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Brvery own eyes are my favorite kind of eyes (despite having green eyes).

Brvery own isthe many commoneyeshade. Between 55 and also 79 percent ofpeopleworldwidehave brvery own eyes.

Dark brvery own eyes are a lot of common in Africa, East Asia, and also Southeast Asia, while light brown eyes deserve to be uncovered in West Asia, Europe, and America.

People via brown eyes are sassist to be independent, self-confident, identified, sympathetic, and willing to assist others.

In anime, I noticed that many personalities have blue eyes yet once it comes to brvery own eyes it was (oddly) not as prevalent as I had formerly believed.

I likewise noticed that there are many anime personalities via gold brown or amber-brown eyes in anime and also I honestly didn’t understand if it’s 100% legit to include them here but I did it anymethod. By the way, inspect out this list of the brown-haired anime cuties too!

This list was developed according to MaL given that I wanted to incorporate the most renowned brown-eyed beauties right here. C.C. from Code Geass was skipped because her eyes are pucount gold with no brown color (correct me if you think it’s untrue, I am actually curious).

Here are the 20 Best Anime Girls With Brown Eyes!

Bonus #21: Misaki Ayuzawa


Misaki is a really hardfunctioning and also independent young girl. Since her family is in debt, she enrolled at an inexpensive high school, Seika, and works part-time as a maid in a massist café—unknowingly to her classmates. She becomes the initially female president at Seika thanks to her consistent diligence.

I remember being motivated from watching her occupational endlessly, research at night, and also even take on others’ work. If you lack catalyst, simply watch Mhelp sama! and you will certainly gain encouraged to job-related hard on your dreams, studies, work… you name it! Misaki, you rock!

20. Sawako Kuronuma


You watch the resemblance to Sadako Yamamura, right? Even the names are similar!

While her looks could creep you out a little, she is a kind-hearted and hoswarm girl who desires to make friends choose any type of other plain high schooler. Unfortunately, her classmates discover her scary and mistake her timid and sweet demeanor through malicious intent.

Don’t worry, though! Things will certainly change once she befriends the many renowned boy in her course.

19. Shinoa Hiiragi


Shinoa has a sarcastic and stoic attitude which can annoy you a little bit. She also loves to tease others in a playful means.

She is a leader of the Shinoa Squad, which is a part of theJapanese Imperial Demon Army. As a leader, she keeps her calm and sticks to a strategic strategy. Shinoa never truly cared about anyone till her existing squad was formed.

18. Mitsuha Miyamizu


Mitsuha is a 17-year-old girl living in the rural tvery own of Itomori that yearns for a life in Tokyo.

When it pertains to her personality, she is a caring, sort, established, and adventurous girl who simply wishes to explore the human being outside of her hometvery own.

17. Lucy Heartfilia


This blonde-haired beauty is a member and also a wizard of the renowned guild called Fairy Tail, the strongest Guild in the Kingdom ofFiore.

She is a compassionate, caring, and sweet girl that is fairly confident in her looks (no wonder, she is adorable). She gives her all for the sake of her guild and friends.

Lucy would be a full-time blogger in our civilization however in the Fairy Tail Universe, she is in the process of writing her very own novel around her adendeavors through Fairy Tail.

16. Kyouko Hori


Kyokou is thought about a well-known and caretotally free girl at school. However, she is completely different in her normal “home state”. She works difficult to encertain that her little brvarious other is taken treatment of in location of her always absent parents. This reasons her to not have actually any type of time for the usual fun-filled social life of normal teenagers.

She seems to be a masochist however only once it involves her boyfriend. She periodically enjoys being shouted at and also (gently) hit by him.

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15. Kosaki “Dera-chan” Onodera


Kosaki isa thoughtfuland also good-hearted girl who is exceptionally easygoing and famous at school.

She is the caring waifu kind who would make sure to constantly aid you out as soon as you need her & take care of you in instance of sickness.

14. Mirai Kuriyama


Mirai is the single survivor of a Spirit World Warrior-clan through the ability to manipulate their very own blood. She was embraced however preserved in isolation bereason of her powers.

Due to the fact that the majority of Spirit World Warriors slay Youmu (starray hostile creatures) to make money, it’s supposed that she must carry out this also to make her ends meet. However before, she is exceptionally fearful of encountering a Youmu and also fairly spends time writing blog write-ups about bonsai trees.

13. Sasha “Potato Girl” Blouse


Sasha is a member of theSurvey Corps, the branch of theMilitarya lot of actively connected in directTitancombat, Titan examine, human growth, and also external expedition.

She is a friendly, lively girl who speaks in a really annoying polite manner.

The initially point that struck me when I experienced her enjoying her stolen potato throughout the training was that she is similar to me—I’m also a compulsive eater, commonly eating when feeling stressed.

She appears to endure the best joy while eating delicious food, which is probably led to by her past experiences in her village wright here she had to hunt and find food in order to survive.

