ITN thing 1 Quiz answers Cisco 2019 100%

This quiz consists the content in CCNA R&S advent to Networks chapter 1. The is designed to provide an additional opportunity to practice the an abilities and knowledge presented in the chapter and to prepare because that the thing Exam.

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Fill in the blank.

ITN thing 1 Quiz answers 03sourceendtransferintermediary
Intranets attach LANs and WANs that must only be accessible by internal employees, whereas an extranet permits organizations come do organization directly with other exterior organizations by permitting them access to component of the interior network.

 Fill in the blank.

An Intranet is a private link of LANs and WANs the belongs come an organization, and also is designed come be available only through the members and employees of the organization, or others through authorization.

Noted: The correct answers have the right to be 7 : Intranet, intranet, Intra net, intra net, Intra-net, intra-net, INTRANET in netacad, but in ours online system you deserve to use only Intranet.

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Routers and also switches are intermediary devices. End gadgets consist the PCs, laptops, and also servers. They additionally include printers, VoIP phones, security cameras, and hand-held devices.
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