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Through the Fire

BY : Lady-Giovanna-Potter-MalfoyCategory: harry Potter > slash - Male/Male > Harry/DracoDragon prints: 24477
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1-Through the Fire 2-Chapter Two- an ext Changes & Revelations 3-Chapter Three- an ext Revelations 4-Chapter 4: thing Four- The 2nd Heir 5-Chapter Five-Gringotts, letter & Wills 6-Chapter Six-Enemies, girlfriend & The first Kiss 7-Chapter 7: Talk with Snape & Kisses at Moonlight 8-Chapter Eight: Neville Longbottom & Lady hogwarts 9-Chapter 9: Lucius enters bother & Neville"s within C 10-Chapter Ten-Just from his Touch 11-Chapter Eleven-Finally your 12-Chapter 12: meet the parental (Grand the is) 13-Chapter 13: Working with It! 14-Chapter 14: Draco"s Apology 15-Chapter 15: Planning part 1 16-Chapter 16: Planning part 2 17-Chapter 17: no one Puts infant In A edge or fairly 18-Chapter 18: Down v the Light lord 19-Chapter 19: Down v the So-Called Light mr 2 the 2 20-Chapter 20: maintaining Secrets! 21-Chapter 21-My Mate"s Love 22-Yule, brand-new Year, and Valentine

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Two mainly later uncovered Harry and also Neville make their means to Gringotts. After ~ Harry had been flashed ago to his room at the Dursley’s by Fawkes.

The first thing that noticed was that everything was the same has actually how he had left it. Which way the Dursley’s never ever once checked on that he might have died. He to be pretty certain they wouldn"t have actually cared. He also noticed the there to be no owls or the usual date of birth presents native his friends. He tried no to feeling hurt by that yet in all honesty he was.

He couldn"t know what he had done come his friends to warrant their an unfavorable attitude in the direction of him. Gathering every his points Harry pulled on his invisibility cloak. That made his method downstairs not bumping into his Uncle, Aunt or cousin. When he reached exterior he go not also give a backwards glance.

It’s time to start his brand-new life he believed as he apparated indigenous the apparition allude around the corner.

Before castle left the founders made certain that he and also Neville were equipped to defeat Voldemort together. Lock had likewise taught them exactly how to glamour they"re appearance from everyone however each other.

As they reached the entrance and also the key hall that Gringotts, seeing the familiar writing.

“Enter, stranger, but take heed,Of what awaits the sin of greed.For those who take, however do no earn,Must pay many dearly in your turn.So if you look for beneath our floorsA treasure that was never yours,Thief, you have actually been warned, bewareOf finding an ext than treasure there”.

Before they could ask for help Griphook met castle as soon as they stepped in the key hall. The bowed come them.

“Lord Potter, lord Longbottom we have actually been awaiting your arrival.”

Both return the bow recognized him. “May your gold grow and also your enemies’ blood cover your bladesMaster Griphook.”

For a second, Griphook was amazed by listening the respectful greeting supplied by both wizard, together goblins, because they to be “creatures,” many wizards look under upon through the wizards. Yet then responded with a slight bow again, “May her endeavors thrive and your adversaries bleed by your hands.”

As the stood come this way he said them.

He led them come a room close up door the door he. Waved his hand at the door wandlessly close up door it and also warding the room. This way no one would have the ability to hear what was being said. He took a seat in front of his desk. Piles the parchment the was no there before appeared.

“You have the right to drop your glamour’s mine Lords, this room is very secure.”

Both did together they were told. Acquisition a seat in ~ the desk.

“Now lord Longbottom allows start through you since you are already aware of her Lordship.”

He handed a few parchments come Neville he looked them over shaking his head together in covenant to what to be on them. After ~ looking them end he looked at Griphook that then handed that a dagger that seem to come the end of nowhere, pricking his finger, letting a couple of drops that his blood fall on each. Harry peeked end at the parchments that were in Neville’s hand.

