Looking for a Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt walkthrough to aid you traverse NetherRealm’s gory labyrinth? each room features puzzles that call for you to fetch items native other locations to solve and also there are plenty of covert paths come uncover. Likewise littered transparent Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt space a slew the chests that each require various approaches to unlock. You’ll should douse one-of-a-kind Flaming Chests, and also Shao Kahn’s Chests will call for anything indigenous 100 come 250 hearts, because that example.

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Another way to open chests is by making use of Koins, and you can expect come spend in between 1,000 to 15,000 the the fictional money on lock – or have to that be Kurrency? soul Vaults require 100 Soul fragments to unlock and also are identified by their green appearance.

Much prefer Mortal Kombat 10, the Krypt is additionally stuffed with unlockable Konsumables, Brutalities, gear, Kosmetics, and also even fatalities. It’s worth noting, however, the the contents and also locations of a locked chest is random. As NetherRealm explains, any two players that unlock all the chests will certainly walk away v the exact same rewards but will have derived those rewards from different locations. So, while us can’t call you just how to gain to each chest and what it may contain, we have the right to still explain how you have the right to progress to new areas and rooms.

Unfortunately, there’s currently aMortal Kombat 11 Krypt bugin the video game that results the Kenshi’s Blindfold item. Essentially, you’re supposed to usage the item to the price of soul Fragments, but players are reporting their currency going past zero right into the negatives. A resolve is however to come, and also we’ll upgrade you when it does.On the bright side, the devshave climbed theMortal Kombat 11 fps capin the Krypt indigenous 30 come 60, for this reason you can enjoyexploring this morbid maze in every its gooey splendour.Now that whatever has to be laid out, here’s a swift walkthrough of all the areas we’ve uncovered in the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt for this reason far.

Mortal Kombat 11 walkthrough

Palace Entrance

After the opened cutscene operation its course, you’ll an alert two chests in prior of you. This two space freebies and should prize you v 50,000 Koins and 100 Hearts, each. As soon as you open up them, a big gate have to swing open in prior of you, and also Shao Kahn’s Hammer will certainly be visible upon an transform – choose it up as it’ll allow you to break down cracked walls, i m sorry will open up up brand-new locations for you.

Right behind the area wherein you choose up the hammer, girlfriend should notice a half-broken gate. Rest it down and head to the Courtyard.



Once you’re in the courtyard, head to the left side and you should spot a breakable wall surface next come the blue glow Kronika’s Time Vault.

You need to see a huge ol’ gong – offer it a whack through your hammer, and you’ll unlock a new gate in the courtyard, together with an accomplishment. Head earlier to the main courtyard come the recently opened gate to with the Forge.


As the name suggests, you deserve to craft assorted items in the Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt Forge, yet for that, you’ll need ingredients we don’t have. If you’re curious, however, then you can inspect out our MK11 forge recipes guide. Anyway, take it the course to the best that leads to the hill Pass, and also you’ll find yourself at the Shrine.



There are miscellaneous things you have the right to do here. For the completionists, you can pick up the ‘Gimme documents Money’ success if you invest 50,000 Koins. As well as that, you can win crucial items essential to unlock an ext rooms alongside crafting materials.

But, first, head to the ideal to trigger a cutscene whereby a meteorite comes crashing down – stop it come pieces and also you’ll obtain the Gem that the Living. As soon as you’re done, head come the left of the Meteorite and down the stairs, and you have to find an additional gong. Hitting it gifts you 25,000 Koins and also opens a gate that’ll take you earlier to the central Courtyard.

As a next note, if you’ve gained the Blue Amulet native a random chest, you deserve to use it on the damaged statue to obtain Raiden’s Staff.

