The seven Deadly Sins are special tools in the world of Gat the end of Hell, as they all have a special residential property to them. Other than for one, the rest of the tools will require you to execute something in order come unlock it because that use.

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Greed is represented by the Diamond Sting , i beg your pardon is probably the an initial Sins weapon obtainable to you, since you might possibly obtain it native the start of the game. This weapon is uncovered in the shop, however it costs a hefty 100,000 earnings to purchase it. The Diamond Sting’s special capability is to create extra earnings for you once you kill enemies.


The Gallows Dodger is the weapon representing Pride and requires friend to carry out the “Kill Dex” diversion. After some allude near the beginning of the game, girlfriend will see Dex appear as a target nearby. Kill him and he’ll display up again later on on. Do this a total of 7 times in order to unlock this weapon. Keep in mind that he’ll gain a small more an overwhelming each time ~ you death him.

The Gallows Dodger’s special capacity comes after you death enough adversaries to to fill the meter listed below the target reticule. This activates Overkill Mode, which makes each shooting fired from the weapon explosive and much more powerful. If Overkill is activate, the meter will gradually drain, through the weapon return to normal as soon as it’s empty.


The Last Supper , Gluttony’s weapon, is gained by visiting all 3 Tacos Malos locations and also interacting through the drive-thru at every one. It’s best to wait until you hit level 15 and also can acquisition the Collectible Finder, which will certainly pinpoint the ar of every restaurant on her map. The last Supper shooting frosting and once enough is on an enemy, lock will finish up on her side and start strike their own allies.


The Sloth weapon, Armchair-a-Geddon , is probably the very first one you’ll in reality acquire, together it’s just sitting in the open human being for you to grab. After finishing increase the mission where you gain your four powers from the necessary figures in Hell, Dane will offer you a mission called “ Take a Break .“ The sole objective in this mission is to find the weapon and include it to her arsenal. This weapon has actually miniguns in every arm, and some rockets as its an additional fire.



Lust’s weapon, the Boom Chicka , is unlocked by opening all five chests the Blackbeard’s, which becomes accessible after obtaining the Summon super power near the beginning of the game. To open among these chests, girlfriend will have to uncover three Glyphs that are concealed on walls in the area surrounding the chest.

It’s finest to wait until you have actually the Collectible Finder after ~ achieving level 15, as the locations of the Glyphs will be displayed on the map. The boom Chicka will certainly basically stun opponents (make them loss in love, with hearts appearing above their heads), making them avoid attacking girlfriend and really easy targets.


Envy’s weapon, Uriel’s Edge , needs you to transform the 5 Marshalling floor in the game. To perform that, convert every one of the stones in the Ground, then an Archduke will appear on the bottom. Loss it and walk right into the central area top top the bottom to transform the Marshalling Ground.

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Once you’ve gained all five, usage one to teleport to a brand-new spot that shows up in the middle of the map, i beg your pardon is whereby Uriel’s leaf is located. This weapon, when the fire button is held down, will certainly charge up and release one explosive fireball.