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Based on the erotic video game Zoku Hitou Meguri by Riddle Soft.Mao, who has a mystery crush on Mikio, provides up her mind and invites him to walk on a trip. The invitation gets accepted, and also at the believed of the trip just for the two she feel elated. Mikio falls asleep best after installing himself in a seat opposite Mao in the train, helplessly spoiling the sport. She broadens her expectations looking forward to upcoming events, though his seeming lack of attention dampens she ardor a bit. Despite her optimistic view, however, it turns out that her passion for Mikio only ends up arousing the sex-related desire that a guy that appears unexpectedly...(Source hentaistream.com)

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just something to suggest out first: If you carry out not choose rape or NTR in hentai, than I recommend continuing to be away native this one. Top top the various other hand, if you perform like those points for everything strange reason, then Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu is something girlfriend should check out.I say that it's NTR (a guy stealing a girl away from another guy), but the supposed main male who wake up to be the key (and only) female's larger cousin, is hardly ever before seen in these two episodes. The main emphasis is in between the man who steals the girl far (he apparently knows the girl's cousin somehow) and Mao, the woman protagonist.It starts with Mao and also her cousin going to a hot springs resort for a couple of days. Prior to getting ~ above the train, the other man (he just mentions his name when in the 2nd episode so ns forgot it) watch the 2 of them and follows lock onto the train. As soon as Mao's cousin is asleep, that sits across from her on the train and molests her. ~ that, the story is basically just the one guy complying with Mao everywhere whenever her cousin isn't around and going father and also farther with her each time until ultimately Mao start to reap the sex.The present has pretty great art, however the very first episode's sex scenes are a not an extremely interesting. As I mentioned, Mao slowly starts to obtain into the sex together it walk along, so I uncovered the later on scenes to it is in much better once Mao was really obtaining into it. Yet that's just the opinion of someone who doesn't like rape at all. The one point this show certainly has going for it is Mao. Her style is great with normal sized breasts and also a college swimsuit tan-line.Episode 1 - 3/10Episode 2 - 7/10Overall - 5/10