Certificate that Birth

Name: Neville Franklin Longbottom

Father: open minded Longbottom-Living-St Mungo"s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Mother: Alice Longbottom-Living-St Mungo"s Hospital for Magical Maladies and also Injuries

Agusta Longbottom-Living relative- magical Guardian – Regent to the residence of Longbottom

Heir that Dukedom-Archaic and also Royal house ofGryffindor-Archaic and Royal home ofRavenclaw

-Heir come the residence ofLongbottom

Estates & Properties-Hogwarts-Blackbird Manor, England-Samuel Cottage, Switzerland-Cobalt Manor, Ireland

Valts733-740-Longbottom145-200-Gryffindor & Ravenclaw

“Now lord Longbottom because you are a Gryffindor and also Ravenclaw battle each other you space entitled come both signet ring which would certainly you choose to wear. You can wear both or if you select just one?”

“I will wear the Gryffindor ring please.”

“Very well”

Griphook snapped his finger, two boxes v the Gryffindor and Longbottom crest was on it. He opened up both boxes.

“I just need you to prick your finger again, permit a couple of drops of blood autumn on the ring the Gryffindor.”

Neville did together he was asked the ring start to glow; Griphook shook his head in approval. “ You have actually been accepted as the heir and duke that Gryffindor. Currently take both the Longbottom. Put them on separate finger.”

Taking the rings Neville put the Longbottom ring on his best hand top top his ring finger. On his left hand the Gryffindor ring beside his ring finger. With all of that done he looked at Griphook, again the goblin nodded in approval.

“Now mr Potter there is a few things we need to go over. We have actually sent owls to you every year due to the fact that you began Hogwarts.”

“I haven’t gotten any kind of owls.”

“That’s unfortunate, we have tried to reach you on plenty of occasions. Us have also been in touch through your magical guardian Albus Dumbledore. That knew we needed to speak with you about the desire of your parents and also recently your Godfather.”

Seething come hear the news that the goblins have been make the efforts to contact him, or that Dumbledore was his miracle guardian. The didn’t even know the his parents left a will, the reality that Dumbledore knew and kept all of this indigenous him increased his mistrust in the Headmaster.

“Master Griphook, i was not mindful that I had actually a wonder guardian. I have actually lived through my muggle relatives since my parental died.”

“Now that you are right here we have the right to rectify the problem, we can additionally satisfy the wishes of her parents will.”

Griphook handed him three envelopes, castle all had his name on them. They had three various handwritings. He was guess that they to be from his parents and also Sirius. He opened the first; it was from his mother.

My Dearest Son,

If girlfriend are reading this, it method that I have died. Ns hope the you have had actually a great life and I hope that your father, Sirius and Remus has not rotate you into their littlest Marauder.

I wished that i were there to watch what a exorbitant young male you have grown up to be. Ns am proud the you. I know that friend will have actually your father’s strength. It was one of the reasons why I fell in love with him.

By now you know that your father and I are in hiding. There is a mad man trying to kill us. There are so countless things that ns wish that I might say to you Harry. You space the light of our world, don"t you ever forget that.

To the goblins, first, by chance that James and I do not survive. Ns leave the treatment of Harry come his father James Potter. James please execute not despair bother will require you. Remember i love friend always.

Second, if in the occasion that James Potter is no able to treatment for Harry. Ns leave the in the treatment of Sirius Black. Sirius, teach him, overview him. Tell him about James and also I never let that forget us.

Third, if Sirius cannot treatment for Harry ns leave him through two world I to trust the most. Remus Lupin and Severus Snape. Yes, i know about you two, I have actually known due to the fact that our 5th year. Ns am pretty certain James and Sirius does no know because they would have kicked Severus arse. And, regarding how i knew I followed you Severus one day when you went to fulfill Remus. Ns trust you both to display Harry love. Love the his father and I were not able to provide him. Take care of him; safeguard him. It is in the parents that we can not be.

