It’s widely known that the holy grail of the Halloween franchise is the “Producer’s Cut” the the 6th film, The Curse that Michael Myers. The production overreacted to an unfavorable test screening following its final cut (Made increase of 15 year old boys). Joe Chappelle to be charged v taking his film and also trying to totally change the story, the tone and also make the much more graphic and also violent. What resulted was a film that was disjointed, uneven and didn’t yes, really make lot sense. This wasn’t the web era where this would have actually been widely recognized to begin with. That wasn’t till after the film had released that magazines and the favor realized they had actually promo and collection photos the seemed method off indigenous what showed up in the last film. Then, that dropped. Among the most famed bootlegs in history started circulating and showed fans what was yes, really intended because that Halloween 6. For years and years fans pleaded to have actually it released and also it plenty of of those plan wound increase failing. Now, 19 year later…this dream is ultimately coming true. Now what do us Halloween fans perform with our lives?



Haddonfield has been quiet for six entirety years. Nobody has actually heard native Michael Myers or his nephew Jamie Lloyd after castle disappeared following a police station firefight. The town had actually banned Halloween throughout that time, yet now, is finally bringing it back. And on the eve of Halloween, Jamie resurfaces through a newborn. After gift stabbed by Michael, she is required to the hospital and also looked over by the retired Dr. Loomis. Meanwhile, at a bus depot, the little boy who was terrorized by Michael ago in 1978 currently grown up Tommy Doyle has discovered her baby. Tommy lives across the street native the old Myers house, no lived in by Laurie Strode’s uncle and his family. That incorporate Kara who young son Danny keeps seeing and hearing the mysterious guy In black urging him to “Kill because that him”. Michael returns, but there’s an ext behind that this time and a an excellent mystery that his origin comes full circle.

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The Producer’s reduced of Halloween 6 is not a an excellent film by any means, but its crucial one. The does assist that that heads and also shoulders above what was released theatrically. The 90s was a weak time because that horror, and also for some reason all the horror symbols being villains wasn’t enough. They every apparently necessary to have actually some kind backstory and retcon come the reality of the original. Freddy started it, Jason and also Leatherface adhered to suit and Michael Myers couldn’t also escape the (a might months later, Pinhead too would sign up with in). Things as they to be weren’t good enough. Over there was constantly something “behind the evil” or “this is what it yes, really is”. The angry in all these essential to be explained where no explanation to be necessary. Mythologies were being required where the machines didn’t realize they had actually spent the vault decade developing one on their own. But, these are movie monsters and these mythologies did effort to do them more classical in a sense. They’re make the efforts at taking the characters into various places and its different, but not in all cases does that work.

For Michael, he’s reportedly been under the control of the cult of the Thorn. Over there was speak of mandrel in the initial cut, yet the Producer’s cut relishes and feeds turn off of it. We acquire a more in depth explanation of it from Tommy Doyle and the end of the film revolves roughly the cult. We are treated to a remind of their ritual with Jamie (revealing the Michael is the father of her baby…eww). The finish of the movie is the biggie. From the scene wherein Dr. Wynn is revealed together The man In black to the finish, this is a completely different movie. Kara is set to be sacrificed by her son Danny at the very same time Michael is come commit his last sacrifice of Steven. Wynn is now an ext of a maniacal cult leader and tells Dr. Loomis he desires him to be his follower now that his work-related is done. Its also revealed that the employee of Smith’s Grove is all a part of the Thorn organization as well. 

Tommy Doyle follows a member come the ritual and rescues Kara, Danny and also the baby. And in something that ns don’t mind, however people lacking creativity hate, Tommy locations a runes of light in a circle and offers his blood into hit. With words “Samhein” he stop Michael dead in his tracks. There space those that hate this, but I think its kind of fun including this tiny witchcraft angle and also a little of a payoff for things earlier. This is much more inventive than just beating Michael through a dull instrument again. And also after Tommy and also Kara leave we room treated to Dr. Loomis reentering Smith’s Grove detect Michael top top the floor in the circle. But it’s not Michael, its Dr. Wynn, Michael switched the clothes. That then states “It’s your game now, Loomis” and also gives Loomis the note of the Thorn.

This final act is far much more satisfying and financially rewarding for the 2 acts that came prior. What replaced it was a totality bunch of at sight violent stuff that didn’t do sense and oddly contradicted every little thing prior making that make also less sense. Yes, that is a bit more fantasy floor and an ext fan fiction-y yet that’s the film they were telling. It likewise features Donald Pleasence’s final scenes in all their full uncut glory. They’re not random chopped come bits scenes. And he’s in reality acting with the other actors in the very same scene. Mitch Ryan is far far better here together the deranged win as well. I prefer him better as a stunner cult leader than simply some asshole functioning at the hospital. And also like it or not, the cult of the Thorn provides far much more sense 보다 the “harnessing evil” bullshit castle tried to feed in the theatrical cut. And also it additionally makes an ext sense regarding why Michael is hanging the end there and also cooperating with them.

