HorsePower because that Kids, Inc. Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers a farm and also petting zoo so that everyone have the right to have the opportunity to benefit from communication with animals and also horses. We carry out fun, educational avenues for children and adults to interact with and care for animals that have been rescued indigenous a selection of situations. In our experience, working with animals enriches our lives. V animals, kids transform into young adults, discovering responsibility and respect. This interactions construct character, foster relationships, and enable us come become an ext open together individuals. At our farm, us strive to provide these experiences to the public and share ours love for pets with everyone. We enjoy sharing our animals with anyone that will benefit including children who have the right to not afford to visit us because of finances can attend cost-free of fee on scholarship; we likewise rescue unwanted and also injured animals. We are self supporting, thus being open to the general public is how we are able to house and also care for numerous beautiful creatures. Say thanks to you so lot for her support!

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Armando Gort, founder of HorsePower for Kids, to be born in Havana, Cuba. He concerned the United says in 1970. As a small child in Cuba, Armando dreamy of comes to the unified States and owning his own horse farm, where kids could endure their love of animals in a real farm setting. Armando’s dream come true in 1994. Due to the fact that then, Armando has welcomed kids to his farm yard from everywhere Hillsborough and also Pinellas County, as well as children from all over the world. Armando began riding at the age of five. Since then he has accomplished expertise in Dressage, Western, Hunter, and also Jumpers. Armando’s viewpoint is: “Dreams perform come true. Together with hard work and perseverance, anything have the right to be accomplished.” This is what youngsters learn as soon as they visit the farm. “I believe I to be born v a fascination for animals. Together a toddler, I would certainly not go to sleep without my pets goat. As a child, when other children were in ~ the playground, I would certainly be through my mom structure cages and feeding every my animals. In ~ the period of 5, I gained my first pony and also my love of equines began. There’s never ever been a time in mine life when I did not have actually horses or other animals. Together I’ve gotten older and I watch back, i realize the it’s the moment with my animals and my family that i cherish the most. Long forgotten space my trips to attractions and far away places. The moment I spent with pets are my most cherished moments. Ns invite friend to involved the farm and also make your very own memories to critical a lifetime. Many children in the Tampa bay area never obtain the chance to endure horses due to the fact that of financial difficulties. “My goal is to adjust that for together many children as possible.” give thanks to you so lot for her support! Armando Gort

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Horse power for youngsters is licensed because that Wildlife Rescue. We host licenses in FWC, USDA, and also Class-III.

Our company is committed to the rescue and also rehabilitation of sick, injured, and/or orphaned Florida wildlife species. Animals are listed with diagnoses and services. We administer a loving atmosphere for permanently impaired wildlife or offer gentle relocation as soon as recovered. Some pets we treat encompass raccoons, rabbits, turtles, birds, ducks, deer, squirrels and more. Please contact us very first for openings before dropping the pet off. You have the right to reach united state at 813-855-8992 for much more information or send an e-mail to 4dreams