Silent Hill is just one of the many iconic franchises in video game history. We"ve ranked every entry, consisting of spin-offs, by just how long they require to beat.

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Silent hill 3 protagonist
Silent Hill was once the most terrifying horror franchise to grace gaming marketplaces. That heyday has long since passed, however the biggest entries still hold up. Silent Hill 2, in particular, gets singled the end as among the best games ever made, regardless of genre.

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to celebrate the series, and perhaps mourn a bit as well, the following list will rank every the games in the series based top top their size as tape-recorded by One point to remember as soon as going v this list - long length does no necessarily amount to a top quality title. A short and sweet experience have the right to be delighted in dozens of times over, when a twenty-hour mediocre game is play once and also immediately forgotten.

14 quiet Hill: The Arcade (1 Hour)

Silent hill the arcade
being an on-rails shooter, one shouldn"t suppose this arcade spinoff to last longer than most others in the genre. When the layout has its location in the arcades, evaluate at the moment weren"t kind to it, calling the unnecessary and also decrying exactly how it feels nothing prefer a traditional Silent Hill.

While not a full-length title, P.T. was an interactive demo because that the ultimately doomed Silent Hills from horror director guillermo del Toro and also Hideo Kojima. The enigmatic puzzles can be solved conveniently if one knows what to do, yet people space still unsure specifically how the last puzzle is solved. Regardless of it just being a demo, the playable teaser had actually a vast impact top top the industry, and disappointment rippled v fans once the task was cancelled.

Silent hill the beat novel game boy advanced game
This Gameboy breakthrough title is an adaptation that the an initial game"s story in intuitive novel form. It only came out in Japan, though fan translations exist. The just real gameplay come in the kind of decision making, taking away the tension and also fear included to the macabre story with combat. It is the perfect method to suffer the game for those as well scared to play the initial PS1 classic.

Silent Hill Orphan 2
The collection wasn"t only available on consoles. Cell phone platforms obtained in on the action too. Rather of being third-person survival horror titles, these games put football player in a first-person perspective and employ point-and-click controls much more manageable because that cell phones. Weird enough, the sequel comes in at just about half as lengthy as the an initial entry.

The very first entry in the mobile series came out in 2007, long before gaming top top phones to be en vogue. Provided the nature that the platform, the titles are almost impossible to play this days. It is odd come think around games being inaccessible, but it isn"t the only video game with the same problem. P.T. is additionally only accessible on the hard drives of world who never ever deleted it.

The sequel come Silent Hill 2 is frequently overshadowed through its predecessor, yet it is wonderful in its own right.

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The combat renders several ethereal improvements and the graphics to be leaps and also bounds ahead of that time. The facial animations are an especially gorgeous. That story isn"t the same an individual gut-punch of the 2001 classic, though.

The prequel come the very first game came out on the PSP in 2007. Going ago to the past and having a direct relation come the first entry to be a practiced idea, but development problems brought about a less than mainly product. Sony"s an initial handheld console had numerous problems translating renowned franchises to its format, and Silent Hill: Origins to be yet one more victim that the transition.

Shattered Memories takes enough liberties v the first game"s story come feel an ext like a reimagining 보다 a straightforward remake. The gameplay additionally puts an interesting twist ~ above the formula, splitting the activity with questions and also tests in a doctor"s office whose results impact the following chapter.

The one that started it all differentiated itself from various other survival horror gamings by featuring complete three-dimensional graphics and also a relocating camera. Doing this to be an impressive feat top top the humble PS1.

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The game stemmed indigenous Konami"s wish to handmade a game with the potential to end up being a struggle in the West. Learning this renders it ironic to find out that the series" downward trajectory started when western developer took end the franchise.

As good as the debut title is, that sequel really go out the lid off the franchise. silent Hill 2 stands next by side with Metal gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto III, and Final Fantasy X as one of the greats indigenous 2001"s legendary lineup. Not only is the gameplay a step over other survival horror titles, but the story tackled subjects previously unheard of in the medium like infidelity and also childhood trauma.

This numbered entrance is rather of one outlier. That doesn"t take ar in the titular town and focuses an ext on combat quite than puzzle-solving. Since of this, that is no remembered together fondly together its larger siblings, though it was far better received 보다 the complying with entries in the franchise.

Silent Hill: Homecoming brought earlier some the the puzzle-solving elements of the originals, but it wasn"t enough to please fans. It was the very first mainline title in the series to it is in tackled by a western developer instead of Team Silent, who had actually previously done all the games save because that the spin-offs.

Downpour is the last full-length traditional Silent Hill the people may ever before see. While not negative by any means, it certainly doesn"t live up to the standard set by the earlier entries. The series has come at the very least be commended for constantly trying to remain true come its roots and also not becoming an action game favor Resident evil did, though Resident angry 4 and 5 are tho incredible.

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Book the Memories bring away a radical rotate with the series, abandoning the slow-paced survival horror for a dungeon crawler. When genre shifts deserve to sometimes it is in positive, the didn"t work out because that the PS Vita title. That is merely average, make players miss the old games rather than appreciate a brand-new take ~ above the franchise.

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