UFC 208 welcomed a new name to the society of UFC champions, as Germaine de Randamie became the an initial champion the the women"s featherweight department in the main event at the Barclays facility in Brooklyn, new York, v a unanimous-decision success over Holly Holm. 

MMAjunkie had the last scorecards because that the new champion:


#UFC208 results: Germaine de Randamie def. Holly Holm via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) https://t.co/jThKeQQrZs https://t.co/32QBdZRNBD

The matchup between two former professional strikers promised to it is in an intriguing stand-up battle, and also it didn"t disappoint at an early stage on. De Randamie"s systematic muay thai listed an interesting comparison to Holm"s frenetic kickboxing from range.

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MMA Fighting wanted de Randamie"s sharp counterpunching come Holm"s volume and also leg kicks in the opened frame:


De Randamie 10-9. Landed difficult right hands as Holm come in many times. Holm hit some nice leg kicks. #ufc208

The devastating respond to right ongoing to it is in the weapon of an option for de Randamie in the 2nd round. The UFC denote one of countless that landed:

Despite a most clinch regulate for Holm in the 2nd round, it was when again one that was scored de Randamie. The finish of the ring did bring some controversy into the bout, as de Randamie landing a substantial right hand the was plainly after the bell.


No suggest was taken for the infraction together the activity continued in round 3, and de Randamie dominated the early on going the the round. Mockery Gross the Bleacher Report detailed some context:

Holm turned the tide in the round with a huge question note kick the knocked de Randamie down. However, controversy once again reared its head. Again de Randamie close up door the round by cram punches ~ the bell, and again there were no point out taken for the offense, every Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting.


Holm end the round strong. She gets the round. Yet GDR soil again ~ the bell ... And again no point deduction. Bizarre. 29-28 ~ 3.

While Brett Okamoto that ESPN to be praising Holm for she competitive nature, Jeff Wagenheim the the Washington Post had actually some fun with de Randamie"s after-the-bell antics:


And de Randamie is a competitor, too. She fights hard every round for the full 5:03. Https://t.co/IwBnrgfsuI

Holm"s compete nature definitely shined through. She wasn"t may be to gain de Randamie under to the ground, yet she did readjust and managed de Randamie follow me the fence while landing some heavy kicks in the stand-up.

However, it wasn"t enough, together de Randamie currently had the lead on the cards.

"I think it warrants a rematch," Holm said following the fight, per man Morgan and also Steven Marrocco the MMAJunkie.com. "When friend have more than half the civilization saying the fight should have gone the various other way, commonly that warrants a rematch. For this reason that would be awesome."

De Randamie may be the most unlikely UFC champion of every time. The dutch kickboxer came right into this bout with just three wins in the promotion, but all 3 of the adversaries she had beaten had zero an unified wins in the UFC.

Now she can include a previous champion to she resume.

Much like Holm, de Randamie has an extensive history as a skilled in an additional combat sports to supplement a currently impressive MMA resume. The 32-year-old has an extensive history in kickboxing that served as her preparation for the sport.

For de Randamie, win the belt means vindication for her decision to make the switch.

"Trust me, it will certainly solidify my career, absolutely, especially since in the past a lot of of world doubted that I could ever execute MMA," she said, per thomas Gerbasi that UFC.com. "They constantly told me, "Stick come kickboxing, stick come what you"re an excellent at." and it encouraged me a lot."

Where de Randamie—and the rest of the new women"s featherweight division—goes from here will it is in intriguing.

The department is tho in its infancy, for this reason its unclear precisely who will climb to it is in the next contender, but Cris "Cyborg" Justino clear casts a shadow on the whole division. The former Strikeforce star and current Invicta champion has been flagged for a potential violation the the USADA anti-doping policy.

That will definitely make things complex when it pertains to finally setup up a fight because that Justino versus Holm.

Still, UFC chairman Dana White appears to think that Cyborg"s problems with the USADA might be resolved.

"The drug that she had taken, she have to have immediately let USADA know around it," that said, per Steve Marrocco of MMAjunkie. "But it"s legit. She legitimately has actually these three different issues, and also that"s what that drug is provided for. The doctors are speak it, and it"s looking good for her. I favor it a lot."

If Cyborg"s concerns are in reality figured out, this likely becomes the department that is ruled by her choose Ronda Rousey rule the women"s bantamweight department from the beginning.

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Until then, de Randamie will continue to make history as the first champion the the division.