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The best and also the majority of well-known way to say please in Russian is пожалуйста, which literally translates as "have mercy, Sir" or "grant/provide, Sir". However before, there are numerous other means to say please. This list consists of ten of the most prevalent methods to say please in Russian.


Pronunciation: paZHAlusta

Translation: please, Sir/have actually mercy, Sir

Meaning: please

The word in its current develop showed up in the middle of the 1nine century, but its beginnings go a lot better back in Russian background. It is a combination of пожалуй (paZHAlooy)—give, give—and also ста (stah), thneed to have come either from стать (stat")—become—, or from сударь (SOOdar)—Sir.

It is suitable for all registers and also cases, from exceptionally formal to extremely informal.


- Ну пожалуйста, ну помоги. (noo paZHAlusta, noo pamaGHEE)- Come on, please, simply assist me.

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Будьте добры

Pronunciation: BOOT"tye davRY

Translation: be kind

Meaning: please, would you be so kind

A slightly even more formal expression than пожалуйста, this means of saying please is still fairly functional and suited to most cases. It is worth remembering that both words readjust relying on whom you are addressing:

будьте добры (BOOT"tye dabRY) - plural all genders OR respectful singularбудь добр (BOOT" DOBR) - masculine singularбудь добра (BOOT" dabRAH) - feminine singular


- Будьте добры, два билета до Москвы. (BOOT"tye dabRY, dva biLYEta da masKVY- Two tickets to Moscow, please.

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Будь другом

Pronunciation: BOOT" DROOgam

Translation: be a friend

Meaning: please

A a lot more informal expression, будь другом is supplied in conversations via cshed friends and family. The expression does not readjust when addressing a female.


- Будь другом, передай хлеб. (BOOT" DROOgam, pyereDAY KHLEP)- Could you pass the breview, please?

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Сделайте одолжение

Pronunciation: ZDYElaytye adalZHYEniye

Translation: carry out me a favor

Meaning: might you perform me a favor?

Сделайте одолжение have the right to be formal or less formal depending on the context. It transforms to сделай одолжение once addressing one perchild or someone you normally address as ты (singular you). The expression is often used in a sarcastic way.


- Сделай одолжение, не влезай. (ZDYElay adalZHYEniye, nye vlyeZAY)- Do me a favor, stay out of this.

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Сделайте милость

Pronunciation: ZDYElaytye MEElast"

Translation: perform a kind thing, do a merciful thing

Meaning: please, might you be so kind

This expression is incredibly formal and also have the right to be seen as archaic in some parts of Russian culture. However before, it is still provided in modern Russia. The singular "you" version, сделай милость (ZDYElay MEElast"), is much less formal. Both deserve to be supplied in an ironic or passive-aggressive method.


- Сделайте милость, передайте вашему коллеге, что я заходил. (ZDYElaytye MEElast", pyereDAYtye VAshemoo kalLYEghye, shto ya zakhaDEEL)- Could you be so sort and also let your colleague know that I have been to see him.

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Бога ради

Pronunciation: BOga RAdee

Translation: for god"s sake, for heaven"s sake

Meaning: I"m begging you

An intense means to say please, бога ради is suitable for all registers. Another version of this is Христа ради (khrisTA RAdee)—for Jesus" sake.


- Я тебя умоляю, бога ради, прости меня. (ya tyBYA oomaLYAuy, BOga RAdee, prasTEE myNYA)- I"m begging you, please foroffer me.

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Будьте любезны

Pronunciation: BOOT"tye lyuBYEZny

Translation: be polite/be nice

Meaning: would certainly you be so sort as...

A formal and polite means to say please in Russian, this expression alters based on gender and number of people:

Будьте любезны (BOOT"tye lyuBYEZby) - plural all genders OR respectful singularБудь любезен (BOOT" lyuBYEzyn) - singular masculineБудь любезна (BOOT" lyuBYEZna) - singular feminine

It have the right to likewise be provided to expect "excuse me."


- Будьте любезны, подскажите, как дойти до метро. (BOOT"tye lyuBYEZny, patskaZHEEtye, kak dayTEE da myetROH)- Excuse me please, could you tell me how to gain to the submethod.

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Pronunciation: praSHOO

Translation: I"m asking you

Meaning: please, I"m asking you

Прошу have the right to be supplied in any type of situation and register.


- Я вас очень прошу, поймите меня. (ya vas Ochyn praSHOO, payMEEtye myNYA)- I"m asking you to please understand also.

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Я умоляю тебя/вас

Pronunciation: ya oomaLYAyu tyBYA

Translation: I"m begging you

Meaning: I"m begging you

Used in the exact same way as its English translation, this expression is suited to any type of social establishing.


- Я вас умоляю, помогите. (ya vas oomaLYAyu, pamaGHEEtye)- I"m begging you, please aid.

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Не сочти за труд

Pronunciation: ny sachTEE za TROOD

Translation: do not think about this as a job/somepoint difficult

Meaning: please, I"d be grateful

Used both in formal and also informal settings, не сочти за труд is not as prevalent as the other expressions.


- Не сочти за труд, подвезёшь меня? (ny sachTEE za TROOD, padvyZYOSH myNYA?)- Would you give me a lift/a ride, please?

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