Many world who have actually been come a party, barbecue, or any type of other social gathering the is serving alcohol has actually seen the telltale bottles of Smirnoff Ice. This cloudy white drink is well-known for having a fruity flavor, i m sorry is one reason it’s been dubbed a “girly drink” at times. Smirnoff ice cream is therefore refreshing though, and also those who have tasted it, including here at Hangover Hospital, understand it’s perfect because that anyone end the legal drink age. 

The fact that it’s been referred to as a “girly drink” has additionally led some to believe that the alcohol content in that is quite low. This is an excellent news because that those that don’t desire to feeling anything more than a slight buzz, but negative news because that those that want to feeling a little bit more. So, how countless Smirnoff ice does it take to get drunk? in ~ Hangover Hospital, we investigated come determine how much friend may have to drink to feeling the effects.

How much Alcohol is in Smirnoff Ice

Of course, the alcohol content of any alcoholic beverage has actually a substantial impact top top how countless drinks the takes to get drunk. That being said, the myth the Smirnoff ice cream doesn’t contain that lot alcohol is simply that – a myth. 

Most American beers have in between four to 6 percent alcohol content, with the average beer having approximately five percent alcohol. Likewise, Smirnoff Ice additionally has one alcohol contents of simply over 5 percent, through some locations including only 4 percent alcohol in your bottles. 

Due come the similar alcohol contents, it’s most likely that one could get drunk by drink the same number of Smirnoff Ice that they would beers. However, the actual number of Smirnoff ice cream it takes who to acquire drunk varies, relying on a range of factors such as:

Their body weightAlcohol toleranceIf lock have consumed recently

Factors influence Drunkenness

Of every the components that affect how lengthy it take away a human being to obtain drunk turn off Smirnoff Ice, bodyweight is among the main ones. It will take a 160-pound man approximately four drinks prior to they room over the legal limit of 0.08 percent most areas use. ~ above the various other hand, it will certainly take a man that weighs 220 pounds 5 drinks before they room over the legit limit. 

Women additionally tend to feel the effects of alcohol faster, meaning they will certainly likely gain drunk faster off Smirnoff Ice. This is due to the reality that alcohol dissolves right into the water discovered in the body, however not the fat. Proportionally, ladies have much more fat on their bodies and so, they feel the impacts faster. However, a woman’s load will likewise have an influence on how many Smirnoff Ices the takes to obtain drunk. A woman the weighs 140 pounds will certainly exceed the legal border after just three drinks. Meanwhile, a 180-pound woman will certainly exceed that very same legal border after 4 drinks.

The impacts felt will additionally vary relying on the critical time a human being ate. If a human being doesn’t have any type of food in your stomach, the alcohol moves straight into their small intestine. This is wherein the human body absorbs the many alcohol. As soon as the stomach is full though, that takes much longer for the alcohol to with the small intestine, i beg your pardon slows the body absorption the it and also reduces alcohol buildup in the blood. 

Unfortunately, over there is no scientific an approach for identify a person’s alcohol tolerance, which will likewise have an impact on just how long that takes to obtain drunk indigenous Smirnoff Ice. A human being simply needs to know their own limits, and also how lot it takes prior to they room drunk. 

Drank Too much Smirnoff Ice? speak to the Hangover Hospital in vital West!

Smirnoff ice cream is delicious, but the impacts the work after drink too lot of it space unpleasant. At Hangover Hospital, we are devoted to help those suffering the results of a hangover. Our injection therapies average there is no reason to simply wait out your hangover.

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