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Follow/FavHarry Potter and the Voided marital relationship Contract

Harry and Sirius need to cope v Harry gaining entangled in an additional unexpected marital relationship contract. Perhaps they can save Harry, from a fate worse than death. Short, oneshot, no angsty. Among a arsenal of feasible sequels come Harry Potter and the technique of double-tap. A parallel cosmos to harry Potter and the unwanted marriage contract. HAPHNE is that you?
Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Parody - harry P., Sirius B., Daphne G. - Words: 3,587 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 16 - Published: 3/24 - Status: finish - id: 13530525

Harry Potter and the Unwanted marital relationship Contract

HP AU ? HP and DG.

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A marriage contract story that"s just a rapid crack whatif.

AN: no a romance Some bad language.

I essential a more crack plot. Somehow this dribbled the end of my brain.

The three-times eliminated sequel to mine crackfic take care of Potter and also the technique of Double-tap. Go review that first.

This story takes ar after take care of Potter and the Goblet the fire; and also if you don"t review the prequel, nothing will make much less sense… Or an ext sense. Or something. This is fanfic!

If girlfriend weren"t reading… Harry"s killed Peter Pettigrew, rather vanquished Voldemort in the graveyard through a lot of help from Cedric Diggory, eliminated the fake Mad-Eye moody, been freed forever native Dursleys through a freed Sirius Black, handed earlier the pistol Sirius gave him, then avoided fatality by accidental arranged marriage to Delphini Riddle, and also gone home to Grimmauld place.

Harry"s betrothal contract through Delphini Riddle confirmed up as an extra face on the magical family members tree v a line linking Delphini Riddle come Harry. There were of course lines up the family members tree mirroring her parentage. Tom Riddle finally made right into a genuine pure-blood family members tree. Briefly.

Thanks to JK Rowling and her publishers etc.. For allowing fanfic.

Grimmauld place, kitchen.

Sirius black sits down at the kitchen table and admires his leather jacket top top the back of the kitchen door.

Harry heads turn off upstairs.

"Where are you walking Harry?" asked Sirius, chasing Harry.

"Just walking to check the family members tree. Just to it is in sure." said Harry.

"Fine, my paranoid godson." stated Sirius, who preferred chasing things.

Harry start the room v the family tree and heads for his very own section.

Harry and Sirius bending down and also look at Harry"s challenge on the family members tree that covers the wall surfaces of the entirety room. "Fuck… there"s still a girl there linked to mine name" stated Harry. "I"m tho in a marriage contract!"

"Lumos" claimed Sirius, squatting slowly.

"I still deserve to hardly see.. Quiet a witch D something"

"Lumos" repeated Sirius.

"Who the hell is Daphne Greengrass?" request Harry. "And why am i in a marriage contract v her." the thought

Sirius snorted "The Greengrasses room in the spiritual twenty eight and also she"s born in 1980, favor you. She"s at Hogwarts v you" stated Sirius certainly.

"How execute you understand all that?" stated Harry, note the year of birth on Daphne"s name-rectangle-thingy.

"Harry, there are only twenty eight name in the sacred twenty eight. It"s easy." stated Sirius.

"Sirius, ns solemnly swear, I"ve never heard of her" stated Harry.

Sirius snorted. "Well, she"s not a bastard, or a halfblood" stated Sirius, tracking upwards. "Her mother"s one Abbot."

Silence."Sirius, can I have actually the pistol back, therefore I can shoot myself?" request Harry.

"Harry," Sirius squinted in ~ the painting "She looks alright" he said.

"This is no happening" stated Harry, shower his head.

"Harry, you probably don"t have to marry her" stated Sirius.


"We"ll find the Potter household rules, I"ll un-adopt you, you"ll be fine"

"Sirius, that sounds choose a fill of bull"

"I to be trying to make you feeling better" said Sirius.

"So ns go from having actually Voldemort shot to kill me, to having to marry some girl I"ve never ever met." cried Harry.

"Harry, you"ve met her, you could not have ever before noticed her, or speak to her, however she was at the exact same sorting together you" said Sirius.

"Well she"s not in Griffindor"

"Well of food not"

"What do you mean?"

"The hats tell you the house civilization were in at Hogwarts" said Sirius.

"But her hat is silver"

"Yeah, well, that explains why girlfriend haven"t speak to her." said Sirius.


"Harry, look at most of the Blacks. What colour space their hats"

"Umm…. Silver"

"Slytherin" claimed Sirius.

"I"m dead. A witch from Slytherin, forced to marry me… I"m a dead man" moaned Harry.

