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You can hear this line at 01:31:44 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- That sucker was relocating, wasn"t it?

- If it hit you, it"d leave a two-foot hole coming out.

- Okay, what shall we contact now?

- Let"s watch what the son feels about the old number one.

- Wild Thing delivers. Strike two!

- Forgain around the curve ball, Ricky. Give him the heater.

- Now, shit. All these pitches to pick from.

- Maybe we ought to attempt something different this time.

- Got him swinging! - Strike three!

- All appropriate, Ricky! Yeah!

- Oh, Lordy! Three right heaters, and also the Yankees are blown down.


What the hell league you been playing in? -California Penal. Never before heard of it. Well, how"d you finish up playing there? -Stole a automobile.


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Actors: Tom Berenger (Taylor), Charlie Sheen (Vaughn), Corbin Bernsen (Dorn), Dennis Haysbert (Cerrano), Wesley Snipes (Hayes), Bob Uecker (Harry Doyle), James Gammon (Lou)

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