We every love that legendary line "Hail come the king, baby" from the theatrical ending of army of Darkness. An excellent great stuff.

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I to be wondering if Sam Raimi or Bruce ever talked around how the line came about, and also if it's a recommendation to anything? I assumed it might be an Elvis thing, yet I haven't discovered reference to Elvis having actually said that. Is Ash in that movie the first person to say this classic phrase?


The distributor insisted ~ above a reshooting a happy ending because the original was so bkeak. For this reason they slapped with each other a ridiculous over the top finishing under the concept of "how is there claimed to it is in a "happy" ending? something stupid like this?"

But they love it and so walk a bulk of fans that never also saw the original finishing for years.

"Hail come the king" has actually been around forever. The cgaracter states "baby" transparent the film. There's nothing special about it. Fight it out Nukem 3D stealing present from films only made the a thing.

Right on, yep I've viewed the different versions and endings. I'll popular music on few of those commentary tracks to hear part thoughts on that ending.

For me it's a really an excellent line, it's basic but somehow it's a timeless classic, it's just always interesting when something legendary prefer that has only been approximately since 1992.

Even without infant on the end, ns wonder if "Hail come the king" has actually been used as memorably in a movie prior. Additionally love duke Nukem. I carry out remember in Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (1974) somebody claims he's like a king if complimenting him.

Speaking of origins of one liners, this line, was likewise said by duke Nukem. Duke has an additional one liner that's popular, 'I'm below to absent ass and chew balloon gum, and also I'm all the end of bubble gum".

That line was taken from the 1988 man Carpenter film, castle Live.

I'm a huge fan of battle each other too, also the cover arts of battle each other Nukem 3D is based upon the military of Darkness poster. Fun stuff. And also Piper rocks in lock Live because that sure. Duke additionally uses Dirty Harry and also John McClane lines and whatnot.

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