Pairing up your units in a Fire Emblem video game isn’t exactly a new concept. These games have had 2nd generation units taking part ever since the at sight Nintendo days. We’d argue the Fire Emblem: Awakening does take it to one more level however, given that the slim amount of alternatives on offer each come your own collection of assistance conversations, never ever mind the fact that you deserve to actually pair world up in battle. It makes for one addictive device that frequently has you paying an ext attention come the relationships you’re forging 보다 the battle you’re waging.

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Not every pairings are developed equally however, so whilst we’re every fond the hooking up two unusual units, we’re here today come talk real power. We’re interested in make the most an effective second generation of systems that us can, and also whilst there are still a multitude of ways to attain this goal, the adhering to pairings room the five that we’ve discovered most useful.

Frederick & Nowi


Now there’s two names you didn’t mean to read together in this list, right? fine bear through us here. Yes we’re pairing increase the at sight stoic guy with the strange Manekete, and we’re doing it with one function in mind: make the ideal tank we perhaps can.

In reality Nah, the daughter the Nowi, deserve to turn she hand come pretty lot anything, but if you pick a heavily protective unit you deserve to turn her into a super tank, qualified of stop choke point out indefinitely. You deserve to pass down Luna, Lifetaker, all sorts that tanky skills with this pairing, yet either method the protective statistics will take Nah very far. Kellam is another option for this, however we fairly enjoy the… Novel conversations this two have with every other.

Child Unit: NahUnit Rating: supervisor Hector TankConversation Rating: Awkward

Vaike & Panne


The Taguel, the gyeongju of creature belonging to Panne, space deceptively powerful in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Their stats are really high, they’re fast and also they have the right to do some far-reaching damage. Unfortunately they have actually a far-reaching disadvantage, since certain weapons deal extra damages to ‘beast’ types, largely Lances.

Our recommendation comes through a caveat then, which is to do Panne a Griffon Rider and get her to level 15. This will certainly unlock the Lancebreaker skill, which totally nullifies she weakness to those ‘beast’ damaging weapons. This can then be passed on come Yarne, she child, along with any melee friendly an abilities you deserve to grab with Vaike. Every one of this results in a super solid fighter that can turn your hand to any kind of physical class you want.

Child Unit: YarneUnit Rating: Street Fighter VII Turbo Alpha ChampionConversation Rating: ..Strange

Lissa & Henry


You most likely weren’t expecting this one, yet our intentionally is most likely pretty clean here: We’re building the can be fried magic unit. By pairing Lissa up v Henry we’re doubling down on the magical power.

We decided to do Lissa right into a Sage come pass down things choose Tomefaire, though regardless you finish up v a miracle powerhouse. We finish up pushing Owain right into the Sorcerer role, wherein he fully demolishes totality swathes of adversaries on his own, mainly due to his Vantage skill usage.

As an aside, we’d recommend really playing about with Henry and also his supports whenever girlfriend can. Several of his interactions with the female actors members are really funny. There’s even quite an unusually touching version of him the hooks up v Olivia – if just she weren’t already being provided for the next pairing..

Child Unit: OwainUnit Rating: can be fried SageConversation Rating: Hilarious



This is an unusual one, we’ll admit. Well, it’s not unexplained within the neighborhood of hardcore Fire Emblem pan to pick this pairing, yet it go seem inexplicable at least in regards to Awakening itself, which appears to litter a certain female character straight at Chrom indigenous the start…

Of course Chrom is just one of the Awakening personalities that will have actually two children, in this instance being both Lucina and Inigo. This rather distinctive pairing (those conversations, jeez), will approve you children that have the right to both use the damaged Galeforce skill, whilst likewise distributing Chrom’s fantastic skills such together Rightful King & Aether. Every one of this provides for 2 of the most powerful second generation systems available.

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Child Unit: Lucina & InigoUnit(s) Rating: people BeatersConversation Rating: Timid

Robin & Sumia


Yes we’re flying in the face of the perceived canon below by pulling the aforementioned flying unit and also pairing she up v the Avatar unit. That course, marrying a 2nd generation character through Robin will give you even much better stat modifiers, but when the youngsters are this great it really doesn’t matter.

Any Avatar son is going to it is in powerful, and also we simply so occurred to have a paris unit left over, so we thought another Galeforce unit would certainly be pretty in Cynthia, which deserve to be a little much more awkward with a masculine Robin. Morgan is just a powerhouse no matter what you do, however we uncover that Sumia’s statistics work-related well when being pass down, despite not being as high as a second gen marriage.

Child Unit: Morgan & CynthiaUnit Rating: human being Beaters Mk. IIConversation Rating: …Interesting

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