Here space all the contests and festivals in Harvest Moon: light of Hope because that Switch, PS4, Android. You should read this if you desire to join and win it!

There are some amazing contests and festivals in Harvest Moon: light of hope (LoH).

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Contests space a collection of competitions v the villagers. If you victory a contest, girlfriend will become quite renowned in the town. The difficulty of the contest is separated into number of types: Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced Class.

While Festivals room a collection of occasions that have the right to increase the friendship point out of who you like significantly. Some festivals can also be claimed to be dating events, such as Fireworks Festival, Starry Night Festival, and also Harvest Festival.

There are additionally festivals which only forced to gift the "something" come villagers, such as autumn Festival, Flower Festival, and also others.

List the Contests and Festivals in Harvest Moon: light of Hope

Here are the explanation of every the contests and also festivals, exactly how to enter and win them:

Fishing Contest

The fishing dispute will be hosted on the fifth of every season. Sam will involved your house on this dispute day. Then, you have to talk to Sam in ~ the plaza from 10:00 to be to 4:00 pm to go into this contest.

In this contest, friend are forced to catch fish as lot as feasible in the time range I pointed out above.

The enlarge the fish you catch, the more points you gain will be.

How come win:Start in ~ 10 AM and immediately go to the Beach.Don"t waste her time to speak with other villagers.

Cooking Contest

The food preparation contest will be organized on the 20th the Spring and also Fall. You have to speak to Bastian at 10:00 to be at Beacon town Plaza to start this contest. After ~ that, girlfriend must provide him your finest dish to win this contest.

Tip to win:Cook with better quality ingredients relying on the difficulty.

Fireworks Festival


The fireworks festival will certainly be hosted on Summer 25. Long prior to that date, Rowan will come to your house to call you around this festival and also advise you come invite someone. Simply invite a girl or boy you like.

When the festival bring away place. Friend are forced to come to the beach at 7:00 afternoon to see fireworks together.

Flower Festival

The flower festival will be organized on feather 10. If you give the villager"s favourite flower, your friendship will boost significantly.

List the Villager"s favourite flower top top the Flower Festival:Cyril: Yellow/White DahliaDean: Red rose CarnationEdmond: Yellow Pansy/Yellow DahliaGareth: ViolaElise: Yellow TulipJeanne: Pink CarnationMelanie: Pink Carnation/White RoseNova: clear RedTabitha: clear RedDoc: Blue RoseGus: violet PansyBastian: Yellow PansySam: Pink Dahlia / Pink PansyCarol: Pink PansyNaomi: Pink RoseSofia: Yellow TulipSally: White TulipMichael: SunflowerHarvest God: Blue RoseHarvest Goddess: Pink DahliaGorgan: clear RedRowan: SunflowerBlossom: Pink DahliaFlint: clear RedDewy: Blue RoseWoody: SunflowerCalvin: Red RoseOliver: Viola

Note:Most of the villagers will certainly still respond come "music notes" once you provide the over flowers throughout the festival. Due to the fact that there is a bug, the advice from Tabitha is no 100% correct.

Dog gyeongju Contest


The dog race contest will be hosted on the 20th of Summer and also Winter. You must talk come Naomi indigenous 10:00 to be to 4:00 PM at the beach to join this contest.

In this contest, you and also your dog will certainly race versus dog from various other villagers, anyone that finishes very first with his/her dog will be the winner.

Friendship with your dog substantially affects to victory the race. The smarter and also clever dog will constantly follow you during the race.

How to win:Increase the friendship point out of her dog.Don"t leave your dog behind.If her dog start not complying with you throughout the race, protect against running, and point your character to the right dealing with your dog.

Harvest Moon Festival

The festival will certainly be held on autumn 15. You can invite a girl or boy you like to rise his/her FP.

On the job of the festival takes place, you will be forced to monitor someone you invite in ~ 5:00 PM. The girl/boy you invited previously will pick you up at home.

At this Festival, friend will view the complete moon with a girl/boy you choose on the height of the mountain.

Fall Festival

The fall festival will be held on autumn 30. If you give food/crops grown in the loss to a girl or boy you have the right to marry, your friendship point out will increase significantly.

List of villager"s favourite gift at loss Festival:Cyril: MushroomDean: PotatoEdmond: BlueberryGabriel: WatermelonGareth: Hot/Green pepperElise: TomatoJeanne: AsparagusMelanie: CeleryNova: StrawberryTabitha: Pumpkin

Starry Night Festival

This festival will certainly be held on Winter 25. Like any other dating festival, invite a girl or young you love to boost his/her FP. Girlfriend will view the sky full of stars with each other at night.

New Year Eve

A Festival to celebrate the new year. Hosted every feather 1. Don"t forget come say "happy brand-new year" come everyone!

As a next note, you more than likely will not see few of the over contests and festivals if you haven"t repaired the villager"s dwellings that make them return to Beacon Island.

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That"s the finish List of Contests and Festivals in Harvest Moon: irradiate of Hope. Thanks for analysis this article.

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