I didn`t have actually a game stations Pro back in the days as soon as this FFXV Platinum Demo was released in 2015 or............I don´t know precisely when this Demo come out. Because of the I might never pat the FFXV Platinum Demo come unlock Carbuncle, and no message "Carbuncle is now unlocked and also will monitor and aid you during your travel" ever appeared when starting FFXV.

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So no Carbuncle in mine Day 1 final Fantasy XV BluRay, just the native "RUBY LIGHT" appear when Nocties dies in combat on straightforward mode.

Because the several reasons I would choose to purchase the new FFXV royal Edition top top Disk, for the Tachyon knife which watch awesome and also some fishing gear and also the boat and also some other stuff.

Does anyone understand if Carbuncle is fully unlocked in the new FFXV royal Edition, and also showing up when Noctis goes under in combat and also sometimes appear as cute Prompto photograph bomber?

Thanks for your help :)

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· 3 yr. Ago
You don't acquire anything else from the Platinum Demo besides the capability to rename Carbuncle. It will certainly still photobomb friend randomly and you get Ruby irradiate to revive friend in simple mode. It also appears in the accuse doesn't it?

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· 3 yr. Ago

It walk yeah, no demo required at all.

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Op · 3 yr. Ago · edited 3 yr. Ago

I have the right to now check that it is absolutely difficult to ever before see Carbuncle as photobomb, or to check out his cute Ruby light dance there is no owning the Platinum Demo. That is essential to complete this demo, rename Carbuncle, and click top top "buy video game now" after ~ finishing the demo - or Carbuncle will never ever be unlocked.

When having actually bought the final Fantasy XV job one edition with all DLCs and the latest royal update, there is no Carbuncle at all, and it never has actually been patched right into the game for all users.

Luckily I discovered the Platinum Demo in a game stations Pro function called "Library", and also the download worked :) now for the first time after finishing FFXV two times before, I have the most necessary furry in video gaming background finally in my game.

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Here space some screenshots and also cute photo-bombs:

Platinum Demo still functioning after re-downloading it from library:

Now i make a finish replay and also enjoy the full FFXV endure with lovely carbuncle and also royal version updates, wait for Season happen 2 :D

YAY lastly the many cutest cat-fox-Fennec-Yokai guardian spirit ever before in mine game! ultimately my FFXV is complete, and it is even much an ext interesting feather at all Promptos picture trying come spot Carbuncle somewhere.