Welcome ago to another episode that Harvest Moon: irradiate of expect guide. On this page, we room going to talk about some difficulties related come mining and also ores.

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Mining is a really important activity because you can acquire ores and refine them right into gems for sale to obtain a many money, provided to repair buildings and also upgrade her tools.

Also, there will certainly be a quest where girlfriend are compelled to get one of the ores native the mine. The most necessary thing is you have actually to obtain a Hammer first.

Ok, so below goes...

How to acquire a Hammer in Harvest Moon: light of Hope

I assume you"ve currently unlocked the hill area after you placed the 2nd Stone tablet computer in the Lighthouse. Once you very first enter this area, friend will meet Naomi and Sally.

Naomi will provide you a map that Beacon"s island the not just serves as directions, however you can additionally see the location of the villagers in real-time.

Besides, they additionally recommend friend to repair the mine in development rather than various other buildings.

So, the very first thing you must do is repair a bridge (there is a broken rock tablet in former of this bridge) the leads you to the main area that the Mountain.

There, friend will find Gus" house (Gus" Smithy) and the mine. Repair both that them.

Repair the bridge

Materials: Softwood hardwood 5xCost: 600 G

Repair the Gus"s Smithy

Materials: Softwood timber 20xCost: 500 G

Repair the mine
Materials: Softwood lumber 10xCost: 500 G

After fix Gus" Smithy, there will certainly be an event where you fulfill Melanie (Gus"s granddaughter) if girlfriend visit the mountain area the next day. She"s thankful come you because you have been repaired to she grandfather"s house.

Next, you will certainly be request to uncover Gus by Melanie, discover him in front of the mine. Then, you will certainly be inquiry by Gus to find anIron Oreinside the mine (found a lot in ~ level 5-6). For that purpose, you will certainly be loaned a Hammer through him.

After perfect this quest and bring ago Gus to his home, he will ask you to keep the Hammer the he offered before.

Now you have actually a Hammer for mining and smashing some rocks. Gus also can upgrade your tools and refine ores right into gems because that you.

Harvest Moon: light of Hope: simple Mining

You are compelled to crush/destroy the absent (ore) appearing in every room of the mine to gain different varieties of ores. Next, you need to discover a ladder to go under to the following level.

The deeper friend dig, then the an ext oreyou can get will be an ext expensive. Every time you effectively pass 5 floors that the mine, there will be acheckpoint thereafter, and also later to come at level 100.

This is very useful if you desire to get into the mine again, so friend don"t have to mine indigenous the beginning, yet you can start native the checkpoint room.

But save in mind the if you leave and also enter the mine in a quick time there is no going under to one more floor, you will lose about 2 hours.

From level 1 come 30, the color of the ore still black and you can use Gus"sHammerto damage them.

From level 31 to 60, the color of the ore i do not care orange. You need anExpert Hammerto damage them.

From level 61 to 100, the ores will be blue. You require Master"s Hammer to damage them.

Note: Level = Floor.

How to reach Level 100 Mines in Harvest Moon: irradiate of Hope


To walk that, I used the very same tricks in Harvest Moon: seeds of Memories.

But there is a difference, in SoM you can use Save/Load trick, while in the Harvest Moon: irradiate of expect you can"t execute that. We"re greatly facilitated by the existence of checkpoints, as I"ve explained above.

In essence, I call these tip "3 x 3 or 4 x 4 plots". So, if there are any ores in the 3 x 3(9) or 4 x 4 (16) radius squares, then the ladder to the following floor will certainly not it is in there.


But if in the 3 x 3 or 4 x 4-radius over there are no ores in ~ all, then the ladder have to be within the radius the it. So, just dig that area, begin from near the wall surface and relocate to the center of the room.

The 3 x 3 trick started to be provided for level 6 upwards, when the 4 x 4 trick, can be supplied for mine level 51 and also above.

If you upgrade the basic starting hoe, it will be easier and also faster because that you to uncover the ladder to the following floor.

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Don"t forget to lug some food to reclaim your stamina, I suggest you bring some bread, milk, egg, or other cooked food the can give you a many stamina.

The finish List the Ores and also Gems in Harvest Moon: irradiate of Hope

Below room the ores native mining and also what if that refined additional on Gus:

Ore Price polished to Price
Stone 1 G Material Stone 60 G
Glass Material 5 G Glass 60 G
Iron Ore 5 G Iron 150 G
Bronze Ore 10 G Bronze 150 G
Silver Ore 20 G Silver 400 G
Gold Ore 50 G Gold 600 G
Mithril Ore 60 G Mithril 700 G
Orichalcum Ore 70 G Orichalcum 700 G
Adamantite Ore 100 G Adamantite 900 G
Agate Ore 50 G Agate 900 G
Jade Ore 50 G Jade 900 G
Fluorite Ore 50 G Fluorite 1250 G
Opal Ore 50 G Opal 1250 G
Crystal Ore 50 G Crystal 1500 G
Peridot Ore 70 G Peridot 1500 G
Moonstone Ore 70 G Moonstone 1800 G
Onyx Ore 70 G Onyx 2000 G
Topaz Ore 70 G Topaz 2000 G
Amethyst Ore 70 G Amethyst 2000 G
Ruby Ore 100 G Ruby 2400 G
Emerald Ore 100 G Emerald 2600 G
Shappire Ore 100 G Shappire 3000 G
Diamond Ore 200 G G Diamond 3000 G
Pink Diamond Ore 200 G Pink Diamond 4000 G
Soul Gem Ore 300 G Soul Gem 5000 G