Last by not least, I do not want Harry to walk to mine sister Petunia. I recognize that she is my just blood relative. She is a vile woman. He and also her husband room bigots; they dislike anyone and also anything to execute with magic. I are afraid that if Harry end up with them he will certainly not have a an excellent life.

I leave this last post to anyone is taking treatment of mine pride and also joy. I carry out NOT trust ALBUS DUMBELDORE. There space things that I have actually seen that have actually made me call into concern his actions. The prophecy he spoke of I have actually reason to think is one of two people fake or have been misinterpreted.

I have actually questioned his motives, and also actions. I have been trying to discover the truth. The only ones I have voiced my involves to space James, open minded & Alice Longbottom. I have actually reasons to think that Dumbledore is hiding something. Please discover the truth.

Remember Harry i love girlfriend always.

Your Mother,Lily


Trying no to cry from analysis his mother"s letter. He felt him-self getting to that allude after reading his mom’s letter and also request. Harry choose up the next envelopes; he opened it and also saw the it to be Sirius.

Hey Pup,

I guess if you"re reading this then i am dead. I recognize you Harry; I recognize that you space thinking that my death is her fault. Execute not reference yourself. My death is no your fault. Protecting girlfriend is my only priority.

I’m i m really sorry pup. I am sorry that on the night your parents died I did not continue to be with you. I am sorry that ns was not there for every step in her upbringing. I’m sorry for every pains those muggle gave you and also I was no there to defend you indigenous it. Ns hope what i am around to execute will make up for everything.

I love girlfriend pup. Recognize that your parents room proud that the man that girlfriend are and will become.

Hey pup; when you eliminate old moldyshorts execute it through a laugh on her face.


I Sirius Black, that sound my and also gorgeous body declare this together my critical will and testament.

To Remus ns leave Fifty thousands galleons, to buy some new clothes Remmy (no provide backs), spend it top top the brooding bat. I likewise leave the the Raglan cottage turn off the coastline of Ireland. Make it a residence with Severus. Yes, i knew I witnessed you meeting him ~ above the map at some point in our 6th year. Be happy Remus.

To Severus very first let me say. Ns am sorry for the median tricks that and also pranks i played on you as soon as we were in school. I let childish pettiness acquire in the means and we could have to be true friends. Do him happy Severus; find a cure because that him I know you can do it. To Severus Snape i leave seventy thousand galleons.

I Sirius black color Lord the the many Ancients house Black hereby disinherit Bellatrix Lestrange nee black color from the house of Black. Ns hereby, reinstate Nymphadora Tonks ago in to the Most old house the Black.

I Sirius black color hereby, name my godson, bother James Potter, mine heir. He shall receive the title lord Black and also the Black household vaults and estate. Ns hereby name john Remus Lupin together Harry godfather.

Last yet not least, Harry, there is so many things the I want to say to you. Yet every time i tried to acquire you alone who interrupts us. One point I have noticed pup is they can not be trusted. To trust no one yet Remmy and Snape. They room the only two besides myself I think have your best interest at heart. They will protect and also teach you. The others space lying come you. I have had actually a niggling feeling that Dumbledore is lying come us about the prophecy and also Voldemort.

Ask yourself this Harry, why to be it i was sent to Azkaban when Dumbledore was the one who cast the fidelius charm. He was there once we worked out who the an enig keeper was. Mine mistake was running after Peter. Yet, Dumbledore might have asked for my retrial. After every he is the can be fried Mugwump. The leader the the light, everyone listens to him. But, he didn’t Harry. Ns was left to rot in Azkaban and also you were sent out to live with those tragic relatives.

I understand that i am going turn off on a tangent. But, find the answers and the reality for you yourself Harry. I know that you can do it. Ns have confidence in girlfriend pup. Ns love you!