The ending is the huge point of difference in this movie, but there’s a lot more alternate and extended ingredient to boost the enjoyment. For instance, Jamie survives the barn. She’s just stabbed. She’s in a coma and also in the hospital v Loomis at her watch. We’re also treated to specifically what happened at the finish of Halloween 5 and exactly how her baby came to be. She still die in this cut, however she his shooting in the head at the hospital by guy In Black. Because that a pan of the series and the character of Jamie Lloyd, that a far an ext tasteful departure than here gruesome farm tools slaughtering in the theatrical cut.Thorn conversation wasn’t the only stuff the was trimmed out in the theatrical cut. Pretty much all connective organization to Halloween 5 was removed for that knows why as well. Dr. Loomis describes his skin grafting plastic surgical procedure to settle his challenge following his stroke in ~ the finish of 5. As stated before, there’s a flashback. There room plenty of bits the info and exposition dropped throughout referring ago to Halloween 5 and i don’t understand why. This movie is adhering to its massive cliffhanger. Human being coming come this movie were pining because that the follow up. While the movie didn’t flat out disregard it and is a monitor up, they chopped the end a most the stuff the would have actually made the movie an ext fun for fans.

One of the biggest pluses in the Producer’s reduced is the temp score. Its appears to be a hybrid of different scores throughout the collection (though light on the II, however it is there in the run scare score moments). This is SOOO SOOO SOOO much far better than the damn electrical guitar rendition. Granted, the beloved brother Kane song are lacking in this version (come on, hardcores, you understand you very own their album). The flash cut are additionally nonexistent here and also the Rear Window death isn’t all zoomed up and slow mo. Man Strode is also stabbed then just electrocuted with no head explosion. Its all little differences, however you can see this film was type of “just fine” and also their tinkering afterward kind of harmed it.

Halloween 6: The Curse the Michael Myers or The Producer’s reduced has a special ar for me. It to be the first time i was privy come a occupational print or bootleg of a film. It verified my exactly how much a film could be changed, tampered with and also manipulated. I had actually seen and heard of deleted scenes before, but nothing this extravagant. The theatrical release and also Producer’s Cut almost 2 completely different films. You deserve to honestly watch these ago to ago and not be the slightest bit bored. Together a matter of fact, the Producer’s reduced has to be such a staple for me in this series that that is the one cemented in my brain, not the theatrical. Ever since I acquired that tape, the theatrical version was pretty much retired for me. I’ve not watched it the much due to the fact that 1997ish. And also whenever i have, its fairly a surprise to me, the stuff absent and the town hall the final act beat out. The Producer’s cut is a lot superior film and has come to be a seminal discovering experience because that me in my upbringing learning around film production, criticism and film history.

~This piece was originally released as a component of Naptown Nerd‘s ’31 job Of Halloween’ occasion last October. Friend can find the piece about how i originally got the bootleg VHS HERE and also the remainder of the contents for the retrospective HERE.



Encoding: MPEG-4 AVC

Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1

Clarity/Detail: i don’t how to relatively judge this. Has actually a film ever before had this large of a jump in video quality? Whenever i think that Halloween 6, I photo a soft, blurry overcopied VHS image. I never ever watched the theatrical lot after the theater due to the fact that I wanted this version, so even that Blu-ray I very own is new on mine brain. Now take the a jump straight to Blu-ray and also WOWWWW! Details are pretty high, however things like separate tiles or shade variation make this thing outstanding since it never had them before. I’m giving this together a high rating since no matter just how you swing it, scream Factory/Anchor Bay’s presentation of the Halloween 6 Producer’s Cut is choose watching a whole entire new film on this Blu-ray. Seriously, while familiar, that felt favor I’d never ever seen this movie before and I’ve probably seen the Producer’s reduced over 30 time in my lifetime.

Depth: There’s some strong examples in the tunnel sequences early with the orderlies roll Jamie come delivery. Much more highlights include the finish chase scene and the barn sequence with Jamie.

Black Levels: Blacks space rich and also the substantial crushing issue present in the theatrical Blu-rays is no longer here. Blacks add to the atmosphere yet don’t hide any detail.

Color Reproduction: Oranges and also browns are strong. This movie has constantly had sort of faded colors to add to the loss feeling.

Flesh Tones: meat tones are natural and consistent. Information is quite high. Wrinkles, stubble and also blemishes space all accounting for.

Noise/Artifacts: A healthy layer of serial compliments the image. During one the the last scenes, a shoot of Mitchell Ryan on the ground has actually a brown line right through it. Not a large deal though.



Audio Format(s): English 5.1 DTS-HD MA, English 2.0 DTS-HD MA

Subtitles: English

Dynamics: This is a pretty an excellent track with an emphasis on the sound effects. The score sounds rich and also ever present. Ns was rather impressed with exactly how loud, including and active this was. The makers didn’t half ass anything on here and also really want to do this release count, and also it absolutely shows.

Low Frequency Extension: Subwoofer enhances some score, doors slamming, dare crashing and stabbing stabbing stabbing.

Surround Sound Presentation: Creepy ambient noises and also some short volume score come with the rear speakers. Also creepy noises and such in the hospital. Best to left works and designated thunder hits room planted approximately as well.

