over there are tons of items come be found in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, and also many deserve to be tricky to find. However, this 3 tips will help you find one.

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evan, the protagonist, at swift solutions and talking to min-ti.
There are a ton of items offered for crafting and the plenty of quests (thankfully numbered for easy-tracking) uncovered in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. One the the video game tells football player they might need prior to actually making stated item easily attainable is Grass-Green Thread.

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The finest advice to get about this is to merely do the key quests until around mid-way or more into thing 4, as specific quests and opportunities unlock ~ above completing particular objectives in the world. When that criterion has been met, it will be basic to discover this reclusive resource.

These room the 3 best ways to get Grass-Green Thread:

finish Min-Ti"s sidequest to buy Grass-Green Thread from Swift solutions loot it together a drop indigenous foes or pick it up turn off the soil in the rolling Hills area

completing Min-Ti"s Sidequest (011)

quest giver in goldpaw.
Min-Ti"s sidequest deserve to be uncovered in Goldpaw and also should be controllable for any kind of player approximately level 18. This quest can only be offered part-way or more through chapter 4, so be certain to carry out those main quests very first before one bothers come look for any kind of Grass-Green Thread. After perfect Min-Ti"s task, football player will obtain 5 Grass-Green Thread as a reward and 500 Exp and 360 G.

shop the sells the thread and many other things.
roughly the same allude in the game, players have the right to hit up Goldpaw"s Swift Solutions merchant to trade in Tokens that Gratitude obtained from searches for a plethora the vibrant and also diverse items; one of which is the sought after Grass-Green Thread.

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They expense 10 tokens each, so be sure to save up before attempting come buy any. Swift remedies becomes an extremely handy later on on, because of this learning how to make the many of this widespread seller chain would certainly be useful in the lengthy run. Taking a look in ~ the Grass-Green object here, players can see listed below its description that much more can perhaps be found in the rolling Hills area.

map showing rolling hills.
These eco-friendly hillocks space found across the bridge just south that Ding Dong Dell and then a bit to the east. Here, if one walks roughly enough, lock will discover Grass-Green Thread as items that generate randomly in the world. Players can likewise fight enemies in this region for some EXP and G together well, if just ambling around the area waiting for cost-free items to respawn is also boring.

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