"No Harry, you"ll simply be dead ~ above the inside" stated Sirius, cheerfully. "Like all your black color forebears"


"Harry, you can talk to snakes, right" request Sirius


"Problem solved. Use snake speech on her" claimed Sirius.

"Asshole" stated Harry sulkily.


"We need to address this, create her family a letter"

"I"m fourteen" cry Harry.

"And you"re one adult at seventeen, so friend only have actually three year to get to know her."


The kitchen, that afternoon

"Come on Harry, we"re going shopping you need clothing that fit."

"You"re going to buy me clothes?"

"Well, you"re too little for mine, and I"m attract them"

"Sirius, thanks"

"Don"t give thanks to me, this is walk to take it ages"


Back at Grimmauld place, later.

"Sirius, why is your house filthy and full of magical pests"

"Because my mommy died and also left it because that ten years"

"I"m sorry"

"Don"t be, she was an horrible woman, who supported Voldemort"

"I"m sorry it"s disgusting." described Harry.

"Well, we could hire some cleaners, ns suppose" claimed Sirius.

"Sirius, I"m really upset around the marital relationship contract stuff"

"It is awful, however we"re Blacks. Display some stiff top lip."

"I"m fourteen and also forced to marry Sirius, I"m an extremely sad" claimed Harry.

"And ns know about the contract Black uses Harry, I"ll carry out all I deserve to to assist you."

"Well, what would get me out of it?"

"You can"t get out…. You"re a black by adoption."

"What would make Daphne Greengrass ineligible?"

"She"s a pure-blood, she"s eligible"

"And there"s no magic to adjust who someones parents are?"

"No… actually, there could be away" said Sirius, feather thoughtful.


The Leaky Cauldron, the ago room.

Sirius and Harry go in, the door is marked "Private function"

There"s a family sitting, waiting.

Harry sees a blond hair mother, a blond daughter… That need to be Daphne. She has blue eyes, and also an angry face.

"Lord Black, mister Potter" claims the father, was standing up. He"s dark haired, choose the younger daughter, who seems excited.

"Lord Greengrass" says Sirius, nodding.

"My wife Salome" she nods.

"My daughter Daphne," Daphne stares at Harry angrily. "This is not going well" believed Harry.

"My youngest, Astoria." Astoria seems very amused and also winks.

"I think everyone knows Me, and Harry"s more famous 보다 I am" claimed Sirius.

Mrs Greengrass frowns.

Harry make the efforts to carry out the thing they rehearsed "Lord Greengrass, Lady Greengrass, Daphne, Astoria" that nods to them all.

"Please, call me Gary" says Lord Greengrass.

Astoria titters.

Salome Greengrass elbows her husband "Cyrus , call me Cyrus" states Cyrus.

Harry can"t aid it, and also he snorts. Salome and also Daphne and Astoria every look prefer they"ve heard Cyrus do a joke favor this before, and also have ceased to uncover it funny.

Cyrus waves them down and also they sit, the opposite the Greengrasses.

"So, our children are captured in a dangling marital relationship contract" stated Cyrus.

"Our 2nd this month" said Sirius.

Astoria snorts. Cyrus look at peeved. Daphne briefly stop glaring long enough to watch surprised, then goes ago to glaring.

"We heard about that Riddle Girl. Who room they anyway?" asked Cyrus.

Harry coughs "Voldemort"s bastard daughter" he says, together plainly together he can.

Salome speak up "Well, I have the right to see that would have actually been unacceptable" she says, in a dignified voice.

Daphne looks favor she"s trying come skin Harry through eye power alone. Great.

Sirius speaks up "So in ~ present, harry is my Heir, to Black, and Potter together well."

Cyrus blinks. "Both?"

"Well, i don"t have actually a wife or children" said Sirius "But that might change"

Daphne offers Sirius a look at that provides Harry think she think "not bloody likely."

He snorts. Daphne glares at him.

Sirius start again "Now take care of hasn"t met Daphne, also though they"re both in ~ Hogwarts."

Daphne mouths "griffindork" silently.

Harry tries come smile yet he"s emotion terrified.

"So, ns assume the from exactly how they"re feather at every other, neither is really happy v the contract" claimed Sirius.

"Daphne is uh.. " claimed Cyrus

"Ropeable" claimed Daphne clearly, in an upper class accent.

Salome smiles thinly, as this is plainly more ideal language than has actually been offered before.

"Well Harry, walk say.. The he thought he to be a dead man" claimed Sirius.

"I"m dead. A witch native Slytherin, forced to marry me… I"m a dead man" said Harry, quoting.

