God is quiet on the throne. No issue what"s walk on in the world or in her life today, there"s a larger picture. God sees that all. He"s in control.

Looking roughly you today, does it look prefer God’s in control? us live in a collapse world. Some days we find ourselves appalled at the brokenness, sin, and also chaos.

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The Bible, which is the government on all things True, tells us that God is quiet on the throne.

The world,your flesh,the opponent of her soul,your circumstances…would every lead friend to believe otherwise.

When life begins to cloud our vision, where space the Bible verses that prove God is tho on the throne? what’s a “God is tho on the throne scripture”?

We require a new perspective.

Look to the King

Pause for a moment. Take a step back from what’s going ~ above in your world right now and also look up.

There sits the King on His throne.

Think about this: as a boy of God, her Father is in charge! he is a loving Father and He’s acquired this!


When girlfriend remember that you’re on the next of victory, that you’re a son of the King who has currently won, fear can take it a back seat.

“The mr is mine light and my salvation;whom shall ns fear?The mr is the stronghold of mine life;of who shall i be afraid? (Psalm 27:1)

Psalm 2 reminds us that Christ is worthy of our praise, honor, allegiance, and also worship. Read the whole chapter. Seriously. Take the end your holy bible or click the link and also worship the King that sits on the throne. It is in reminded of these life-giving truths:

He is a simply God.He is the One we serve and live for.It is that alone we should fear.He is our King.When we placed our trust in Him, we are blessed.

Worship the King

No issue what it looks choose right now, God is quiet on the throne. The reigns today, the King of Kings. He is sovereign over every things. Naught happens outside the scope of His power and also authority.

You still have to live her life. Her circumstances more than likely won’t miraculously be solved in an instant. We’re not referred to as to live in refusal of reality.

But I deserve to promise you that the anxiousness of her heart deserve to disappear. You have the right to know a peace that passes every understanding… a tranquility that makes no sense, a peace that seems difficult in light of those happening right now (Philippians 4:4-7).

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Look up. Open up your Bible. Check out the truth around who God is. Be reminded the His majesty as our King.