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Chapter Two"" a an excellent you spent some time functioning out prior to you come here. Girlfriend think your best bet is to be:" A true hero. That" more important 보다 anything. *Hero- A villain everyone loves to hate. *Villain- A cutthroat strategist - I" not below to do friends, I" here to win. *Ruthless Strategist- A faithful ally and team player. *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally- A floater, staying under the radar through befriending everyone. *Popular Floater/Underdog Floater" is almost out the door - which means you have one shot to acquire yourself top top the show.- Ask for the opportunity to prove myself together a hero. *Hero- Curse Rexford out. *Villain- explain to Rexford why I" it is in an asset for the show. *Ruthless Strategist- Suck approximately Rexford - it" time to begin making allies, even ones behind the camera. *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally- allow Rexford know you" do everything he wants if you do it on the show. *Popular Floater/Underdog Floater""" acquire started, then. What" her goal for joining The Hero Project?"" " want to serve as one Infini function model to assist lessen publicly fear." *Hero- " want the people to see just how powerful I" end up being as an Infini Powered." *Villain- "" simple: to win." *Ruthless Strategist- " desire to work with the finest heroes, and also learn native them." *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally- " make as many new heroic friends as possible." *Popular Floater/Underdog FloaterChapter ThreeNote: part players may not have to make these options in the Semi Finals." have to make a move, now. And also as you collection into motion, you an alert a camera orb swivel to capture your decision, reminding girlfriend to always consider her strategy carefully. In here, every action will it is in judged and credited." Nothing rather matters other than being the hero come take down The Crush. Usage my most powerful blast to avoid him. (Power price 15) *Hero- use my atom strength to make certain those missiles take the end as countless other contestants together possible, climate shield myself come secure the key. (Power cost 24) *Villain- Jenny deserve to handle herself - gain to among those other key pathways i scoped the end earlier. *Ruthless Strategist- use my gravity Powers to make sure Jenny gets the missile key without gaining blown to bits. (Power cost 10) *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally- make it seem favor I" helping Jenny, but really look out for myself. *Popular Floater/Underdog Floater"" running the end - what do you do?" assist the wounded girl since it" the ideal thing to do. *Hero- stealing the an essential out native under the brawling girls, no matter how poor it renders you look. *Villain- Unleash my atomic Infini strength to get the vital in the building block tower, also if there" a possibility it may hurt various other heroes. (Power price 20) *Ruthless Strategist- help the wounded girl to gain much more allies. *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally- Fly right into the wind tube to see if ns can discover the crucial in there. *Popular Floater/Underdog FloaterChapter FourStrategy type Named & ResetChapter Five" looks prefer you have a big choice come make, one that might aid or pains your liked strategy." aid with Null" investigation. *Hero- do a scene to insult anyone else and get as much camera time as possible. *Villain- Make sure I talk to Rexford so that he" stay on my side together a producer and a judge. *Ruthless Strategist- Mingle to build relationships through the other contestants. *Loyal Underdog/Popular Ally/Popular Floater/Underdog Floater" execute you desire to talk to, learning that 2 camera orbs already hover behind girlfriend to capture footage because that the following episode?" The amateurs gather together in the center of the room. Lucky, Wintry, Mach Girl, and Johnny Biscotti every huddle together, feather a little bit overwhelmed. *Loyal Underdog/Underdog Floater- The most famous heroes stand together in a group around the corner, cut themselves turn off from the remainder of the party. I recognize Black Magic, Jury, Inherit, Fumble, phase Show, and also Tarana Rain (who probably is over there just since her parents are significant MC strength players). *Popular Ally/Popular Floater"", what" it gonna be?" happy asks." It" perfect - these are precisely the heroes I desire to it is in teaming increase with. *Loyal Underdog- I" join any kind of alliance I" invited as well - that won" necessarily dictate my loyalty, though. *Underdog Floater" just how do girlfriend feel around this invitation?" It" perfect - these are exactly the heroes I want to it is in teaming up with. *Popular Ally- I" join any type of alliance I" invited too - it won" necessarily dictate mine loyalty, though. *Popular FloaterChapter Six" looks roughly the hangar and you can currently tell that Fumble is going come volunteer. What do you think?" Volunteer to be field Captain since I" the best hero because that the job. *Hero/Loyal Underdog/Popular Floater- do a scene, no issue what. *Villain- Don" volunteer - I know leaders are constantly penalized the many on these reflects if a team loses. *Ruthless Strategist- display support because that Fumble" bid. *Popular Ally/Underdog Floater"" got to make a speak to now, before you lose control of this instance even more." conserve lives, due to the fact that it" the right thing come do. *Hero- prevent Culic so the you deserve to outshine everyone else and also save the day. *Villain- stop Culic since that" what the producers and judges want. *Ruthless Strategist- Save resides to stick v Lucky, Mach Girl, and Wintry.

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*Loyal Underdog/Popular Floater- protect against Culic come stick v Fumble and Stage Show. *Popular Ally/Underdog Floater