This is the illustration I’ve been wait for. Together a mental health and wellness advocate in ~ my own university, I recognize how difficult it is to be a black human in college and the tension that entails. This illustration highlighted so numerous important and often unaddressed issues. I loved it.

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My TV was offering me problems, hence the lack of write-up on Wednesday but we don’t need to talk about all that. Let’s gain into this recap.



The episode starts off with another party at Hawkins. It’s the sort where everyone has actually their own headphones, listening come music. Everyone seems to be having actually a good time and we’re adhering to this one dude v white dreadlocks, P. J., who’s dapping the guys up. The goes right into his room and also the next time he come out, it’s with paramedics.

Zoey’s monologue goes end it all, talking about how university is talked about as this super interesting time however when you acquire there, a many the time you just feel stressed and overwhelmed.


P. J.’s event is a wake up up contact for Aaron. Apparently, P. J. Was posting a the majority of depressing points on Twitter leading approximately the incident. Doug speak the boys that v all this rappers make music about depression, a lot of civilization are simply in it for the flex, making it harder to take them seriously.

Aaron feels favor this is a serious problem so the calls the Hawkins citizens together to talk around mental health. He tells them he’s got shrimp and also everyone’s actual hurt when they obtain there and there’s no shrimp.


Aaron asks the team a collection of questions around their mental health and the struggles they’ve had.

At first, no one’s really taking it seriously however then Jordyn Woods’ character, Dee, starts to open up up about her own mental wellness issues. She’s had trouble adjusting come the anxiety of college and lacking her parents. Some days, it’s difficult to gain out of bed.

Apparently, she visited the health and wellness Center around it but the therapist was an old white lady that didn’t seem to take she seriously. Not to cite that she was put on a 2-week wait for a fifteen minute appointment.


Aaron decides the this is an issue that’s bigger than himself. The tries talking to Dean Telphy about it. Charlie’s law a juice cleanse and also trying come beat the mechanism by drink it all in one day. Aaron tells him that’s not exactly how it works, yet Charlie begs to differ.

Aaron speak to Charlie about the problems that the Hawkins students are having and how lock don’t have a single black therapist in the health Center. Charlie claims they’ll be bringing in some temporary therapists to take care of the long waiting list. Aaron asks him what wake up if these difficulties aren’t temporary.

This is the an initial time I’ve ever seen Charlie take something seriously. He tells Aaron that would help if he could, however there’s just not sufficient money in Cal U’s Budget. Aaron tells him that Cal U has sufficient money come build brand-new arenas for black bodies, yet not enough money for black minds.


While this is all going on, Zoey has actually been garbage by the college of Fashion. She tries talking to she girls around it however they don’t yes, really take she seriously, they’re busy watching a documentary about a 500 lb man.

Zoey speak to Luca around it when trying some of his impressive zucchini bread and also he suggests that she check out other options. She decides that she could be interested in psychology (which wake up to it is in my major).

Zoey’s sitting at one of the coffee shops on campus, thinking around her possible new major, when Aaron comes in. They have actually a heart to heart around what they’re each struggling with.

Zoey opens up around how lot fashion way to her and also how it have the right to be used to spark social change. Aaron talks around how little the institution cares as soon as it comes to the mental health and wellness of black students. It’s a great talk and also they finish up giving each various other some an excellent advice.

Aaron decides to start a black color Minds issue charity and also Zoey end up creating her own major, Sociology the Fashion.


Luca come by Hawkins v his signature zucchini bread for Aaron. They have actually a really mature talk about mental health and Luca admits the he’s had actually his own struggles. That actually assumed that Aaron to be the one with the incident yet they end up pretty cool.

The girls all go to Fundie operation which is this huge celebration for advertising your major. Among them end up falling, ns think it was Sky.

The critical scene is Aaron wade the halls in Hawkins and hearing some “Sad Boy” music exterior one that the rooms. He busts in, no wanting to take any chances. Turns out the world inside were creating life, not ruining it.



This entirety episode had me beaming. It to be so well done and accurate. Stuff favor this wake up all the moment in college and it needs to be speak about. There’s such a substantial stigma surrounding psychological health and asking because that help, and also it’s particularly straining in the black color community.

I loved all these mature and unproblematic discussions. The one for Hawkins reminded me that the discussions we’ve had at my school’s black Student Union and the national Council of Negro women (NCNW) meetings top top mental wellness in the black community. It’s miscellaneous we must all be talk about.

I like exactly how Zoey’s story was weaved into this so well. But, i don’t desire Zoey and Aaron earlier together. I know I to be rooting for them together at the finish of last season and even the beginning of this season, yet now I’d rather Zoey just do her own thing. She doesn’t require a man.

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Aaron is officially uncancelled. He looks choose he’s back to the Aaron i knew and loved critical season. The Aaron who was fighting because that a reason he thought in, fighting because that his people. Ns respect that and I think he’s walk in the best direction.

How did friend feel about this week’s episode?

Would you shot out Luca’s zucchini bread?

Are friend a pan of Jordyn Woods’ character?

How carry out you manage your mental health?

What perform you think will take place next week?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!