Daphne"s confront brightened up at this admission. Take care of noticed the she was in reality pretty, once not trying to glare his skin off.

"So, we have actually a fairly standard, undesirable contract. Any type of exit rule you deserve to find?" asked Sirius.

"Our lawyers have uncovered it, and also it is an old black color contract" claimed Salome, ominously.

"Oh dear" stated Sirius.

"You are acquainted with these contracts?" request Cyrus.

"They have actually turned up in household discussions" claimed Sirius and also sighed.

"Is over there any way out of it?" request Harry. Daphne looked very pleased in ~ the question.

"Well, personal from i can not qualify mass deaths, I have actually a way to release the contract" said Sirius.

Cyrus Greengrass looked interested "How?"

"The easiest means out the if no Greengrasses are eligible to it is in the subject of the contract. Now, betrothing castle both would have worked, yet the contract has already taken effect." claimed Sirius "But that leaves the inquiry of bloodlines"

"My girls are pure-bloods" said Salome huffily.

"And this climate curses among them come Marry Harry." stated Sirius "However , if Cyrus was to take it a blood-adoption potion, and also become a halfblood, there would certainly be no default Greengrasses, ever before again."

"Ever" request Daphne.

"The contract is an extremely biased around half-bloods" said Sirius.

"What friend ask, it damages the girl prospects" claimed Cyrus. "and provides me a halfblood" went unstated.

"I will of course compensate the home of Greengrass" claimed Sirius. "The component where both your daughters will certainly never need to tolerate a pure-blood arranged marital relationship ever, well, I give your daughters that for free" claimed Sirius.

Salome looked in ~ Cyrus. Cyrus speak up "We require some time come think about this" that said.


The Leaky Cauldron, the back room, 2 weeks later.

The Greengrass family members sat in ~ the table, Cyrus looking tense, The girls looking a little bit excited. Salome looked hopeful. Cyrus had actually their copy that the contract in prior of him.

Sirius and also Harry come in and also sat down.

"So, what have the Greengrasses decided" said Sirius bluntly.

"I"ll execute it, anything to conserve my girl from being compelled to marry someone, no offence intended" claimed Cyrus.

Harry nodded "Thank you, Sir" said Harry. "I wouldn"t wish it on anyone to have their choices taken away"

Sirius reached into his cloak and took out a bulging, clinking bag "Ten thousand galleons, some compensation" that said, and also then took the end a brown potion, and the contract. "Here"s the potion"

"Who is the… muggle" inquiry Cyrus.

"A muggle through a witch for a daughter" claimed Sirius and also winked at Harry.

Harry frowned, Sirius hadn"t defined this bit.

Cyrus quaffed the potion. That winced and coughed, his functions bubbling a little like the impact of polyjuice potion, climate settling down, subtly different, however still recognisably the same person. His hair seemed to be different. Had it always been a little bit crinkly?

The contract glowed blue and also started come burn through blue flames, burn to ash.

"Well Daphne, Harry, I"d prefer to congratulate friend both on gift free" said Sirius.

Daphne"s hair wasn"t right anymore, take care of realised, it was slightly wavy. Really, it simply looked choose she"d had actually a hairdo.

Cyrus traction his wand and cast lumos. His wand lit up.

The Greengrass girls both nervously drew their wands and also cast lumos. Daphne seemed surprised to view her wand glow therefore brightly. Take care of shrugged, too many of civilization he knew had a glowing lumos.

"Well, that concludes our business" stated Sirius "I"d prefer to say, mr Greengrass, i look front to working v you in the wizengamot, and also it"s to be a pleasure resolving our youngsters problems, v you."

"Won"t you remain for lunch?" asked Salome.

"I"m afraid i planned to take it Harry out and corrupt the a bit after this. He"s really far too nicely brought up" said Sirius. Salome coughed. Daphne"s eyes flourished wide. Astoria giggled.

"Are us really half-bloods now?" asked Daphne.

"Yes dear" said Cyrus.

Daphne reached out she hand come Harry "Daphne Greengrass, halfblood" she said.

Harry took it and shook the "Harry Potter, halfblood. Welcome come the club" he said.


A main into 5th year, Hogwarts.

Daphne Greengrass slipped a note right into Harry"s publication bag top top the method out the potions.

Harry didn"t find it it rotates later, together he unpacked his books prior to bed.


Harry Potter,

We should meet. Other odd is walking on

Third floor empty charms classroom forty one, ten pm.


Harry ordered his invisibility cloak and also rand because that it. He was ten minutes late.

"Hello" said Harry, after shutting the classroom door behind him.

"What the hell?" request a confused looking Daphne Greengrass, her wand drawn.

