You downloaded the game and also you must select an original server for her account as soon as you log in in because that the an initial time.But what are servers?Can we still play with world from other servers?You will uncover answers to your inquiries in this article!


Players generally use the ax server as identified with world, in to compare with various other MO’s. However, in Guildwars 2, the map instances are created on a online server that is common by every worlds.

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Servers (Europe)Servers (North America)
Baruch bay Ehmry Bay
Elona reach Jade Quarry
Abaddon's Mouth Northern Shiverpeaks
Gunnar's HoldTarnished Coast
Ring that FireYak's Bend
Aurora GladeFerguson's Crossing
Whiteside RidgeHenge that Denravi
DesolationCrystal Desert
Miller's Sound Fort Aspenwood
Dzagonur Sorrow's Furnace
Fissure the WoeIsle of Janthir
Fort Ranik Stormbluff Isle
Kodash Maguuma
Drakkar Lake Sea the Sorrows
Far ShiverpeaksBorlis Pass
Jade Sea Eredon Terrace
BlacktideGate of Madness
Arborstone Devona's Rest
Vizunah Square Darkhaven
Piken SquareAnvil Rock
Riverside Sanctum that Rall
Seafarer's RestDragonbrand
Augury absent
Ruins of Surmia

Original server

Players pick an original server when they connect to the video game for the an initial time. This determines the server you will stand for in World versus World. All your characters will be connected to this initial server.


The an ar corresponds come the ar of the data centerthat will collect info related to your account. This has nothing come do directly with her geographical location.

Players from phibìc America cannot play v players from Europe. Only Private Messages, Letters and Black Lion Trading firm (BLTC) space shared in between EU and NA.


Unlike most MMOs, all players in the same an ar can beat together. Once a player beginning a zone, that is inserted on the same map as any type of other player in the same an ar until the map is considered full (in which case a new map will be created).

To be able to identify which map you room on, that is feasible to use the /ip command and take into account the number just prior to the 2 points. (This is what football player usually carry out for meta-events with strong influence)Example: If the ip is, think about that you room on IP map 124.
as soon as there are multiple execution of a map, the game"s priority is to gain you and also your friends, group or squad members, guild members or members of the very same server together first. Because that the EU region, priority is additionally given come the native language sustained by the game.Example: If you play with the game in English language, you will be more likely to be through English speaking players rather than with French speaking players.

If you space in a group and also you think you room on the very same map together them and also all the members space greyed out, then they are probably in one more instance that the same map.

To sign up with players in a group who beat on an additional map, just right-click on your portrait or name and also do "Join ".Tip : it is feasible that the map is full, and also that you cannot sign up with this map. Carry out not hesitate come insist, seat are occasionally available!

WvW servers association

Server associations (not to be puzzled with megaservers) are certain to World versus World. Lock consist in a team of servers from the same an ar to struggle on the maps dedicated to WvW.

Servers associations space renewed about every two months.Servers associations space mainly based on the server population.

Guesting, a feature that ended up being useless

Since the advent of the megaserver, guesting is no longer useful. Through this feature, you deserve to temporarily join another server because that the purpose of playing through a friend there, because that free.

On the Character an option screen, click on "Worlds Selection", then choose the world you desire to join before clicking top top the "Guest" button.You join this civilization until your following disconnection,WvW is forbidden to you and also the bonuses the this game mode,You deserve to only reach maximum 2 worls /24h and only in the original an ar (EU or NA).

To transport your account native one server come another, walk to the character an option tab and also click "World Selection". You will then have accessibility to a window that screens the servers, their location (region) and their population.

Choose the new server and click Transfer.

The price fluctuates according to the current populace of the location server:

With one account without any type of characters: complimentary (up come one per week).To a low populace server: Free.To one average populace server: 500
To a high population server: 1000
​To a an extremely high populace server: 1800
​To a full server: difficult to transfer.

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Players that switch servers will certainly not earn WvW Skirmish point out in the next two WvW games (for a minimum that 7 days and a best of 14 days).