Psalm 138:2I will bow down toward your divine temple andwill praise your surname for your unfailing love and also your faithfulness.

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Psalm 34:15“The eye of the Lord space on the righteous,and his ears room attentive to their cry.

Man have the right to Sit High but His see is Finite


Looking the end the home window Mountains looked choose Bumps up the Land

Our God sits high but hugs low. Part believers say, God is far yet he is near; God seems beyond reach however he is within reach; ours God is transcendent (far off) yet he is immanent (close together my breath). Recently I satellite on a airplane as it travel to California. Having completed work on my laptop, i gazed the end the window. It to be a clear, sunny, cloudless day. From mine eagles see in the ship of the plane, I looked the end the home window and all at once in one glance i saw countless miles that the see below. Hills looked like tiny bumps; rivers and highways looked choose bits of object winding v the bump that were mountains. If there were buildings of everything height and also width, if there were watercrafts on the rivers or car on the roadway if whatever size, every were too minute to be discerned with the person eye. I believed with excitement what a view!

The most High God: His watch is Infiniti: ad Inifinitum


God sees ad Ifinitum

my restricted view as soon as I sat high, I experienced for countless miles. However when ns walked low, my eye saw just a few feet. If through my minimal view, limited mind, and minimal abilities I might have seen every one of this in ~ one glance, climate what around my God, the creator of this world; the one who created me. He that sits high in the heavens, he sees not just a thousand mile at as soon as with one glance, yet he constantly sees the totality universe “ad infinitum” or every at once. Earth, Mars, Saturn and also all other planets relocating in your differing orbits, Sun, Moon and also Stars travel in their miscellaneous galaxies, they space at every times all at once within in his view. He sits high in the heavens, and he knows all “ad infinitum” or continuously.

The most High God go Low: His check out is still Infinite

This one, who sits high, the walks and also looks low. What does this mean? It means that he sees in the very same manner together one that walks under below, who walks upon the ground. While in this self-same situation, at one glance, I have the right to see just a couple of feet in prior of me, and can just then awareness the true size and also minute information of points that dot my surroundings. But our awesome God, the sees the whole planet as it is without border or hindrance, that sees room ad infinitum. He is a Creator, the is Holy, the is Adoni (Lord), he is Elohim (Creator and Judge), he is El Elyon (God many High) but he is likewise Jehovah Shammah the one who is over there or that is close to to us.This divine one, this one that is high and lifted up, this one that sees galaxies as they swirl by and also calls the planet his footstool (Isaiah 66:1), that is near. That sees the minuscule details of our lives and even the variety of hairs on our head (Matthew 10:30). Our God to know the start from the end; he to know our past, present future all at once; and also he knows all the impacted, impacts and also will influence our life. Mine God to know my joys; my God to know my pain; he to know my friends and also hidden enemies; he sees that will encourage, and who will certainly sabotage. He who sits high, looks low to see, to watch and, to protect his children.


The lord sits High and looks Low

Psalm 34 verse 15 claims “The eyes of the Lord space on the righteous, and his ears room attentive to your cry.”Psalm 56: 8 tells us that “You number mine wanderings; placed my tears into Your bottle; room they no in your book?Psalm 139:3 you discern my going out and also my lying down; you are acquainted with all my ways.Psalm 139:16 your eyes saw my unformed body; every the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them concerned be.

God most High sits High and Hugs Low


Our lord Hugs Low

All of this verses speak of the most High God, the one who sits high in heaven. That not just looks low into our lives, he likewise hugs low. The is attentive come our every cry; he takes our tears and hide castle in a bottle; that knows as soon as we lie down; he knows once we walk out; and he knew us while us were developed in our Mother’s womb. Oh! Eyebrow Burner, the one before whose throne the Angels cry “Holy, Holy, Holy”, he will certainly come short to wipe our noses together we weep. The most High God said, “I have loved you, mine people, through an everlasting love.

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v unfailing love i have drawn you to myself” (Jeremiah 33:3B). Followers of Jesus Christ, our God, is much yet the is near; God seems beyond our each however he is in ~ reach; our God is transcendent yet he is immanent. Our mr God sit High, and He hugs low. Be motivated today!

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