Friday The 13th: The Game: The 11 finest Counselors, Ranked Friday the 13: The Game obstacles players to make it through a night v Jason Vorhees. These space the ideal counselors to play for gamers to succeed.

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Group shoot of the 10 main counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game.
In 2017, gamers to be treated come the relax of Friday the 13th: The Game, one asymmetrical multiplayer game that permitted fans of the franchise to live out their favorite crystal Lake fear fantasies. Players could assume the role of one of 14 developed counselors or together Jason himself in a fight royale enhance that tasks everyone to survive, escape, or kill before the 20-minute time border expires.

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Not all the counselors were developed equal though. Some, choose Vanessa Jones, have incredible rate but bad luck, while others favor A.J. Mason have excellent repair abilities however are physically weak. The ideal characters in the game possess a mix of an abilities that provide the player the most choices to succeed in surviving the night.

Eric LaChappa screms in terror as Jason raises his spear in Friday the 13th: The Game.
regardless of being the smartest character in the game in addition to Deborah, Eric “JR” LaChappa is the worst counselor in the game. Together the prototypical “computer geek,” LaChappa is an unfortunately personification that all that archetype’s cliches: he is slow, physically weak, and also is prone to melodramatic screaming when Jason is nearby, alerting the fixed murderer that the player’s presence and also anyone else who might be in the vicinity. He’s a character that fans that the game frequently avoid picking uneven they want a challenging challenge.

Sheldon runs away from Jason in ~ night in Friday the 13th: The Game.
based upon Larry Zerner’s nebbish personality from Friday the 13th: part 3, thought about the worst movie in the franchise, Shelly is no much much better than LaChappa. An in similar way slow and easily tired from running, Shelly is a moving target the Jason frequently goes for an initial to secure simple kill.

The one benefit Shelly has actually over many other characters is Stealth. V an 8 out of 10, he’s the masculine character to pick if a gamer’s goal is to just hide indigenous Jason for many of the match. This advantage, however, easily evaporates when Jason goes right into rage setting and, due to the fact that Shelly no have any type of other solid abilities to depend on, he’s more than likely to perish before the clock operation out.

Kenny obtaining strangled through Jason in ~ night in Friday the 13th: The Game.
there’s nothing yes, really wrong through Kenny. Together the leader of the counselors, all of his stats room average. Through a 5 the end of 10 for Strength, Stamina, Speed, Luck, Repair, Composure, and Stealth, Kenny has actually no real weaknesses to avoid him from soon dying.

He likewise doesn’t have any type of strengths that allow him come live there is no the help of others. Kenny is ideal used as a team player through fetching auto parts that will enable other characters to fix a auto or deal with the call fuse. Yet if that is through himself, the odds are much more likely he will get a machete in the crotch, a fatality replicated from Friday the 13th: part 3 the is recognized as one of the best Jason death in the series.

7 Brandon “Buggzy” Wilson

Buggzy shines a flashlight top top Chad as he phone call the cops in Friday the 13th The Game.
as the stereotypical jock that the group, Buggzy has all the good stats a player would intend in one athlete. With exceptional Strength, Speed, and also Stamina, he is just one of the couple of characters who deserve to engage in direct fight with Jason and also walk away with little to no damage.

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Buggzy’s downfall is his incredibly negative Repair, Luck, and Stealth. Come escape crystal Lake, he would need the assist of rather to gain the automobile started or to speak to the cops. In addition, Jason can conveniently detect the star athlete even in strategic hiding places. When he have the right to run away, the usually just a issue of time prior to Jason finds and also kills him.

The median girl that the group, Tiffany’s best strengths space Stealth and also Stamina. She is practically undetectable through Jason and also can operation for a lengthy time without acquiring winded. Since of these skills, Tiffany is the game’s best “fetcher” who can supply automobile or phone parts without gift discovered.

If Jason does uncover her, however, she conveniently falls apart together a advantageous character. Due to the fact that her Composure is low, she is at risk to stumbling as soon as Jason is chasing her, make her basic to record by the killer. Favor Buggzy, she Repair stats space awful, so she’d require the aid of other counselors to escape.

5 Chad Kensington

The frat young everyone loves to hate, Chad is generally selected by football player who desire to mercilessly taunt Jason. With high Luck and also Speed stats, Chad is ideally suitable to retrieve beneficial weapons and items like pocket knives that can prevent the decision Lake slasher indigenous grabbing and also killing a player right away.

With the lowest Composure out of every the masculine players and poor fix skills, Chad isn’t the finest when playing as a team with various other counselors. Yet for football player willing to endure 20 minute of non-saw chasing by Jason, Chad is the best character to quickly move around any kind of of the game’s 5 maps.

when both counselors have actually slightly various stats, both Deborah and also A.J. Re-superstructure the same general strengths and weaknesses. Both ladies have actually superior Repair and Stealth skills, permitting them to fix the vehicle battery quickly, to water gas right into the boat’s tank, or phone call the cops without Jason noticing.

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Yet their low Strength and also Speed do them delicate to assault when Jason eventually discovers them. Too weak come fight back, and too slow-moving to escape, both Deborah and also A.J. Would should escape in the auto or boat quickly to survive the night.

3 Adam Palomino

as the poor boy counselor, Adam’s studded leather jacket and long hair represent his character’s all at once toughness. With high stats in vital categories such together Repair, Strength, and also Composure, Adam is the appropriate character come play together if gamers desire to aid other counselors escape or struggle Jason directly.

His best weakness is his Luck. Through a 2 the end of 10, Adam is more than likely to begin the match next to a auto or the phone, which any type of smart Jason would go to first to ar booby trap to prevent gamers from escaping. Yet clever players deserve to neutralize this by just running away from Adam’s spawn position and to a less dangerous area of the map to collect health and wellness sprays and also pocket knives. Through his high intelligence and impressive ability to stand up to Jason"s attacks, Adam is similar to Friday the 13th part 2"s Ginny Field, whose survival an abilities rank amongst the best of Friday the 13th"s protagonists.

It’s highly likely that as soon as a player join a Friday the 13th video game lobby, they will most likely see multiple Vanessas waiting to play. This isn’t surprising together she is the quickest counselor in the game whose stamina big a long time. Through her great luck and decent strength, Vanessa is the first choice for countless players, indigenous neophytes do the efforts the game out for the very first time to pros who desire to offer Jason a great chase approximately the map.

While she can be quickly detected by Jason give her 1 the end of 10 Stealth stat, it no matter. Her remarkable Speed properly neutralizes this weakness. And also although her negative Repair skills prevent her from escaping decision Lake quickly on her own, she’s among the few characters who can outlast the clock and also simply operation away indigenous Jason once he is nearby. Vanessa"s strengths much outnumber her weaknesses, making she a worthy final Girl in the Friday the 13th franchise.

1 Fox

because that players who desire the most choices with their counselor, Fox is the finest to beat in the game. The self-described “biker chick” is the just character as well as Kenny that doesn’t have actually a stat below 3, in order to stripping her of any crippling weakness to overcome. Ever before her worst stat, Luck, is conveniently overcome by to run away indigenous her generate spot in ~ the beginning of the game.

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Furthermore, she high Strength, Composure, and Repair skills make she an reliable offensive and also defensive player. She can quickly repair boats, cars, and the phone while additionally successfully fight Jason one-on-one through the appropriate weapon. She decent Speed and Stamina permit her come beat the clock and escape from Jason if the is lucky sufficient to find her. Players rarely go wrong through Fox since she is the most strategic character with a varied and also deep skillset the will lug all types of gamers come victory.