriend, King Johnson, as soon as she remained in the 9th grade. Ups and downs are common in their lives. However theKing girlfriendNique never ever left him and made their bond also strong. The high institution sweethearts had actually welcomed a son, Kaiser Johnson. TheNique and also King familyupdates suggest that theNique and King sonwas born in September 2018. Unfortunately, theNique and King rest Uprevelations imply that Nique broke up withNiquehusband, King, in July that 2020. January 12 updates suggest that Nique and King reportedly broke up as result of King gift unfaithful come Nique.


Early life and also career

Nique Nique&King, a joint YouTube channel through Nique andNique boyfriend, King, is performing amazingly. Well-known YouTube vlogging couple ‘Nique & King’ write-up challenges, reactions, comic videos, pranks, and general videos that life as a couple.

YouTube channel by Nique mirrors her consistently posting videos about fashion, beauty beauty tips and tricks, hair and also make-up tutorials, and general way of life videos. Popularity on the share YouTube channel offered her the enthusiasm to begin posting videos ~ above the solo channel, with nearly 300,000 subscribers for this reason far.

Hourglass figures and youthful vivaciousness do Nique attractive to a fan following of end 1.1 million followers on Instagram. The highNique and King network Worthhave provided them in the classification oftop YouTuber’s network worth.

Besides she Instagram posts, Nique slays in every outfit. Charming personality has actually earned she viewers on the YouTube channel, Nique & King. Solo YouTube channel ‘Life as Nique’ in September 2011 didn’t acquire so plenty of videos ~ above it.

Vlogging videos began garnering followers and also crossed the 100,000 subscribers significant in October 2017. The videos additionally highlight your life stories, just how they met, fell in love, and also decided to begin vlogging on YouTube. Friend can additionally have a glance in ~ the pregnant stories, the bear of their baby.

Nique and King have collaborated with several other YouTubers ~ above prank and an obstacle videos. The first joint music video clip titled ‘Qwazylove,’ released in February 2019, is fairly popular.


What is Nique native Nique and King genuine Name?

Nique real name is Dominique Lamar Greene. King genuine name is King Johnson.

What is Nique and also King real Name?

Nique genuine name is Dominique Lamar Greene. King actual name is King Johnson.

Where is Nique and King House?

The couple lives in the joined States but hasn’t made any type of official revelations about the Nique and also King House or Nique and also King Address.

Is Nique and King still Together?

Unfortunately, theNique and also King rest Uprevelations suggest that Nique damaged up withNiquehusband, King, in July of 2020. January 12 updates suggest that Nique and also King reportedly broke up because of King being unfaithful to Nique.

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Final words

Nique and also King net Worthhave become an inspiration for the various other couples looking forward to structure an remarkable career ~ above YouTube. Remain tuned v us to get additional updates regarding comparable YouTubers sharing life together a pair and prove to be inspirational amongst fans.