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Freedom smoke USA top top 665 W. Valencia Rd.

Nice atmosphere and, in mine opinion, the finest vape juices in town. The friendly staff is an extremely knowledgeable. The just reason i did not provide a five-star rating is due to the fact that of their business hours. I wish flexibility Smoke USA to be open previously and/or stayed open up later.

Review by john Golembiewski

Freedom smoke USA on 665 W. Valencia Rd.

It"s the original and the one i trust. Ns can constantly rely ~ above knowledgeable employee to assist with any kind of issue ns have. I constantly found myself comes back, the quality of the juice can"t it is in beat. And also I always leave with a smile. Many thanks FREEDOM!

Review by m/Blue Dragonm/

Freedom exhilaration USA on 665 W. Valencia Rd.

Used to be able to use the restroom. Ns am 63 and had an emergency friend can"t use the bathroom even though i had actually an emergency. Quiet wouldn"t budge. Rude. Also blew a substantial cloud in our faces. Girl through a pink bun on optimal of she head. We won"t walk back. We will now go with giant Vapes dispersed products

Review by mary Ball
Freedom acting USA ~ above 665 W. Valencia Rd.

I love it right here the employee is so friendly the juices space the ideal they get the the flavor so perfectly i recommend this place

Review through Jennifer Jimenez
Freedom acting USA on 3805 W River road STE 101

I prefer that castle make your juice best on the spot, yet the just complaints ns have about Freedom Smoke space the hours they"re open (because I occupational late and sometimes can"t do it in time) or that, it"s a tiny TOO professional, for instance, ns don"t require somebody opened the door because that me ~ above my method out or method in, ns feel smothered, and I don"t prefer that, provides me feel untrusted together a consumer, also, one greeting is plenty. However it"s clean, it"s nice, but a tiny unfamiliar. I mean, it"s vapor, I"m not there to buy a Bentley. Everyone is for this reason we"ll dressed, I"d feel an ext comfortable with people being able come express themselves. Seems a tiny much, but, i digress, the service is nice, and quick because that blending the juices in house, that"s my favorite thing. I simply think the they shouldn"t shot so difficult to be professional, and to prolong the hrs a little.

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Review by Konrad Kocon
Freedom smoke USA on 3805 W River road STE 101

Always a pleasure. Nataschia gives great service and goes over and beyond.

Review through Jonathan Patzke
Freedom smoke USA ~ above 3805 W River road STE 101

Never have actually a negative thing to say every lounge ns go come is always a pleasure..but provide Rd is mine "home" keep .... Love it!!