Your Godfather,Sirius

Harry sat there stunned. The 2nd important human in his life to concern Dumbledore motives. If they had so small trust in that why go they follow his lead in everything? He had to uncover out there are too numerous unanswered questions swirling roughly in his head.

Hearing a neck clear harry looked up from Sirius letter to view Griphook hold a crate in his hand. He opened it and also Harry saw that it held several rings.

“These ring belong to black color family. You may choose to wear entitled to mr Black. ”

Griphook choose up the ring belong to lord Black, handing it come Harry. The slipped the ring ~ above his ring finger on his best hand. The ring shrunk come pit his finger. That glowed and a study abroad sensation ran through his body.

He looked up and also nodded come Griphook because that them come continue. Picking up the critical letter, which to be from his dad, Harry began to read.

My Prongslet,

I to be sorry ns was no there to watch you prosper to come to be the man I know you will be. I know that you have actually been called stories about the madman the is chasing ~ us. That is trying to kill united state all. Your mother and I are doing everything that us possibly have the right to to save you safe. There room provisions in place just in instance your mother and I both die.

I want you to recognize Harry us love you. The job I uncovered out that your mom was moving you, ns was terrified. Ns was terrified since I did not recognize if I would be a great father to you. ~ above the day that you to be born, the medi-witch put you in my arms, the moment your green eyes looked into mine. I knew that i would carry out anything to defend you and also keep friend safe.

I hope that with the time I had actually with you i did a an excellent job. Ns hope that at some point you will discover the exact same if no a depth love the your mother and also I had. My biggest hope is the you would never need to read this. But, I are afraid Voldemort will find us and also we will certainly not survive. Which is why I contained this in my letter to you.


I James Charlus Potter the sound mind and body declare this my critical will and testament. Ns hereby name my son, harry James Potter heir. That shall be emancipated in ~ the period of sixteen and receive the location of mr Potter. That shall also, get full access to the Potter vaults and also estates.

If his mommy Lily Potter nee Evans cannot care for Harry, he will certainly go to the treatment of Sirius black color his godfather. Sirius I understand that you will care for mine Prongslet as if that was her own.

If Sirius is can not to care for Harry, the is come be placed in the care of man Remus Lupin and also Severus Snape. I recognize that they will watch and care because that him. I likewise leave fifty thousand galleons each. To buy some brand-new clothes Moony. I likewise leave girlfriend the publications you have actually coveted in mine parents’ library. Carry out as girlfriend wish through them. Snape take care of my finest friend if hurt that I will hunt you for the rest of your life. I leave friend both the Potter cottage in Scotland.

Prongslet, i leave you v these last words. Perform not trust the twinkling blue eyes, behind them lies nothing but deceit and betrayal. I found out 2 late, there was nothing I could do to avoid it in time. Store your girlfriend close and your enemies closer.

I to be proud and also love you Harry. Live your life for you and no one else.

Your Father,James

After reading the letter from his father, Harry preserved his head down. Tears to be streaming native his eyes. He can not hold them back. In the span of two weeks he had actually cried much more than the has ever before did. His parents and Sirius did no trust Dumbledore. Native Sirius’s letter it appears that his friends cannot be trusted either. Sirius said to trust Snape. But he was not sure due to the fact that he knew Snape hated him.

Getting him-self under better control. That looked at Griphook. Again, over there was an additional box in his hand this time Harry known the Potter crest. Opening package Griphook took out the Potter Lordship ring.

“You, deserve to put this top top the exact same finger v that the the black Lordship ring. They will meld together.”

Harry did together he was told. Both the Black and also Potter crest became one. Both ring went native red and also black to for the prize of yin and yang.

Moving on come the next stop where the paperwork because that the Black and Potter vaults. Every vaults had a considerable amount that galleons. Bother knew the both the Potter and also Blacks family were personal of the old Pureblood family. That also, knew that they were wealthy in there own right. Combing all of the vaults together made take care of richer than even the Malfoys.

