Having problem stocking a nano tank? wondering how many fish have the right to be in a 20-gallon tank? It’s common even for knowledgeable fishkeepers to struggle when an are is limited. Over there are just so countless pet fish species to select from!

You can, theoretically, store twenty 1-inch fish, or ten 2-inch fish, in a 20-gallon tank. This autumn strategy complies with the 1 customs of fish every gallon that water rule.

Nano fish because that nano tanks, right? It’s basic guideline to follow, however you shouldn’t use it as soon as stocking fish any kind of larger 보다 3-4 inches.

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We’ll obtain into tank mate compatibility and also behavior fads to think about when choosing fish. You’ll also find out exactly how live tree can assist you make the most out of the restricted space in a 20-gallon tank.

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Best Fish To keep In A 20-Gallon Tank

Factors That affect How countless Fish You can Keep In A 20-Gallon Tank

The “1 customs of fish every gallon the water” guideline is rather flawed. But when it involves stocking a 20-gallon tank v nano fish (up to 3 customs long), it’s in reality accurate.

This ascendancy of thumb doesn’t apply to larger-bodied fish, as you can’t expect a 15-inch fish come share a 20-gallon tank with 5 1-inch fish.

Even her tank setup will affect how plenty of fish you have the right to keep and which fish combos are best in a 20-gallon tank.

You’ll should take several determinants into consideration:

Water quality – much more fish = an ext waste;Oxygenation – a planted 20-gallon tank will certainly make a better home for twenty 1-inch fish than a ceiling oneTank dimensions – a more comprehensive and shallower tank works best for a higher stocking capacity.

If you desire to stock your aquarium with multiple species, other subjective factors will come right into play, such as:

General compatibility in between different fish species;What part of the aquarium they have tendency to occupy;How they communicate with males of various other species;Territoriality/aggression levels;Shyness;Shoaling behavior.

Of course, there room common-sense criteria to take into consideration when choosing tank mates for any aquarium. Make certain the varieties you’re stocking have the same choices in water conditions.

You shouldn’t keep tropical fish with cold-water fish. Similar to you shouldn’t store a predator in the very same tank v tiny bite-sized tank mates. A recipe because that disaster!

Best Fish To save In A 20-Gallon Tank

To share a 20-gallon tank, you’ll require to select peaceful neighborhood fish. Her nano tank walk limit your options, yet there room plenty of spectacular nano fish to pick from.

They have the right to put ~ above a present with your shoaling actions or animate your aquarium v their vivid colors. You’ll be amazed at just how multidimensional a nano tank can become with the best setup and also carefully planned fish combos.

These room 9 the the finest fish you have the right to keep in a 20-gallon tank:


Neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)

Once you decide what type of fish you will do it be maintaining in her 20-gallon tank, that time to work-related on the tank setup. You’ll require to consider the needs of her pet fish when planning out their new home. Study the fish species you’re collection on, before setup up the aquarium.

Generally, your aquascaping & tank setup need to include:

plenty that hiding spots because that shy/nervous fish;an accordingly sized filter, if she stocking the tank approximately 85% that its capacity;substrate, if you planning on setting up a planted nano-tank.

Here’s a list of simple gear needed for a 20-gallon tank:

20-gallon Tank Kit

A 20-gallon aquarium kit is one awesome selection if you want a plug & beat nano tank.

With lot of of filtration media top top board, you deserve to use a bacteria starter to cycle the aquarium.

You’ll have the ability to begin autumn the tank as soon as you collection it up.

Light fixture for a planted 20-gallon tank

A full-spectrum LED aquarium irradiate will offer your live plants plenty of exposure come light, keeping your aquatic garden thriving. You’ll additionally need come fertilize live plants utilizing fertilizer tabs. With simply some an easy TLC, her planted nano tank will reward you v a luscious view!

Substrate for plants

If you’re setup up a planted tank, a high-quality substrate will certainly make it much easier for her plants to construct a great root system. Vallisneria, and also carpet plants, in particular, will require substrate/gravel come grow.

Heater because that tropical fish species

Stocking your 20-gallon tank through tropical fish? A dependable heater becomes necessary gear to keep variations in water temperature at a minimum. Tropical fish do best when the water temperature continues to be within 75-80°F.

Lid because that jumpers

If she stocking her nano tank with well known jumpers (bettas!), be sure to placed a lid/mesh cover/hood on your aquarium. Surface ar feeders, labyrinth fish, and strong swimmers have the right to all jump ideal out of one uncovered tank.


How plenty of fish you deserve to stock a 20-gallon tank through will count on the adult size of your pet fish.

For a nano tank, fish that grow in between 1 to 3 customs in length are ideal.

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When autumn a tank through nano fish, you deserve to use the 1 inch of fish per gallon the water ascendancy of ignorance as a guideline.

Set up a planted aquarium, share it with a peaceful neighborhood of miniature swimmers and also you’re guaranteed to it is in impressed by how satisfying the results can be!