01. Introduction: “Have you ever remained in a Turkish prison?”02. Unified Airlines 737-900/ER economy class San Diego come Chicago (ORD)03. Turkish airlines 777-300/ER exit row economy course Chicago (ORD) come Istanbul04. Turkish airline A321 leave row economy class Istanbul come Vienna05. Moxy Hotel, Vienna Airport06. Figuring out just how to usage the Vienna CAT train07. Austrian service Class Lounge, VIE08. Austrian airlines 777-200 organization class Vienna to Los Angeles

2018 is shaping up to be one of my busiest take trip years ever (it’s all noted on my trip log), and also I’m getting to the point now wherein I’m beginning to shed track of all of the trips i have taken end the past 8 months or so. The a quiet Wednesday afternoon below at home as i sit under to create this development (roughly 3 weeks ~ I went back from this expedition to Austria) and also I can feel a migraine comes on as I try to recall specifically how it all came together in the very first place.

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*A short three-minute pause while holding my head in my hands in complete silence*

Backtracking through dusty storage in stimulate to i found it the specific collection of occasions that lead up to the production of this itinerary no easy, especially knowing that my cat was sitting next to me paying very close attention to how motionless and also mute ns was. The longer I sat there in silence, the much more irritated she became, pissed off that ns had finally kicked the bucket and that her primary resource of food was gone. Every you cat owner out over there know precisely how major of a case this is. If the cat ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! thankfully I managed to number it every out before things acquired sketchy.

Don’t be fooled by those cute small eyes. She gets moody as soon as there’s a possibility of gift denied food!

The only real requirement I had actually for this trip was the I want to go somewhere overseas. Company class or economy class didn’t really matter, specifically now that ns don’t have a full-time day job and also the deluxe of being able to spend frivolously on travel, for this reason finding the ideal deal possible was also very important. Ns should also mention the Asia and also Australia were my main choices, yet I was pretty much open to anything and also willing to go wherever I might find a good deal.

The an initial thing ns did was to check organization class award availability across a multitude that airlines through ExpertFlyer, and I was really bummed out to check out that over there wasn’t much available for mid august (the time the I want to perform this trip). There was absolutely no award space to Australia, and it was slim pickings to Asia as well. Much to mine surprise, ns did uncover a handful of amazing flights to and also from Europe – which to be unexpected given that pretty much every one of Europe is ~ above vacation throughout the month that August and also it’s typically the many expensive time come head end there.

Something that recorded my eye best off the bat was an Austrian Airlines trip from Vienna to Los Angeles. ExpertFlyer was reflecting a lone service class seat on one particular day, at the “saver” level – meaning that it was a standard-priced award, obtainable for a mere 70k united MileagePlus points. I scooped that up as fast as i could and used that together the baseline because that the remainder of the trip. That settled it – ns was going come Vienna!

Finding a trip to acquire me to Vienna verified to be a bit an ext difficult. As tough as i tried, ns couldn’t find any kind of business course awards because that a reasonable redemption rate that fit in ~ that exact same time frame. However, I finished up learning that Turkish airline was having a really great sale going on and also I was able to gain a smashingly good economy class deal from mountain Diego to Vienna via Chicago and also Istanbul. I’ve always wanted to shot Turkish Airlines, for this reason this became perfect.

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On a side note, is there anyone else who can’t hear words “Turkish” there is no thinking about the movie Airplane! movie quotes and Joey’s visit come the cockpit?

The fact that ns watched that movie at least 100 times in between the time as soon as I to be 12 and also 18 have to make that no surprise that it’s one of my favorites and also that I have actually it completely memorized. Yeah, it’s pretty lot etched into my brain permanently from all those viewings, and I’m absolutely encouraged that there’s an “Airplane!” quote for practically every instance in life.

Here’s my complete itinerary because that this expedition to Austria:

Those the you payment extra close fist will notice that the last UA 737 segment native LAX to mountain is not included in the perform of write-ups / reviews because that this trip report collection at the optimal of the page. I chose to skip it! sorry – I’ve currently written much too many reviews the UA 737 service in between LAX and SAN (here, here, and here), and I think i have pretty lot covered whatever there is to know about that experience. Especially because that specific flight was a close to carbon-copy of the time I did the after my Emirates pilgrimage to and from Dubai. It was the exact same time that day, very same weather, virtually the very same seat, etc. Don’t concern though – if you reach the finish of the VIE-LAX review and also you feel favor you need the closure of reading around the LAX-SAN leg, simply go ago and check out that various other one from the Dubai trip. You’ll obtain 99% of the yes, really experience!

Anyway, forcing myself come sit down and paper very particular details around my trips calls for a ton that dedication and commitment, and I’m not going come lie once I to speak that sometimes (like today) that feels choose a crappy chore. However you know what? If ns didn’t take the moment to sit down and write this every out, it would certainly be squeezed out of my lobes by useless info such together the entire script from a specific movie about a Boeing 707 that sounded like a propeller plane. If just I could remember what the location was?

Thanks as constantly for adhering to along ~ above my quest to paper (and archive) my travel experiences here on jamesmerse.com! This trip to Vienna kicks off in simply a few days with a thrilling (that’s entirely clickbait) quick hop from san Diego to Chicago on a joined Airlines 737–900/ER…