The Coalition release a start trailer because that Gears of battle 4 the sets up the story, highlights the main characters, and also details the brand-new threats players will certainly face.

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Gears of war 4 start Trailer - Gears of war 4 Marcus Fenix

The Coalition releases a start trailer because that Gears of battle 4 that sets up the story, highlights the main characters, and details the brand-new threats players will face.

It might be hard to believe, yet we are simply three weeks far from the beginning of Gears of battle 4. Since the game"s amazing E3 2015 expose trailer, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next video game in the critically acclaimed franchise, and in acknowledgment of that is release, The Coalition has actually put together a heart-pounding launch trailer the does a an excellent job of setup up what is certain to be an epic story.

narrated by series hero Marcus Fenix, the Gears of war 4 launch trailer describes that there to be a 25 year duration of tranquility after the occasions of Gears of battle 3. However, that peace is upended through the illustration of new, Locust-like creatures referred to as the Swarm. The mother of Kait Diaz is bring away by this creatures, and so she enlists the aid of her friends JD Fenix, Marcus"s son, and Del Walker, to help save her mom and drive earlier this new threat.

from the looks of the trailer, Kait, JD, and Del won"t it is in alone on their journey. In fact, that looks prefer Marcus Fenix will have a larger function in the campaign than formerly suggested, with sequences reflecting him strangled by a monster, and also another through him riding ~ above the earlier of a motorcycle and also shooting in ~ enemies. The trailer even seems to suggest that Marcus might bite the bullet in this entry, yet it"s unsure if this is simply a red herring to develop hype for the game.

past the Marcus Fenix scenes, there"s part other exciting moments in the launch trailer. Because that example, there appears to be a Swarm-version that a large Locust that can be checked out for a few seconds near the end. Some have even speculated that it is the antagonist indigenous the original Gears the War, general RAAM, earlier from the dead. While the can"t be evidenced at this time, if the Swarm does have the ability of reviving the dead, it might explain why they look favor Locusts, and could likewise explain just how the Zombie Dom skin is even possible.

Something rather of keep in mind in the trailer are the huge mechs the the protagonists use. While mechs room not one entirely new concept because that the Gears of War franchise, this mechs are particularly large, and also seem come be much more for transportation than engaging opponents in combat. In ~ this time, it"s tough to say whether these devices will be activate by football player or just shown in cut-scenes, but they do include an intriguing wrinkle to the farming arsenal of tools for Gears of battle 4.

This particular trailer focuses totally on the game"s campaign, but Gears of battle 4 is additionally bringing earlier the franchise"s famous multiplayer component, and also a brand-new version that Horde Mode.

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Indigenous the look at of things, the video game is shaping as much as be a finish package, so fans must be excited currently that we"re in the home stretch come its relax date.