Snapchat is big on random icons, in fact, some of these symbols are so random the it’s complicated to discern why they’re there. But it’s essential to understand the significance of these icons if she a serious Snapchat user. Castle play a role in send something important about your Snapchat behavior, and specifically, her Snapstreak.

The Hourglass symbol is one such icon that conveys information concerning your Snapchat usage. So here’s whatever you need to know about the Hourglass icon, just how long that lasts and why it shows up in the first place. 

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just how to prevent the Hourglass icon on her Snapchat?

What walk the hourglass symbol mean on Snapchat?


The hourglass symbol is choose a countdown timer. Snapchat presented this symbol to make certain that a user is mindful that their Snapstreak through a other user is about to end and they need to take action to ensure the the streak continues. It’s usually a warning that you’re slipping in your performance and also you need to step up her Snapchat game so the the hourglass icon have the right to be replaced by the lit/fire symbol again which suggested that you on your Snapstreak. Save in mind the a Snapstreak is characterized by the variety of snaps friend send and not any type of textual conversation. 

The icon shows up next to both her profile and also the profile symbol of the call that you’ve been trading Snaps with, right prior to both your Snapstreaks are around to end. 

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How long does the Hourglass critical on Snapchat? 

The illustration of the Hourglass icon is absolutely a bad thing unless you want a Snapstreak connection with an additional user come end. There have been debates concerning how lengthy the symbol lasts and also consequently, your home window of chance to continue a Snapstreak as well. Some older Reddit threads case that the streak large for 2 to three hours but another thread said that the Hourglass icon lasts from four to 7 hours. The timing of the hourglass symbol is a little bit elusive and so is the timeline for just how long that stays. 

The reason that the hourglass icon is whimsical in that is timeframe and appearance is likely since no two Snapstreaks space the same. Snapchat may offer you an extended home window via the hourglass for a Snapstreak that has actually been going solid for months and a lot smaller window via the hourglass for streaks that have actually barely lasted because that a few days. The home window of chance depends on the size of your Snapstreak. 

How to prevent the Hourglass icon on her Snapchat?

Any provided Snapstreak is calculate in a 24-hour window. This way that at the very least one Snap (not chat) must be exchanged between you and another user, native both ends in the 24-hour home window so the you deserve to evade the Hourglass icon. If no breaks are exchanged, climate the dreaded hourglass icon will show up at the fag end of the 24-hour window, the lit/fire symbol will disappear and your countdown will certainly begin. Right here are a few suggestions that will aid you stop the Hourglass symbol on her Snapchat. 

Snap because that Snap’s sake

If preserving your Snap streak is an ext important 보다 what kind of Snap you sending, climate take a empty or blacked-out picture to at the very least keep the hourglass symbol at bay. Make certain to notify the various other party that you space doing this so the they space not caught off-guard through the meaningless snap. 

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Maintain a routine

Even a good morning greeting snap every morning have the right to count considerably towards keeping your Snapstreak. Ensure that you’re sending out one continuous snap throughout the day at a designated time so that your Snapstreak ends up being on a trustworthy auto-pilot. 

Inform the various other party

A Snapstreak relies on a ago and soon so also if you’re doing your part, it’s essential that the user you’re exchanging snaps with is mindful that she serious around maintaining your Snapstreak. Make certain that the user is just as committed to the process otherwise, if they fail come send you a snap in time, the streak will certainly be lost for good. 

What to carry out if the Hourglass icon appears despite preserving a Snapstreak?

There have actually been a couple of cases where the hourglass icon appears and also eventually, the lit/fire symbol will disappear dispute the user preserving their Snapstreak sincerely. In together a scenario, it’s ideal to contact Snapchat support and inform them about this problem. The Snapchat support team will fix your issue so that the hourglass icon disappears and also the Snapstreak icon appears next to your profile again. 

That’s every little thing there is come know around the Hourglass symbol on Snapchat.

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