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Pocket guide to the identification of very first Editions -Sixth EditionBill McBride. Paperback 2000 very useful small book. Publishers eachhavetheir own method of identify the first edition (or an ext correctly -first printing) of any book lock produce. This tiny book lists most publishers anduses a streamlined code system based upon the author"s experiencehandling actual first editions.

Pointsof concern : A Compendium of points of worry of publications by 19th-20thCenturyAuthors. Bill McBride. Paperback 1996. An additional pocket-sizedcompanionto the Guide provided above, it"s also really useful. This is a list ofspecificbooks which have actually details (points that issue) that identify a firstedition .

FirstEditions : A guide to Identification- Edward N Zempel (Editor).Hardcover fourth Edition (November 2001). More expensive but much easiertoread 보다 the McBride books, this is a compilation that publishersactual statementsabout their methods of identifying very first editions. Covers virtually 1700tradeand academic publishers in the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, AustraliaandNew Zealand. For every bibliophiles. BookFinds,3rd Edition: exactly how to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare publications IanC.Ellis.Paperback 2006. A good very first hand account of publication buying and also bookscouting. The writer drops a the majority of names, however the publication is one enjoyableread. "The used and collectible book market divides into threerelativelyneat categories: analysis copy, antiquarian, and modern an initial edition..." TheHome-BasedBookstore: start Your Own service Selling Used publications onAmazon, eBay or your Own internet Site Steve Weber. Paperback 2005.A supervisor book, one of the best rated books by Amazon readers regarding selling books on-line. A "musthave". " ... Marketing used books on the internet is among the greatestopportunities available to small entrepreneurs now ..." Official Price guide to Books, 5th Edition MarieTedford & beat Goudey.Paperback 2005. Back used publication prices fluctuate, occasionally its goodto have a publication you have the right to refer to as soon as the computer"s not turned on :) " ... This guide prices everythingfromrare signed an initial editions that TheWizard of Oz to today"s bother Potterblockbusters.

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Includes information on popular genres, care and repair,research resources, web sites, dealers, and auction houses.