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“Shh… this is a library!”

Gee shampoo is extra rich, extra thick — therefore it leaves your hair shiny clean and also fresh.

“I’m still wait for you to push me.”

“Gee” shampoo is extra rich, extra thick — so it pipeline your hair shining clean and also fresh. “Gee” conditioner is especially enriched to keep your hair beautiful manageable.

They both leave her hair odor terrific. Contempt spicy. Contempt flowery. And ready for compliments.

Soft, young, breezy-fresh. Prefer meadows of wildflowers in spring.

Lots of shampoos can obtain your hair clean. But“Gee, her Hair Smells Terrific” walk more. It leaves your hair smelling really terrific. Soft, young, breezy-fresh. Like meadows that wildflowers in spring.

GentleGee, her Hair Smells wonderful shampoo. And also same-fragrance, rich-rich conditioner. You’ll see. They’ll execute nice things for her hair. And for you!

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Now there’s a “Gee” because that me

Introducing the Gee because that fine, limp, frizzy and otherwise uncooperative hair

It’s brand-new Extra body Formula “Gee,” currently in shampoo and conditioner. Both have actually real protein and serious conditioners, to include fullness and bounce- both leaving hair silky-smooth, easier-to-comb.

Extra body Shampoo is 99% oil-free, to clean thoroughly, gently. Extra body Conditioner helps give hair extra manageability and shine, even if you punch dry.

Last yet not least, they execute what no various other shampoo and conditioner have the right to — castle leave your hair through that initial Gee fragrance. Prefer meadows that wildflowers in spring.

Try Extra body “Gee” Shampoo and also Conditioner. Or the initial formulas — Oily and Normal/Dry Shampoos and also Conditioner. They’re terrific!

Gee, her Hair Smells fantastic fragrance shampoo & conditioner (1978)


Gee, her Hair Smells Terrific! favor no various other fragrance around. Contempt flowery. Contempt spicy. Deliciously pretty to be near.

It look terrific, too. Clean. Soft. Full of bounce and also sunshine.

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New “Gee, her Hair Smells Terrific.” Fragrance shampoo that’s gentle together a whisper. And same-fragrance rich-rich conditioner. Shot them both.

Shampoo and conditioner through fragrance the goes to her head. And to his!

What’s lacking in this picture? (1978)

Gee conditioner. It’s terrific, too!