Daredevil Travis Pastrana certainly doesn"t require a prolonged introduction. His surname is even famous far external of automotive circles.

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Travis Pastrana
Motocross, Supercross, Rally Racing, Freestyle Motocross, you name it, Travis Pastrana has actually competed and excelled in them all. Born in Maryland in October 1983, Pastrana is a totally fearless guy who look at no impossibilities. His knack for performing high-octane stunts earned that the nickname "Wonderboy." Also, Pastrana"s exploits have actually bordered on the impossible, developing heart-stopping moments and excelling in ~ things countless would not also consider — amassing a remarkable net-worth while at it.

attributed with inventing few of the most complicated tricks ever in Freestyle Motocross, Pastrana is may be the most sought-after number in the excessive sports world. End the years, the multi-talented racer — who’s likewise been anointed to continue the Gymkhana legacy — has racked increase a big and loyal pan base, that are always on the lookout because that his following unfathomable stunt. Here, we lug to you some rapid facts around the amazing stuntman and serial motorsport medalist, Travis Pastrana.


10 began Young

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By the time Pastrana rotate five, that had already gotten his an initial motorbike. That at an early stage head start more than likely puts him front of the curve, instilling in him an wait of invincibility. He continued honing his skills and gotten in various motocross events, winning many of them.

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Pastrana was only 16 once he take it the human being by storm, to win the freestyle event at the 1999 X games with an astonishing 99.9 points; the highest possible point haul.

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9 Daredevil

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Dares are norms to the exceptional Pastrana. Previously taken into consideration impossible, he performed the famous double backflip throughout the 2006 X Games. Add that come his skydiving adventures, the TP7, the triple jumps excellent in tribute come his hero, Evel Knievel, and also you have an athlete who constantly follow me the definition of impossibility.

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The unforgettable moment when Pastrana jumped turn off a aircraft into the cool Canyon, v no parachute, cemented his standing as a daredevil – not that anyone ever had any type of doubts.


8 Serial Medalist

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In 1999, Travis Pastrana won his an initial X gamings gold medal. Many much more would monitor in the year to come, together he’s choose up yellow a complete of eleven times. His many awards encompass freestyle gold in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, and also 2010.

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He also carted home silver 4 times in 2001, 2004, 2005, and also 2009. Bronze medals came in the 2004 and 2007 X Games. Pastrana has won yellow in four different categories: Rally car Racing, best Trick, Freestyle, and also Speed & Style.

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Travis Pastrana is no stranger to injuries, and also during one of his layoffs, Nitro Circus concerned life. He had actually been filming Greg Powell, his cousin, performing stunts top top a bike in ~ home. These videos metamorphosed right into DVD collections, and after the vast commercial success in 2009, he to be approached by Fuse TV because that a reality TV show.

The Nitro Circus brand has likewise focused on building a brand-new generation of excessive athletes, on regular basis holding competitions in BMX, skating, motocross, and also scooter.

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6 2 Wheels Great, four Wheels… still Great

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having actually won virtually all over there is to success in his main sport, Pastrana determined to try out his skills in various other segments of automotive competitions. Hence, he entered into rally racing with a partnership with Subaru. Pastrana brought his warm streak into the rally circuit, win multiple races and also competitions worldwide.

he even regulated to beat famed rally driver Colin McRae. Irrespective of what car Pastrana is handling, his grit, style, and also determination, never seem to change.

All sports come through their attendant risks, and extreme sporting activities come with excessive risks. Astonishingly, Pastrana deserve to still perform stunts or even walk, considering that he’s broken much more bones than some orthopedic surgeons ever before fixed all v their career. The unofficial figure puts it at end 60 bones, and also what"s more? Twenty-five concussions made it through in twenty-odd years.

He"s broken his calf, shin, and knee bones, dislocated his spine, torn numerous muscles, and undergone different surgeries to his knees, shoulders, back, and elbows. Amazingly, Pastrana no walk v a limp.


4 contact 199

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199 is to Travis Pastrana what 007 is to James Bond. The number has always stood out as his to know from his rally cars, motorcycles, and also even a monster truck. It’s not clear why he uses the number, however, some claim it to represent the year he won his an initial gold at the X Games, while others think he has actually 199 lives.

Furthermore, the multi-champion motorsports guy has also incorporated 199 right into his brands, with concepts like Pastrana 199 and also Circuit 199.

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Many human being do not understand that Travis" Puerto Rican dad, Robert Pastrana rides motorbikes, together does his mom. ~ above one occasion, Travis speak his parents into performing flips into his foam pit. When his dad traction it off successfully, his mom finished up through a broken back.

he’s married come his long-time girlfriend, Lyn-Z, who also toured with him ~ above Nitro Circus. Fun fact: She is a pro-skateboarder. Pastrana has actually two daughters, through the first, Addie, currently driving a Can-Am 1000 at age seven.



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most likely unsatisfied v being the finest in Motorsports, Pastrana partook in his an initial NASCAR occasion in 2011, finishing in sixth place. Provided to gift on the podium, NASCAR to be proving too hard for Pastrana to crack. Later that year, he come 31st in the Richmond international Raceway, while the Richmond 250 event in 2012 experienced him finish a usual 22nd and also 15th in the Camping human being Truck Series.

2013 to be a far better year together he do the height 10 on 4 occasions. Eventually Pastrana called it quits however later reverted in 2015 for the van Series.

native his an initial foray in motocross in 1999 with his stunts and also tricks, until recently, Pastrana speak a Suzuki bike. He’s admitted to gift a pan of the brand, stating that the speed selection and maneuverability suited his style perfectly. However, in December 2019, the racer jumped ship to one more manufacturer, KTM.

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He insurance claims the reason behind his switch was the absence of components for his Suzuki RM 250, i m sorry the company stopped developing close to two years ago.

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