Harry establish he was still attract the cloak, and also took it off.

"Of, you have an invisibility cloak" claimed his, used-to-be fiancee.

"What is it, ns was around to walk to sleep" stated Harry.

"I"ve, um, to be doing much better on practicals since, girlfriend know. What father did" stated Daphne.

Harry blinked "How better?"

"Easier power." stated Greengrass "It"s much easier to get a order to walk right. The tide in mine hair is, well, i guess it"s okay."

"How much easier?" request Harry curious around magic.

"I offered to have the ability to flip a table" claimed Greengrass "Now watch this" she waved her wand, casting wingardium leviosa, and flicked 3 tables throughout the room.

"Nice work" claimed Harry.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, you"ve got a bit of who else"s blood in your household now, not pure-bloods. Half-bloods are powerful." claimed Harry.

"Rubbish!" claimed Daphne.

"I"m a halfblood, mr Voldemort is, believed he pretends to it is in a pure-blood, and also closer to home, Hermione Granger"s a muggleborn, and she"s scary as hell when she want to be. Dumbledore"s no in the spiritual twenty eight either."

"You"re no powerful" stated Daphne dismissively.

Harry cast the levitation charm, and blew six workdesks to the finish of the room. "We done? I require to gain some sleep, I"ve acquired Quidditch practice tomorrow morning"

Daphne Greengrass nodded, her wavy blonde hair reminding harry of someone.

She left, take care of left behind her, invisible.

One the method back come the dorms, take care of thought. A muggle, who"s daughter is a witch. Cyrus"s brown hair had acquired wavy. Daphne"s hair to be wavy. Like Hermione"s at the ball. Harry stopped dead. Sirius had, he"d done that. That was evident in hindsight, together was Daphne"s brand-new power. Hermione had brand-new cousins. Snooty, Slytherin, second cousins.

Harry laughed, a disembodied giggle earlier to the Griffindor portrait hole.


It to be after the an initial model exams the OWLs that Harry heard it. Hermione swearing.

"That blonde bitch" said Hermione Granger. She to be glaring in ~ the an alert on the pinboard by the good hall. Take care of stepped over to his grumpy friend. It was a table of academic standing, as of after ~ the model exams. He looked in ~ the ar for 5th year, charms. Hermione was being win by… Daphne Greengrass. And again in Transfiguration. Hermione dominated Runes and Arithmancy.

"Hermione, why are you cursing" request Harry.

"Because Daphne Greengrass, that inbred blonde, has actually somehow acquired her qualities up in charms and transfiguration. She"s always had weak wandwork, and now she doesn"t" stated Hermione crossly.

"And this is a problem"

"It would be like Malfoy beating friend in … Hermione looked at the charts. "Well, Defence!"

Harry blinked. The idea that the blonde ponce beating him in Defence, ridiculous.

"Hermione, why Defence, surely i beat the in everything." claimed Harry.

Hermione lowered the hand she was making use of to find grades against names. "Harry, you"re, well, you"re not that an excellent at anything yet Defence. You"re top in Defence."

"My Potions grade is bullcrap" said Harry. "Snape no me"

"You design exam grade was rubbish" stated Hermione.

"But I"m doing okay in charms and Transfiguration?" inquiry Harry.

"Oh look because that yourself." said Hermione.

"Hermione, just so girlfriend know, ns think you"re much more than your marks." stated Harry.

"Harry, don"t ever before use lines prefer that top top me ever again. That"s something you to speak to human being with crap grades. Favor Ron, for example."

"Um, Hermione, I had actually a communication with the Greengrasses over summer, and um, they"re no actually pure-bloods, they"re much more half-bloods, favor me"

"Ron claimed they to be in the sacred twenty eight" claimed Hermione.

"They supplied to be" said Harry, honestly.

"So Greengrass isn"t part pure-blood bitch?"

"I believe she may be halfblood bitch" stated Harry evenly. Hermione snorted "Harry Potter, watch your language"


"So who carry out you fancy" inquiry Seamus, as the 5th year guys lay on their beds on a Thursday night.

"Hannah Abbot" stated Neville, without a seconds hesitation.

Harry thought around blonde Hannah, Susan"s ideal friend. She was pretty, and nice. "Good display Nev" said Harry "At least you recognize what girlfriend like"

"What about Harry Potter, the boy who was engaged" request Seamus. "Ask me last" stated Harry.

"Lavender" said Ron, blushing.

Dean spoke up "Padma Patil."

Ron snorted "You prefer to live dangerously. Pavarti will certainly hex you"

Dean claimed "There"s something around brainy girls".

