Stormterror is the substantial blue dragon that players meet early on in Genshin Impact, and also getting right into its Lair in plot 3 is a complicated puzzle.

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Genshin Impact is an activity free-to-play JRPG with a enormous open world. But in addition to the huge open world comes some complicated puzzles, even more difficult than Genshin Impact"s probable inspiration, Breath the the Wild. One puzzle the is a tiny confusing is exactly how to break the seal top top the Stormterror"s Lair, together it involves collecting nine pieces and interacting through three marked areas.

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Updated might 22, 2021 by Mina Smith: As Genshin impact continues come grow, update, and also change, the information in guides have to be to update to save them pertinent to the brand-new content. This write-up has been updated for clarity, with additional photos to assist out brand-new players that are simply finding the Stormterror"s Lair for the an initial time.

Stormterror"s Lair

The Stormterror"s Lair puzzle doesn"t occur until act 3 the Genshin Impact. Players need to be about level 19 or 20 to acquire this puzzle and the Lair completed without too lot difficulty. The Lair is located in the northern part of the map that Teyvat, come the west that the starting city of Mondstadt (where players can additionally find a souvenir shop). Over there is a dark point out there, cut by water in a one pattern.

Three Stormterror Seals save Genshin influence players native entering the lair
In stimulate to obtain into the dragon"s lair in Genshin Impact, players an initial have come break 3 seals. Each seal is damaged by collecting several constellation pieces dubbed Guiding light piecares. There is one seal come the east, one to the north, and one come the west. It shows up that players must carry out these three seals in this particular order, however that is no confirmed.

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Teyvat Stormterror Lair Pillar
The seal to the eastern has 2 Guiding Light piece on the top of coliseum-like damaged pillars, which calls for players to exploit their Genshin Impact glider wings that are comparable to the glider from Breath of the Wild. It works fairly similarly; football player will have to uncover upwards gusts of waiting to be able to fly top top the pillars. The 2 pieces are located near the central pillar. Go up the stairs east of the pillar, climate look come the left. There will certainly be 2 glowing piece on colosseum-style ruins there. Paris to them making use of wind gusts and also pick both up.

Regardless that which pair Genshin Impact players choose, lock should be able to pick these pieces the very same way. Go back to the pillar and the pieces will open up the first of the three seals.

Teyvat Stormterror Lair Pillar
players can quick travel in Genshin Impact, and they have the right to make great use of it here. Between each seal, fast traveling earlier to the Lair will give them a an excellent jumping off suggest to glide come the following seal. Head come the north seal and locate the teleport waypoint pillar. The pieces have to be fairly obvious because of their glowing come the north; there will be three this time.

The west Seal is the last seal to acquire into the dragon"s Lair. Players deserve to once again quick travel to the Lair, climate fly come the west. Each of the three glowing pieces are located around the central pillar. Collection them all after defeating the enemies with the finest Genshin Impact characters and then the Seal come the Lair will be broken.

Here"s a video to assist out if players still require it:

Genshin Impact is obtainable for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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