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Wed, November 10thFall crafting because that the holidays

I don"t know around you, however I"m a last minute holiday shopper. In between getting the "kids" come actually create some sort of holiday wish list and then coordinating through other family members to not duplicate items it always seems like I"m to run to...

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Wed, November 3rdTime for soup!

by joanne Mengel

As the temperature drop the an initial thing i think of eat is warm soup. Certain - anyone have the right to open a can and also heat it increase - however there is nothing better than homemade soup to warm you increase on a chilly day. It may sound like a daunting tas...

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Tue, November 2ndWinners announced in employee pumpkin decorating contest

The winners have actually been named in the Fond du Lac publicly Library employee pumpkin decorating contest!

Based ~ above votes submitted by travellers to the key Library, to win entries are:

First place: Bluey by Susan W. (shown top top the best side of the photo)... Review More
Wed, October 27thHalloween put you in the mood for a horror novel? shot these

It’s the time the year again. When numerous of us read and watch creepy/thrilling/terrifying books and also movies and shot to get ourselves in the Halloween spirit. There are plenty of awesome and gruesome fear novels out there, yet I’m walk to to mark the...

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Tue, October 26thLearn computer basics throughout upcoming classes

Not sure just how to usage a computer? not comfortable v surfing the web? (Or understand someone who isn"t?)

A collection of classes in ~ the Fond du Lac public Library throughout the month of October and also November will certainly help.

Individuals search computer aid may st...

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