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When I try to start my car all i gain is a Click, click ,click.....noise but it doesn"t role over. So ns Just try it again and it starts. This has happened a couple of times in the critical 2 weeks. Anyone have a comparable problem?

Have her battery tested. Also check for loose battery terminal connections. Commonly a continuous clicking choose that way that the starter isn"t getting enough voltage.

I think i have had actually this same scenario, mine is no a clicking sound (more of an electric buzz), nor execute I think its being caused by a brief in battery or bad starter (have had actually those difficulties with larger cars). At least I hope thats no the case. My instance does not occur quiet the frequency together the OP. I have had my auto since oct and also have approx 7200 miles on it now. I have had that take place to me twice now in that time period.I am wonder if its other in the vehicle immobilizer v the key?? The buzzing seems to be comes from the steering column. HHMMM i was never ever worried about it and also I am hoping it does not reason a problem in the future.

If there"s a trouble with the immobilizer the engine will certainly still crank, it just won"t start. The immobilizer mechanism (at least it supplied to) does not affect starter engine operation.I have actually heard of a couple of people ~ above this site having that very same problem, transforming the key and obtaining a buzz, click, or nothing, then trying again a few times and also the auto comes to life. The symptoms sound comparable to that of a dead battery, yet then the car suddenly starts up fine. I have not heard of anyone actually gaining it fixed though, because it never ever happens when the dealer has actually the car.
...typical haha. Yeah ns am not too worried about it. Has actually not left me stranded...yet. *Knock top top wood*

The cable top top the positiv eside the the battery is together tight together it will go yet I can still traction it off as basic as can be? It need to be chop is there something that goes over the battery post to do it tighter or what?
The cable ~ above the positiv eside of the battery is as tight as it will certainly go yet I deserve to still traction it off as straightforward as deserve to be? It need to be chop is over there something the goes end the battery write-up to do it tighter or what?
Sounds choose you need a brand-new battery terminal. If the battery terminal is overtightened (or bring away on and off a lot) that can gain bent/stretched to the point that it can no longer properly fixed the battery post.
wow. I believed I to be the only one on this also. Mine wifes SI likewise has the same issue. It has happened 3 times since we purchased the brand new. Its one "07 w/ approx. 25,000 miles. I"m simply gonna journey this ***** till that dies.
to me the sounds favor a winding in your starter engine is shorted out, or has arisen a "dead spot". An ext and much more windings will start to quick out leading to your car to not be able to start more often which way you will need a new starter sooner or later.

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I not think so. I"ve let that sit for number of days and also it fired appropriate up. I"ve likewise played music while clean the car without the car on and it fired right up. It"ll happen one of these days again.
check the starter relay. Its well-known to be a problem on a few cars. even this...
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