After the sun goes down in Myrtle coast the nights really heat up with some of the ideal nightlife on the eastern Coast! Myrtle Beach provides night clubs, dance clubs, bars and more. Shag, rock and also hip-hop deserve to all be uncovered along southern Carolina"s cool Strand!

If you"re in search of laughs friend can"t to win Myrtle Beach"s optimal comedy club, the Comedy Cabana.

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Do you want to dance? dance the night far at some of Myrtle Beach"s top nightlife attractions!

What"s next after a day relaxing on the coast or playing at among the many good attractions in Myrtle Beach? gain ready for a night on the town! You"ll find many beach clubs in Myrtle Beach giving live entertainment, dancing and also more.


9588 N monarchs Hwy Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 843-449-HAHA

Myrtle beach offers much more than just fun in the sun, that offers many laughter too! The Comedy Cabana is Myrtle Beach"s own 5-Star Comedy society that"s open up all year! The Comedy Cabana functions local talent too as huge names prefer Jimmy "JJ" Walker, Lewis Black and also more. Friend won"t desire to miss any of the laughs in ~ The Comedy Cabana.

You must be 18 or older come attend however 16 and 17 year old"s are permitted with a parental or guardian.

The Comedy Cabana is situated at 9588 North queens Highway just north the The Carolina Opry and south that Barefoot Landing. The Comedy Cabana is near to many of the grand Strands finest hotels like the Marriott will & Spa in ~ Grande Dunes and also the oceanfront Hilton Myrtle beach Resort!


920 Lake Arrowhead Rd Myrtle coast SC 877-662-0016

Since 1980 Myrtle beach vacationers have enjoyed Grand Strand nightlife at the 2001 entertain complex. Voted finest of the coast by reader of the Myrtle Beach sunlight News, 2001 supplies two interesting clubs all under one roof.

Open Wednesday with Saturday indigenous 8 afternoon until, following Level functions live bands starting at 9:30 pm. DJ"s heat the group up prior to the live band performs and later on they keep the party going every night through Motown, soul, funk and also beach music.

At society Touch you"ll uncover a state-of-the-art video, sound, and light system. Reap the pulse pounding music as you dance the night away on more than 6,000 square feet the multi-level run floors. With wall surface to wall surface bars and also electrifying VJ"s to save the party alive with a range of music consisting of top 40, disco and hip-hop, club Touch in ~ 2001 is the music and video hot point out in Myrtle Beach. Club Touch is open up Thursday v Saturday from 9:30 pm until.

2001 is located simply off Highway 17, just minutes indigenous the beach and also close to many of the area"s finest hotels such together Embassy Suites Oceanfront will Hotel and the beachfront Dayton residence Resort.


1320 Celebrity circle Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 843-444-8032

Revolutions Retro Club, one of the sexy clubs in downtown Myrtle Beach, is situated in Celebrity Square in ~ Broadway in ~ the Beach and features the finest dance music indigenous the 70"s, 80"s, 90"s and today!

Located in the heart of Broadway at the Beach"s Celebrity Square, changes is open up nightly indigenous Tuesday with Saturday and offers several of the ideal dancing in Myrtle Beach. Doors open up at 8pm and also anyone over 21 is welcome.

Broadway at the coast is located near numerous of Myrtle Beach"s peak hotels including Camelot through the Sea and also the Patricia cool Resort Hotel.


110 nine Ave N Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 843-626-3445

Located just 50 yards indigenous the beach The Bowery has actually been to chat visitors and also locals alike due to the fact that 1944. Supergroup Alabama (Wild Country) performed together The Bowery"s residence band for seven summers ago in the 70"s.

The tradition continues, so visit The Bowery, seize a cold one and also kick earlier at the bar to listen to some good live music.

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The Bowery is situated on s Boulevard in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach.