Recently, the Tribune was informed that 4 Seasons Cinema, located off military Road and fourth Avenue, will certainly be closing within the following month, about the very first week of august or sooner.

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In a call interview v Greg Gismondi, president/owner of four Seasons Cinema Inc., he claimed the an altering of the times have captured up to the theater and also business has suffered due to the fact that of it.

“There’s a many reasons,” Gismondi said. “Business has declined for around the last five to 7 years with yearly getting worse.”

Gismondi included that v the new technologies that the world, less world are coming the end to the movies, some civilization have home theater systems, and also films space quicker and also easier to uncover through the internet.

He noted the old-style theater is not as “high-tech” as others in the area, so updates to the aging basic would expense over $100,000.

“We have an larger theater and also it’s not updated prefer the AMC or Regal,” Gismondi said. “With technology, they stopped making film, for this reason we had actually to upgrade our projectors come digital. Movies today room essentially presented from a computer. Our digital projectors room actually starting to come to be outdated, and also to upgrade is over numerous thousands the dollars. (I’ve) sort of found the brand-new equipment doesn’t last as lengthy as the old mechanically equipment.”


Despite skyrocketing expenses for upgrades, the cinema has actually stayed true to its calling of $5 because that a movie ticket, including $3 bargain Tuesdays. In the end, Gismondi claimed the business just hasn’t been profitable.

“It’s bittersweet due to the fact that I’ve been working v the theater because the ’80s. I’m not happy around it (the closing), but it’s the appropriate thing to do,” Gismondi said, note that, together costs include up, the becomes as well much.

The theater was constructed in the 1960s, yet the Amendola/Gismondi family has own it sincethe 1980s. Earlier then, it to be a two-screen theater, v auditoriums of over 400 people.

Over time, many have come and also gone, yet Gismondi praised Dan Chamberlin. He claimed Chamberlin functioned 30 years together a manager in ~ the theater, but, unfortunately, happen away 2 years ago.

“It to be his passion and also he love it,” Gismondi said.

The closing brought earlier memories of the previous for Gismondi. The owner claimed he started working in ~ the theater about the age of 16 or 17 together an usher.

“I made a the majority of friends that are still friends come this day,” the said. “I emerged relationships, observed a ton of movies. I experienced ‘Back come the Future’ a ton the times. We aired it because that six-straight months. Ns later became the manager and also learned the entirety production that the theater.”

Gismondi included that he has actually done almost everything feasible with the theater, from cleaning to box office come even an altering the huge sign along army Road.

“It was about 20 to 30 feet up and you had to gain on expansion ladder to gain to the reduced deck, then one more extension ladder to gain to the optimal deck,” he said.

Gismondi claimed that organization was a lot different back then. After beginning as a two-screen theater, the venue became a four-screen theater. Two more screens were included to accommodate an ext movies and audiences.

The 4 Seasons Cinema structure was purchase by the Joe Cecconi complicated across the street. Gismondi claimed the home will be used for automotive purposes, but will no much longer be provided as a movie theater.

For those spring to catch one last movie in ~ the old theater, Gismondi said there will likely be some concessions discounts/giveaways, but, as result of regulations collection by the film company the cinema functions with, movie tickets can not be discounted. All in all, still no a poor deal at $5 to capture a film and $3 ~ above Tuesdays.

“I’m certain we’ll discount or give away some concessions v what we have actually left,” that said.

Although it hurts to speak goodbye, Gismondi praised customers for their support over the years.

“We definitely appreciate the support. Times and also habits change, I obtain it. Ago then we had to contact someone on the phone to hang out and you had to speak to whoever’s mom and also dad first. Nowadays, children don’t talk to every other. It’s a sign of the times and things are different now and I get it. We certainly appreciate every the assistance they’ve offered us. The world is evolving and, girlfriend know, all an excellent things have actually to concerned an finish at some point,” the said.

The theatre is supposed to notice its closing online in the coming days.

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