12. Yuki Nagato


Yuki Nagato is a humanoid interface through the appearance of an ordinary North High student.She is also a member of an unofficial college club dubbed the SOS Brigade, which has actually multiple abnormal members.

Because she is an alien, she has trouble conveying emotions despite having actually a substantially excellent understanding of what various other world feel.

As she participates in the SOS Brigade, she gradually starts to understand also what it suggests to be a humale.

11. Chizuru “Mizuhara Chizuru” Ichinose


If you desire to rent a girlfriend, she must be your initially choice. She have the right to truly provide what would certainly one take into consideration a lovely girlfrifinish experience—holding hands, laughing at your jokes, and being very sweet.

Too negative that’s not really her ‘actual self’. In fact, she is a 100% tsundere!

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10. Himeko Inaba


Himeko is calm and logical, however she’s also quite blunt and socially awkward.

She discovered her initially real friends after The Student Cultural Society college club was created. Himeko is its vice president. While they are meant to research miscellaneous societies, they commonly spend time goofing around.

In spite of her hard shell and also regular intake of foul language, she is incredibly consideprice of her friends and will certainly execute everything in her stamina to keep the team together.

9. Nagisa Furukawa


Nagisa would be my ideal friend if she existed in reality.

While her body is very frail, she is not bitter at all, quite the oppowebsite, really! She is a little bit bashful but she is constantly sweet to others—even strangers.

8. “Cat Burglar” Nami


Did you know that Nami is worth 66,000,000 Belly? Yep, that’s the bounty on her head!

She is the navigator of a renowned pirate crew dubbed Straw Hat Pirates. She can be described as shrewd, smart, and loyal to her friends. Her dream is to make a map of the entire human being (good luck, Nami!).

7. Nishimiya Shouko


Nishimiya is a deaf girl that doesn’t let her discapability specify her. Regardless of struggling with bullying and having actually no friends, she still continues to try her best.

She is able to forgive those that wronged her and also is a really sweet person who doesn’t hold any grudges despite the horrible therapy she obtained in the previous.

Honestly, she made me cry. I won’t spoil yet her story is extremely emotional and it reflects battles with depression and also suicidal thoughts.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya


Are you an simple human? Well, poor luck! Haruhi has no interemainder in those. Everything plain renders her bored to death!

She is completely propelled by her desire to live an extrasimple life. Excelling both in athletics and also academics, she produced the SOS Brigade to entertain herself. The SOS Brigade is an unofficial school club that is filled with abnormal world. Ironically, she doesn’t realize this and she additionally has subconscious reality-transforming powers of which she has actually no expertise.

5. Mikoto Misaka


Mikoto has actually always been among my optimal anime characters. The factor why I adore her so a lot is that she always protects those that are in need without hesitation, risking her own life for the sake of others. And did I forget to say that she is a tsundere?

She is additionally the 3rd strongest Esper (an Esper is someone that has actually artificial superpowers) & the strongest Electrograsp.

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4. Erza Scarlet

Anime: Fairy Tail

Erza is one of the a lot of effective meras in the series.

She is confident, strong, strict, and also exceptionally caring. She is a leading type of perchild that regularly scolds others for their negative behavior, which is normally something Natsu or Gray perform, like once they fight each other and also make a lot of mess. In spite of that, they all love each other as if they were siblings, and also both Natsu and Gray have actually utter respect for Erza, both as a person and a mage.

Due to the fact that she is so powerful and also independent, she is the one that protects and leads others. She has actually shown many times that she is capable of holding her very own in fight versus immensely powerful enemies, which renders her stand also out from the ‘Please conserve me, I am just a usemuch less cute anime girl’ trope. She is a natural-born leader and also also became the seventh guild understand throughout the Alveraz arc.

Erza is an excellent example of a perfect waifu. She is feminine, protective, and also has always shown loyalty towards her friends, enin the time of even torture in order to protect her dear comrades.

3. Revy


Let me tell you one thing—you don’t desire to have actually this girl as an foe. Revy is ruthmuch less, sadistic, and quick-tempered and also doesn’t hesitate to kill people—even unequipped civilians—through no remorse.

A formidable ally and a very dangerous enemy.

2. Asuna Yuuki


The second area is booked for one of the finest waifus out there called Asuna Yuuki.

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She looks like a princess but she is additionally professional in combat—herskillsvia the rapier earned her the nickname “The Flash”.

Apart from that, she is a really kind-hearted, loyal and, loving girl as soon as she warms approximately someone.

1. Taiga “Palmpeak Tiger” Aisaka


The #1 most popular brown-eyed girl is our favorite Palmtop Tiger.

While she can look favor a kawaii loli that have to be petted, she is a tsundere so I would certainly not threat it if I were you!

In the end, she manages to escape the tsundere jail and also becomes the actual sweet Taiga who was covert deep inside.