Warrior Shrine

If you leave the Shrine at the North allude of the map, you’ll involved an area dubbed the Warrior Shrine. Right here you’ll find the head of every fighter in the video game with a chest in prior of them – although they space ‘locked’ will show up at first. Come unlock them you’ll need to hop the end of the Krypt and also perform 50 fatalities or brutalities on any type of given fighter in the Towers that Time setting to unlock their head. As soon as you have one, come earlier and put it top top their corresponding pike.

The Courtyard

Head back to the area whereby you struggle the first gong, and you need to see a door to the left of that that will certainly open once you have the Gem the the Living. Head with the opened up door, and also you’ll discover yourself in the Gardens.



Head over the bridge, and destroy the wooden barricade to your left. Head on through right into the new room, and also you should find another room v a lever. Pull it to open the appropriate gate, and behind it, you’ll discover the Cracked Horn of Motaro.

Now for part backtracking, head to the Meteorite crash site and approach the big door that’s straight in former of it. Place the Cracked Horn that Motaro inside of it, and you’ll gain accessibility to the Courtyard Cave.

Courtyard Cave

You won’t be below long, head ~ above through and also pull the lever on the elevator to gain to Goro’s Lair.


Goro’s Lair

There are miscellaneous rooms in Goro’s Lair, and also each of them has puzzles to solve. To do a start, monitor the route straight ahead and a cutscene will certainly trigger.

Now that’s excellent with, let’s begin with the room come the right. In ~ the finish of this path, you’ll reach an area filled through jail cells whereby you can find Kenshi Takashi’s Blindfold, which allows you peek into the spirit realm to see concealed loot and much more breakable walls. Execute keep in mind though that using this article consumes spirit Fragments. To gain out, usage the blindfold, and also you must see a destructible wall surface on the next of the room the you can hit v your hammer.

Now you’re in the clear, head back to Goro’s Throne and take the route slightly come the right that must take you straight up and also behind the throne. Monitor this path, and also you should uncover the Scorpion’s Spear, which allows you grab out of reach objects and also corpses.


Now let’s tackle the course left come Goro’s Throne. If you use the chains on the walls along the way, girlfriend should have the ability to open the gate – this brings you to a big dining hall. Do your way upstairs and you’ll find one more gate on your ideal that you can open with the chain top top the adjacent wall. Head through and you’ll discover an elevator you can use. Once at the top, follow the route until you’re greeted v a grizzly cutscene that a guy falling top top a team of spikes. Prey the poor chap’s corpse for Ermac’s Amulet that Souls, which gifts you the capacity to invest souls on eco-friendly pots for 100 each. You can likewise use it come repair details objects favor the leg by the Forge. To gain out the this area, departure the means you came in.

Also, if you choose up Raiden’s Shattered employee from before, you can open a door under the left path from the Torture Halls. Once you’re in, evade the swinging traps and also open the 20,000 Koin chest to uncover the Dragon Amulet Keystone, which you deserve to use to open the door in the mountain Pass simply past the Forge.

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Now the you have equipped yourself through some new toys, it’s time to head back to the start of Goro’s Lair and open the door the stands there. To do this you’ll require the mental of One Being, heart of the One Being, and the love of the One Being. Climate you’ll have to leave the Krypt and head into either Klassic Towers or Towers of Time and also perform ten fatalities, ten brutalities, and ten mercies in Tower challenges. When you’ve done the you have the right to head right into the vault to find a chest that takes a stonking 80,000 Koins to open. As soon as you have the funds, open up it to receive the love of Blaze. We need that later to settle the puzzle in The Sacrifice – much more on the in a moment.

Kytinn Hive

While we’re in the area, we can visit our an initial Kytinn Hive by taking the appropriate path from the Torture Halls. You’ll uncover a big ol’ spider ~ above patrol that will light you on fire must you cross him – unless you kill him v your hammer, first. Once that’s done you’ll get a unique Character Skin because that D’vorah. The key thing you want to do right here is to keep pummeling the various other spiders until one autumn a special build item called the Ensorcelled Eye the a Dragon, i m sorry we’ll need later on to forge a an essential Item.


