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Now we space gathered below todayTo hate and to listen to what Montana gotta sayI swear friend don"t desire to angry this savage in ya placeHe"ll come and ravage wherein you staySlap bananas in the k and put them blammas in ya faceWhoo! Church is in conference this city is indigenous heavenThey want my spot, they want me dead, and want a killing confessionI"m cursed v a blessingMy job-related is superior come acquisition a lessonPlease forgive me lord, I"m ‘bout come hurt ‘em a secondPussy nigga if you scared then go to church through a weaponAnd if friend hide behind a preacher 보다 I"m murking the reverendAnd If ns make it to heaven I just hope I"m a continue to be thoughI"ll posesthe the shit up the end an angel like organize on come ya halo!Don"t go to church however I pray tho also God knows i don"t beat thoBitch i grind everyday doe, 20K was my beat doughI"m on that bread, speak to me mei rock warmth like this is mi-YayoI excellent shot niggas in they shit just call me oj MayoBut it"s Montana and also I"m ‘bout to go polo up on this beatI"ll stain yo ass and then walk showboat through yo dough increase in the streetsYou want that beef think it"s sweet? I"m a display yo ass I"m a beastBoy I"m supervisor strapped, yup I"m favor Jojo nem through the heatYeah I acquired Sheneneh and Keylolo ridin" with meThat"s two ratchets and they louder 보다 yo ho increase in the sheetsShe suck my prick real fast and also then she go slo-mo yes she a freakI drive these bitches loco, climate let ‘em pogo increase on mine DIt"s mr swag specialist ain"t a nigga fresh together thisThere ain"t nothing hotter than muah, similar to the devil"s kissI"m for this reason fucking hot, boy the devil much better be fear of thisGod flow, ya recognize heaven is whereby my level isWings increase in the sky, guy this guy is flyer 보다 PegasusI"m all about my cheddar it"s M. O. B never sweat a bitchMoney over whatever nigga, that"s what i tell a bitchJealous bitch, that money come 1st like a gold medalistMy haters watch my videos, though I"m their aggravationWhen haters see me, they constantly tell me congratulationsYou reflecting love, learning you dislike me, young that"s fabricationI understand you sick, however I"m unable to do ball similar to a cancer patientsCouldn"t host me down, don"t provide a fuck if you was gravitationLearn yo location and also rotation, work-related those calculationsRun in yo point out then get you popped, cuz ns ran the end of patienceAnd caps unable to do fly approximately this bitch as with a graduationThis shit"s exclusive, directly up the end the psychological institutionI win the track up, speak to for backup, male this shit abusiveEven his haters play the back, that"s just how you recognize he dopeLike, “holy smokes, yo Tony"s circulation just caught the holy GhostMy lines so dope if i continue, I could overdosePull out my dick, and tell my haters sign up with the rodeoIt"s funny how you remain gettin" money, but always sittin" thereThey call me the I"m goin" come hell, ns tell ‘em i been there30 bullets in mine clip and bitch they all anxious12 disciples through me nigga, and also they every gangstasJesus! actual niggas don"t frozen upAnd i ain"t worried ‘bout lock haters, i shake ‘em prefer seizuresWhen that emotion go with my body, I"m I"ll as IlluminatiI come v with that pistol, I"ll drill and then you get bodiedBoy I"m god once he angry hater choose you can"t beTill that lightning strikes and you acquire bodied then they blame meThose pigs couldn"t hang me, Narcs couldn"t tame meMoney doesn"t change me Montana quiet that very same G!Nigga they contact me the truth, goofy you deserve to see the proofI"m God son shawty, so don"t questioning me what would Jesus doSay mine name prefer Beetlejuice, bet you I lug dem heaters throughPop out prefer it"s peek-a-boo, 30 shots sent out from me come youWe all recognize shorty blow that 40 favor a fuckin" saxI acquire to clappin" at cha head, yes jumping jacksThen go change clothes n hit the road earlier to lock fuckin" stacksI money hunt, loud in the trunk just like a skunk in backI"m doin" me and making scrill to add I"m paying billsMan this dickriders never ever met me, yet they hatin" stillThey constantly blame the sexy one at any time they get killedAhhh! ns guess currently I know how Satan feelYou think girlfriend holier 보다 thou, you must be fuckin" proudYou go to church on Sunday choose you really fucking downYou think the God don"t view yo dirt? boy you a fuckin" clownYou cheat top top God like mother Mary outchea fuckin" aroundSo conserve your comments, Motherfuck her feedbackCause if God was a rapper, nigga this how he"d rapReal shit, ns breathe that I"m a fuckin" king strappedI"ll make a gangsta lean, pertained to his funeral and also sing thatI acquired angels and demons screamin" and also fiendin" cuz they feeling thisGo tell Kanye this university dropout outchea killin" shitGo call Jay-Z I gained a blueprint for that fast moneyTell Wayne and Baby that ns murder for my Cash MoneyPull as much as yo stoop nigga shootin" favor I hoop niggaAt him and it"s click clack bang clock me mute niggasCops ain"t got a clue nigga three words who did it?Laid you in that crate in the sharp ass suitAnd I gained ya niggas spooked cause they see what the fuck it doBoy Jesus couldn"t conserve himself and also you think he gone conserve you nigga?Act live, flatlines ns laid ‘em down and wet"em increase baptizeNigga i ain"t nothing brand-new to this, it"s fge we perform this shitWe it is in fly as a stewardess, but cross me prefer a crucifixI"m ago on the stupid shit, shootin" shit think thatYo faith ain"t true as thisPure typical sense, boy that"s the point that friend lackJust reason it"s released in a book, that doesn"t average it"s a factNow listen, reason man we wasn"t permitted to check out on castle plantations300 years, had my civilization growing impatientWanting to know what"s in the Bible and also they can"t take itNow allow me tell you ‘bout the arrangement of a damn racistLet"s teach this niggas love who hate ‘em therefore they can"t speak shitWhoever access time you, turn ya cheek, so they can"t face itEdit the Bible before you show it to this L7"sAnd this the shit that y"all buying? now clientele offer itYour mind, still, is a slave, that"s how they jail cell itThis is America people, I contact it Hell"s Heaven (2x)Aye, I understand y"all mad at meAnd probably call this blasphemyBut I know some Christians who tote pistolsThat a blast for me