As the cuteness continues when it pertains to Ava and also Auggie, Riley’s group of friends begin to have second thoughts around their rift. Particularly as they establish they space no much longer kings and also there is so much to learn. Something i beg your pardon is easier to perform together than apart.

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Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Auggie, remain (Ava & Auggie)

As with component 1, the friendship in between Ava and Auggie is just so cute. The is make the efforts his finest to current himself as something stable in her life, and you can tell she appreciates it. Come the point as lot as civilization may argue over their shipping that Riley and Lucas, Lucas and Riley, and also etc., honestly the the puppy love that Ava and also Auggie and also Smackle and also Farkle wherein you deserve to see the beauty beauty of a strong connection, no matter what the age.

Topic 2: mental THE ALAMO! (Farkle, Smackle, Zay, and Lucas)

Splitting off from Riley had actually to be done right? She is stuck in the hole because she was afraid. What is there to be afraid of? us were emperors in middle school and also we shall proceed our reign in high school. From what the seems, that is the perspective as Zay and also Lucas walk right into the locker room as Smackle and also Farkle meet with Abigail Adams’ smart kids. Then, shortly after they introduce themselves, they get massacred. Farkle and also Smackle space left emotion stupid as one kid shows off his clone and also robot, and Zay and also Lucas just gain beat increase for your arrogance.

This leaves them all wondering why walk they leave Riley and Maya? they left them alone, damaged Riley’s confidence in them and also their friendship, and also yet the guilt and embarrassment is too lot for them come reconcile. Indigenous what the seems, they rather the team splintered right into two 보다 admit they were wrong, were trying to take high college by storm, or one of two people other means you’d prefer to method it.

Topic 3: “<…> once you don’t understand what life is doing, the most essential thing friends can be is there because that each other.”(Riley & Maya)

While the majority of your friends space away, Maya and Riley continue to be in the hole watching people go by. Top them come think they might have found why the seniors placed them in the hole. It is due to the fact that they truly aren’t ready for high school. Castle see human being do more, favor making out, than they ever before did, and also witness simply what it means to be passed their age, beyond their grade, and also god how unready they space for every one of it. Yet, they room alone. Something i m sorry the seniors, Thor (Luke Benward), Francesca (Claudia Lee), and Nikki (Ashley Argota) keep in mind happened to them. They were when a large group of six, however then they split up and also grew apart. A procedure which happened naturally, yet led to things never being the same.

Thus resulting in Maya and Riley deciding to, unequal the others, just sit everyone under in the exact same place and also issue one apology. One i beg your pardon some like Lucas don’t recognize why that is coming from them, however by the episode’s end it is agreed that they will certainly all protect each other and, arguably, continue to accumulate one an additional with their loyalty, your own certain talents, and capability to persevere.

Things come Note

Cory seems to have actually won Marly over, yet I think she may finish up questioning Cory’s teaching techniques as Farkle offered to.

Collected Quote(s)

I have faith that in a brand-new place you can learn native the human being who have already been there.

— “Girl Meets High college – part 2.” Girl Meets World

<…> as soon as you don’t understand what life is doing, the most essential thing friends can be is there for each other.

— “Girl Meets High school – part 2.” Girl Meets World

Kingdoms fall. Everyone that believes castle gonna preeminence the world falls. Everyone who believes they’re strong eventually comes up against someone that’s stronger. And also every patriot fighting for a cause, they’re only as solid as the reason they’re fighting for. <…> those the cause you’re fighting for?

— “Girl Meets High college – part 2.” Girl Meets World

Now, you deserve to stay massacred or you deserve to realize the battle has just begun.

— “Girl Meets High institution – part 2.” Girl Meets World

Review Summary

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Will we see the an elderly students again?

Is Marly walking to become a reoccurring guest star favor Smackle and also Zay?


Auggie and also Ava’s connection to me, alongside Farkle and Smackle, i think to represent the healthiest showing of both son relationships and teenaged relationships.

Low Points

Though I can understand Zay and Lucas acting arrogant once walking into the football team locker room, i was left a little bit lost by Farkle and also Smackle. Not since I don’t suppose them to be confidant, yet even through them both being socially awkward you will do think they would understand their middle school education and learning doesn’t compare to a high college one. Even for Smackle who checked out an elite middle school.

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On The Fence

Sometimes I must admit the the show having issues like the triangle gain stretched out, yet the rift between friends finish within two episodes, is a little bit annoying. For while I understand somethings should be squashed conveniently for the benefit of the show, that is this routine switching in between being realistic and what is for the advantage of the show which frustrates me once watching sometimes.