I love Christmas. Love it. The music, the movies, the delight of gift giving, the reminder of hope. Mine roommates and also I leave our Christmas tree (all six of them) up year-round. We are the real deal.

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One the my favourite Christmas movie is the will certainly Ferrell classic, "Elf." ns think it is the perfect mix of comedy, Santa and the meaning of Christmas. Girlfriend the Elf is among my favorite characters of every time. The way he lives his life fully uninhibited, v such joy and love, is something ns strive for. There space a many lessons to it is in learned native the movie, including to never shot to hug a raccoon, but one that the finest is other I shot to apply to my daily life: The password of Elves.

1. Law every day favor Christmas.

This is therefore important. No, we don"t have to give presents wrapped in reindeer-print paper to each various other every single day or have family dinner through 15 desserts every weekend. What us do need is to save the spirit of Christmas with us every day. I have the right to keep it in the tiny things prefer holding the door open for the human being walking behind me and making certain to hug mine friends every time I see them. The Christmas heart is in me once I organize on to hope. The is in me when I find joy in the mundane parts of life. Encouraging others, acting through love, holding top top hope. The is how we law every day like Christmas. And maybe eat a cookie or two.

2. There"s room for everyone on the pretty List.

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Seeing the finest in people can be hard. I shot to live by the idea that everyone is innocent till proven guilty. And then occasionally I still assume they room innocent. I think that the an ext we assume civilization to it is in kind and caring, the an ext we will discover that human being are kind and caring. If someone deserve to sense that i don"t choose them native the start, he or she probably won"t choose me either. We as humans tend to take on the function that others provide us. If civilization continually tell me that i am dumb, i will begin to believe that ns am dumb. Remembering this philosophy is crucial to living a life that joy. If ns am constantly presume the worst in people, it becomes difficult to love them. I think that Jesus always sees the ideal in us, and also does what He deserve to to draw that out of us. I want to do the very same for those roughly me. I think the that is love.

3. The best means to spread Christmas cheer is singing according to for every to hear.

Clearly, this is my favourite one. We all have that one song that us can"t assist but turn up and also yell-sing in ~ the top of our lungs through a vast smile on our faces. For me, it"s more than one song, yet I don"t know a single person that doesn"t have at the very least one. To sing is therapeutic. Music have the right to make the world melt away in a method that nothing rather can. My favorite component of this movie is in ~ the finish when Emily (Michael"s mom) start to sing along, and also she is fully tone deaf. To me, that is beautiful. Yes, individually, her voice is not pleasing, however when she is singing among all of the civilization standing outside of main Park, the sound is beautiful and also joyful. What have the right to speak an ext to the meaning of Christmas than that?

So, my friends, i hope friend will sign up with me in life by the password of Elves. I"m no saying you have to go dig around in your attic and also stick up your Christmas tree today. No that I would be protest to girlfriend doing that. I perform hope, though, that we have the right to start a tradition of holding onto hope in the midst of chaos and also love in the middle of war. With each other we space stronger. Warm up those vocal chords, take a cup of hot cocoa and also come v me as we live our lives choose Buddy the Elf.