Dialogue Reproduction: conversation is clear and also front heavy. The baby’s crying does height a small early on, however nothing else really bothersome occurs.



This is the motherload and also complete dream of mental come true. Not just do we have actually the Producer’s Cut, but BONUS functions for Halloween 6 which has been fully ignored in the department its whole lifetime. There room some human being I yes, really wish lock could’ve had come ago for this, but some that them appear on the Halloween: 25 years Of Terror DVD from a decade ago, therefore that makes up for it a little. But, i can’t complain, this is outstanding.

Audio Commentary with Writer Daniel Farrands and also Composer Alan Howarth – Farrands leader the method in this terrific informative commentary the I’m certain he’s been wait for year to do. While quiet not even close come what his original script envisioned, the does think this is the finest version that the film and does comparisons to his script and theatrical cut throughout. Howarth ns don’t think has actually really kept up through the film together much, together he mentions electrical guitar gift in the score and also that only appears in the theatrical cut.

Acting scared – A Look at The Film’s cast (HD, 19:25) – Mariah O’Brien and also JC Brandy who played Beth and older Jamie in the movie talk about their experience and what they’ve excellent since. Mariah also talks about how she to be the internal designer because that Edgar Wright’s house and how he lost his mind as soon as he realized that she was. He even wanted to have world over because that a distinct screening that the film through her there. Edgar Wright…a huge fan that Halloween 6, that’s awesome.

The shape Of points – A Look at Michael Myers’ Murders and Mayhem (HD, 11:36) – John Carl Buechler, Brad Hardin and also Michael Myers self George p Wilbur talk around the effects and also stunts offered on the film. They additionally discuss exactly how the film take it a different tone and also direction as soon as they acquired called ago for reshoots. Also, also though Wilbur to be shitcanned from playing Michael in the reshoots, that still remained on to carry out the stunts and also even cameo’d in a scene. What a pro.

Haddonfield’s Horrors – The Sights the Halloween 6 (HD, 11:17) – Directory the Photography Billy Dickson and set Designer Bryan Ryman take us through the look and appeal that Halloween 6 aesthetically.

A Cursed “Curse” – an Interview v Producers Malek Akkad and Paul Freeman (HD, 10:00) – The basic rundown of just how the shooting went, the test screenings and the reshoots of the film. Both favor this cut over the theatrical.

Full one – an Interview through Composer Alan Howarth (HD, 7:27) – A kind of mish mash around his work-related on both cuts of the film.

Jamie’s Story – one Interview v The original “Jamie” actress daniel Harris (HD, 7:35) – Finally, the actress sits down and also detail by information sets things straight around what walk down v her and not being in this film. She’s briefly questioned why in the past, but here’s the totality thing, no holds barred.

Cast and Crew Tribute come Donald Pleasence (HD, 3:07) – Some that the cast and crew interviewed for this release comment on what a joy and also professional the legendary actor who played the fabled Dr. Loomis was to work-related with top top his last film.

Teaser Trailer – Halloween 666: The origin Of Michael Myers (HD, 1:01) – The an initial trailer for the movie that showed up on a most horror home video clip releases features an alternate title because that the film.

Archival Interviews and also Behind The scenes Footage (HD, 8:00) – EPK interviews for the film featuring Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan and also Director Joe Chappelle. No one of these world came earlier for this release (Pleasence obviously has actually his reasons), so its nice to have something also if it to be these folks at your happiest and most promotionalist functioning on the film.

Behind The scenes Footage (HD, 24:04) – Personal video clip that Daniel Farrands shot throughout the first week of shooting the film. Functions some cast and also crew interaction and also the set up and shooting of a few scenes.

Alternate and Deleted scene – Not present In Either cut Of The film (HD, 7:24) – Includes an alternative opening sequence that ns never also knew existed and surprisingly wasn’t supplied in the theatrical cut of the film as it fits with the finishing of that film.

Electronic push Kit (HD, 4:51) – This is a quick little video marketing the film, special the interviews and also Behind The scene footage featured in the Archival Interviews bonus feature.



This is that Halloween fans, you obtained what you’ve to be dreaming of and probably better than you might have possibly imagined. Unless Paul Rudd or Joe Chappelle desire to come the end of the woodwork or we have the right to somehow speak come Donald Pleasence in the afterlife, friend there’s not much else you require from this release. That perfect. The minute this came in the mail yesterday ns couldn’t help myself from popping it in. Had to view this immediately. Can not think what remained in my hands. And also yeah, the totality time ns was watching it, i was completely geeking out and my love for the Halloween franchise had certainly one that its biggest and most fond moments I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Anchor Bay and Scream manufacturing facility for finally putting the end something us all believed we’d never see pertained to fruition. And you didn’t just acquire it the end there, you cure it prefer royalty and also gave it one of the best releases any film might ever hope for.

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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers – The Producer’s Cut on Blu-ray is only accessible for acquisition as a part of Halloween – The finish Collection deluxe Edition available September 23rd, 2014. The is not available for individual purchase. Pre-order using the link below.