The Sacrifice

Back to the Heart the Blaze item that’s burning a hole in her pocket – let’s placed it to use. Head back to the Courtyard and then come the Warrior’s Shrine where you deserve to head down some stairs listed below the statues. If you’re here you can gain access to the Shao Kahn chest that’s behind the busted gate. Usage your blindfold to see that the broken chains space still undamaged when perceived in the various other realm.

After that, head under the route behind the chest to get to The Sacrifice. You’ll see the body of three Monks placed on a pyre in between three large statues and also two locked chests. Pull the lever, and also a big cage will reduced – placed the love of Blaze in it once prompted. ~ that, traction the lever to progressive the cage and the Heart ago up and strike it with Scorpion’s chain come ignite it. That means you’ll it is in able to accessibility both chests.

The Dojo

Head earlier up come the statues and look because that a little alcove, which should be to the ideal of the door come Goro’s Lair. Placed your Blindfold on, and you need to spot a weak clues in the wall that’ll lead you come the Dojo.

Once you’re done with the various chests in this area, walk to the gate and pull the lever to open a new path, which will certainly net friend 1,000 Koins and also 10 heart Fragments.

Second Courtyard

As friend exit, look at the wall opposite the Dojo gate, placed on your blindfold, and also you should see one more section that the weak wall. Break this open up will reveal an additional cave that goes behind the central Courtyard.

As you leave the Dojo, look at the wall surface opposite the gate to the Dojo, and put on your Blindfold. You’ll an alert the wall surface is cracked, which way it deserve to be broken into. You’ll uncover a small number of chests scattered throughout this cave alongside a chain that’ll raise a door – this allows you head back to the main courtyard. There’s also another door that’ll result in an area that requires the Dragon Amulet to unlock. If you have actually it, you have the right to use the to open the door in ~ the hill Pass, i beg your pardon will open this gate to the rest of the Courtyard Cave. From here, we deserve to head right into the second Kytinn Hive.

Second Kytinn Hive

Head come the bottom that the pit previous the Dragon Door, and you’ll come throughout a sealed gate that needs the completion of a puzzle for it to open. Check the three rock wheels and also levers and also pull ‘em until you see 3 slots – each of these call for three specific an essential items:

Kronika’s Amulet: donate 1,000 Koins to the big Shrine just past the mountain Pass.Shinnok’s Amulet: This needs three items that’s crafted at the Forge. You’ll require a random reward referred to as the Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart, the Ensorcelled Dragon’s Eye – acquired by death spiders in the Kytinn Hive, and the Ensorcelled Gem the Trapped Souls – a prize for opened the soul Vault in the Dead Woods that calls for 10,000 Souls. This take away a while, to placed it mildly.Cetrion’s Amulet: head ago to the Towers that Time and finish off Cetrion through 50 fatalities. Once you have actually her head, do your method over to the Warrior’s Shrine and put the on the pike in former of she bust.

Once every these space in place, you’ll gain 5,000 Koins for your efforts and accessibility to a brand-new area stuffed with chests and also other rewards.

Shang Tsung’s Throne Room

This one is a little of a grind, however it walk lead us to the end of ours walkthrough. Psychic the Warrior’s Shrine? You’ll want to head over there and place the, well, head of each fighter onto their particular pike. Come jog her memory, girlfriend can gain those domes by performing 50 fatalities on each fighter in the Towers that Time or Klassic Towers. Obtaining ten will provide you access to Shang Tsung’s Throne Room, 15 heads will provide you accessibility to his very first treasure cache, and 25 will let you right into his other treasure cache. This is precious doing as you’ll choose up rare items indigenous the treasure chests, such as intros and victory animations because that each character.

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And there you have actually it, our Mortal Kombat 11 Krypt walkthrough so far – from the Shrine come the Forge. We’ll be sure to upgrade this list with new rooms we find and tweak noþeles that alters with any patching.