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Have your sim go to the Park, click your sim, it will pull up two options "practice Tai Chi" and also "reach nirvana". The takes twelve hours to complete.

Thanks soooooooooo much it to be so useful I"m trying to obtain two of mine sims to date and also I can"t complete the job until ns get all of the work done.

Enter girlfriend Park with a sim(must it is in an Adult). Click on your Sims body and also it will come up with 2 options- "Practise Tai Chi" because that 1 hour or "Reach nirvana" for 12 hours. Click Reach Nirvana. They will pull the end a rug and stand on whilst relocating their hands around. I carry out hope this helped. I was stuck on this goal because that a while.

One of her Sims need to go to the Park , then you have to tap ~ above your sim it climate comes up two options "practise Tai Chi" and also "reach nirvana" insanity "reach nirvana" it takes 12 hours hope ns helped

Well you go to the Park you need to have a center then you press on her Sims body and also you will discover 2 alternatives one is practice Tai Chi for 1 hr and 1 that says reach nirvana for 12 hrs and also press on reach nirvana enjoy

Just go to the Park and also click your center then there. If girlfriend don"t want to Wait because that 12 hours just walk to your setting and adjust the day to the next day or the time.

Go right into the Park and click top top your sim ( needs to be one Adult ) . There will be to options which popular music up that will certainly say practise Tai Chi for hour or reach nirvana because that 12 hours. Once you have actually clicked with nirvana your sim will roll open up a mat and will lay the on the ground. Once they have rolled it on the ground lock will relocate their hands around. Ns hope this assisted xx

When you get to the Park just speak to your center over and click on it. Two new options will certainly appear. These options are with Nirvana or exercise Tai Chi. The exercise tai chi option takes an hour while reach Nirvana takes 12 hours. Make sure you click the 12 hour one or girlfriend wont complete the Mission. How this assisted ;)



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