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Successful civilization don"t choose to invest their time on Facebook. REUTERS/Thomas Hodel follow to my five-year examine on the daily behavior of the rich and poor, 74% that those characterized as bad spent much more than one hour every work on the internet involved in some type of to chat activity, through 95% admitting to using sites choose Facebook for recreational use.When you look at the rich, you acquire a totally different picture.

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Only 37% that the rich in my examine spent much more than an hour a work on the internet engaged in to chat activities, and only 17% offered sites like Facebook because that recreation purposes.

Facebook stated in the summer that 2013 the it had actually 128 million daily average users in the U.S. That’s about 40% the the country’s population.

But it gets worse. There are 1.4 billion individuals roughly the people who usage Facebook. That works out to 11% the the global population.

Of this, 22% are teens who log on to society media sites more than ten time a day. According to Facebook, the average time invested on that is site, per visit, to be 18 minutes. Us are raising a generation of youngsters who spend more time ~ above Facebook 보다 they execute reading.

Facebook has now end up being a poor Habit.

Our daily behavior are the reason why we room rich, poor, or middle class. 40% of all of our daily tasks are habits, follow to a well known 2006 fight it out Study. This method that 40% that the time, we are all ~ above autopilot.

This is a great thing if most of our behavior are great habits, but this is a very bad point if most of our actions are negative habits.

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And recreational net use is a poor Habit. That a time-waster. It does not help move you forward in life.

cutting board Corley is the author of "Rich Habits: The everyday Success behavior of well-off Individuals," and "Rich Kids: just how To advanced Our children To be Happy and Successful In Life."
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