"Well I"m walking to find a muggle girl after school" stated Seamus. "I don"t think witches are for me. I like the idea that a wife that won"t poison me or hex me"

Harry coughed. Seamus was an extremely brave saying that in the castle.

"So Harry?" inquiry Ron.

"I"m um… Cho Chang" he blurted.

"Blimey" stated Ron "You don"t mind the Ravenclaw girls even though they"re typical to Luna" he asked.

Harry sat up "Ron… you make a an excellent point." he claimed thoughtfully.

"We"re doomed" said Seamus. "Ron"s said something that readjusted Harry"s mind. Should be the finish of the world"

"I"m no that bad" said Harry.

"Everything weird in the college happens come You Harry" stated Seamus. "The prophet said you were involved to you-know-who"s daughter"

"Oh that, that one to be easy. She was a bastard, my godfather ripped the contract appropriate up" said Harry.

"That one" said Dean suspiciously.

"Well there was another one the mainly after." claimed Harry. "We go a deal to get out of it"

"You obtained out that a magical marriage contract" said Seamus, incredulous "Susan states its virtually impossible"


"Seamus and Susan space buddies" stated Dean "They both prefer the exact same awful music"

"Crosby Stills and Nash room the greatest" said Seamus.

"I gained out the a cursed magical marriage contract" repair Harry.

"Well the wasn"t v Chang" claimed Dean.

"I won"t say. It was an accident, and also her family"d no done anything. Mine godfather, Sirius black , lord Black, walk a deal and we went our different ways"

"How might it be?" inquiry Ron.

"Who would certainly Harry even date?"

"Not a puff. No after the tri-wizard fiasco" claimed Harry.

"How about a "claw?" asked Seamus

"Ron make s good point there" claimed Harry. "They bully Luna, she"s mine friend.

Neville looked prefer he to be going come say something, but waited.

"So Luna?" asked Dean.

Harry blinked "Luna"s a friend. That"d be weird."

"Like Hermione" said Ron.

"Yeah" said Harry.

"So, we"re down to Fay, Lavender, Pavarti" claimed Seamus, starting to smirk.

Harry cut in "Neither Patil twin. No after the yule ball fiasco."

"Fay, Lavender, and also …. The Slytherins, obviously no Pansy or Bulstrode." stated Seamus.

"Harry couldn"t day a Slimy snake" claimed Ron.

Dean snorted "So.. Fay or Lavender"

"I respectfully decline" said Harry.

Neville snorted. "Has to be a Slytherin, and also a well off one" he said.

Everyone satellite up and also stared in ~ Neville.

"Okay, who space you and where did friend hide Neville" claimed Ron, picking up his wand and also aiming in ~ Neville.

"Hermione fight me with a totally body bind in very first year when I do the efforts to avoid you 3 going ~ the stone" stated Neville.

Ron put his wand under again. "He couldn"t day a snake. He"s a lion!"

"Who sneaks about the college the most?" inquiry Neville.

"Well, ~ the twins, Harry" said Ron.

"Who has actually the many secrets?" request Neville.

Ron laugh "Harry through a landslide"

"So you"re saying Harry"s a snake in lions clothing" said Dean, smirking.

"No, yet he ignores Fay and dislikes Lavender, for this reason that"s the rest of ours year."

"Cradle snatcher" claimed Seamus smugly.

"And he"s no Michael Cormer" claimed Ron. Bother snorted.

"There room other 4th year girls" stated Seamus.

"Compared to my sister?" claimed Ron, "They"re all nothings". Dean snorted.

"So what Snakes room there" request Seamus,

"Tracey Davis, Lily Moon, Daphne Greengrass" said Dean. "Hard choices"

"Come turn off it, Greengrass by a landslide." claimed Ron. "Apart from her always-pissed off face."

Neville snorted "She has actually the most money too" that laughed.

Harry blushed "Not going close to her. Just No!"

"Come on, she"s pretty when she"s not looking prefer she wants united state to every die" stated Seamus. Dean and also Neville nodded.

"I think I might reconsider the Puffs" claimed Harry piously.

"The contact of the quaffles" said Seamus, with a smile.

"Ahh Bones" said Dean. "She"s a marvel".

Seamus snorted.

"D"ya think they" save growing" request Ron. "I asking purely out of curiosity"

"If Hermione hears this conversation, we"ll all finish up in the infirmary" said Harry.

"Should i tell Susan?" request Seamus.

"You collection us up" said Dean, laughing.

Seamus laughed.

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The twins assisted Harry out, and a job later, Seamus discovered himself talking in rhyme every day.