“Now, I just need you to prick your finger, autumn at least three fall of blood on every document. Then we deserve to move on to the next part.” harry did together he was told.

Griphook offered Harry a copy that his bear certificate. That also, offered him a copy for his personal records parchments that his vaults and also estates.


Name: bother James PotterFather: James Charlus Potter-DeceasedMother: Lily Potter nee Evans-DeceasedSeverus Snape-Magical Guardian-Hogwarts medicine Master

Heir of Dukedom-Archaic and also Royal house ofSlytherin-Archaic and also Royal home ofHufflepuff-Archaic and Royal home ofPeverell

-Heir to the ancient House ofBlackPotter

Estates & Properties-Hogwarts-Black Manor, England-Grove Cottage, Switzerland-Kingslake Manor, Ireland-Ashtree Court, Scotland-Potter Manor, EnglandNumber 12 Grimmauld Place, England

Vaults156-250-Pervell110-144-Slytherin and Hufflepuff770-820-Potter

Ok, now Harry was fully dumbstruck, he just keeps on gaining surprised at every turn. He was a descendant the the Peverell’s, he assumed they to be a myth. Exactly how much much more can the take. Snape was his wonder guardian. He felt as if his life was filled through nothing however secrets and also lies.

“Griphook, who has been watch after my estates?”

“That would be Albus Dumbledore”

“But the says below that Professor Snape is my magical guardian. Does anyone rather know about this?”

“On the night your parents died. Albus Dumbledore had actually their will sealed v the authorization from the ministry. He told them he was her magical guardian, and at the inquiry of your parents her were to be sent out to a safe place. Native the method that her life has gone, i doubt anyone knows.”

Harry to be seething; he could not think the manipulations that the headmaster has actually done. Then he had actually a thought.

“If he is mine magical guardian, wouldn"t I additionally assume the a monthly stipend would be given to them come take care of me?”

“Yes, they would certainly be maybe to access your vaults to carry out for you. Once you with the age of eleven your vault key would be offered to you. We additionally keep a record of that has accessibility to your vaults will likewise be given to you. Through your offered permission that course”

Harry’s brow creased at that statement, the just one he offered permission to when was Mrs. Weasley. Looking end the remainder of the parchment he gasped at the surname of who entered his vaults with out his permission.

Albus Dumbledore –November 1981-PresentMolly Weasley –June 1991-PresentRonald & Ginerva Weasley, august 1991- PresentHermione Granger respectable 1992-Present

He couldn"t take it it anymore. The human being he trusted and also thought to be his family members has to be stealing from him his entirety life. Take care of was fully heart broken.

Pulling him-self together, Harry perfect up v the goblins. The end his 3 Dukedoms, he made decision to undertake the Slytherin ring. Prefer Neville he had to prick his finger, the glowed to present he was accepted. He put it top top his left hand alongside his ring finger. The told Griphook come make sure that his parents and Sirius desire were carried out.

Before that left Gringotts, that told Griphook he want all outside access to his vaults closed. He was awarded brand-new keys. They to be both offered a card that linked to their vaults. This means they would not have to bring a pouch or come ago to Gringotts each time they essential money. Griphook told the anything the he needed, the Goblin nation stands behind him. They will aide the in his fight versus Dumbledore and also Voldemort.

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He and also Neville chose that it was time because that him to look the part of a Duke. Shopping was on over there to carry out list for the day. Placing their glamour earlier on castle walked out of Gringotts. Make their method to the an ext upscale component of Diagon Alley. Take care of bought garments that actually fit. With the aid of the attendants, take care of felt and also looked favor a brand-new person.

With two weeks left before the begin of school, Harry and also Neville determined to take it a vacation. They bought some clothing to wear ~ above vacation. They made their means to Diagon Alley, and, obtained their school shopping to obtain that out of the way. This year harry promised himself points will be different. No much longer will he it is in made a stupid of. Mental his father"s words